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24 Apr 19
Around the World in 90 Days

Bye Betty and hello Matty and Abby!! I finally, after 10 days and 1,116 miles (or about 1,800 kilometres) dropped Betty the Ford Escape off and settled down in Boston! Arriving in the evening, I excitedly greeted Matt and Abby and we enjoyed a wonderful home cooked meal and some fabulous conversation. We hit the […]

24 Apr 19

It would be relatively easy for any tire company to take a world-class event like the NORRA Mexican 1000 and simply add its name to it in the interest of brand recognition and product validation. For Yokohama, however, its title sponsorship of the flagship NORRA event goes far deeper. Theirs is a unique and enduring […]

23 Apr 19

ECOSS celebrated Earth Day with habitat restoration at the Duwamish Hill Preserve! Volunteers added mulch to recently-planted native shrubs.

22 Apr 19

I’ve been thinking about enough lately. In this country, enough has become a concept that’s almost unpatriotic. Saying you have enough implies you’re satisfied. It implies you’re not endlessly striving for more, better, faster, perfection. I’ve spent the last week on Spring Break. I meant to blog, had packed the laptop, but left it at […]

07 Apr 19
Seattle Close To Home

Welcome to Seattle Close to Home — a weekly round-up of ideas for time-crunched Seattle-area residents, who want to get outside, volunteer, and eat good food, but don’t necessarily want to drive far (or at all). Join your fellow chocolate lovers. On Saturday from 2pm to 4:30pm, sample locally made chocolate treats and cocoa-based products […]

05 Apr 19
The Parking Lot People

I learned an important lesson this week. Do not wait one month after an event to write about the experience. I remember we had great fun. There is no doubt we will be back next year; however, the details are a blur.  Part 2: The Santos Fat Tire Festival  We woke up Friday morning. Excitement […]

04 Apr 19
AlphaMarts Furniture

What makes winter such a great time to take the family day-tripping in Winston-Salem? It’s the perfect time to explore at your own pace and make the most of this family-friendly city. On winter days in Winston-Salem you can learn about the area’s rich Moravian heritage, hike the Saura Mountains, and have an urban adventure […]

26 Mar 19

1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 AUTHORITY Under the authority granted by The Planning and Development Act, 2007, the Mayor and Council of the village of Belle Plaine in the Province of Saskatchewan, in open meeting, hereby enact as follows: 1.2 TITLE This Bylaw shall be known and may be cited as the “Zoning Bylaw” of the Village […]

25 Mar 19
Bognor Regis Women's Institute

  On 18thMarch, 14 members went along to Ford Materials Recycling facility for a very interesting and informative afternoon. I think we all thought we were all pretty good ‘recyclers’, but soon realised we could probably do more. All Recycling collected from our homes in West Sussex is taken to the Materials recycling facility known […]

24 Mar 19
a journey in nursing: Michelle Koch

Primary care for a pregnant Syrian refugee Michelle Koch Antepartum care of a newly landed Syrian refugee poses a unique challenge with cultural differences and language barriers.  Antepartum care is complicated with time sensitive diagnostics, assessments, lab work, and patient teaching.  This time sensitive care, also requires health promotion and illness prevention teaching, and unfortunately, […]