25 Nov 18
Blissful Burgination

Leo regularly amazes me with his open acceptance of things. We have always been really fair and given him the respect he deserves when we are talking things through. We have always felt that children deserve their opinion and deserve to be heard, and I think this definitely sets us all up for success. The […]

22 Nov 18
Malaysian Mama in the UK

One of the important things we get drilled into us at NCT classes and the NHS is safe sleeping. This is the usual putting your baby on their back, feet to the foot of their crib/cot, no loose blankets or pillows, and of course ensuring that the room temperature is safe.

17 Nov 18

A friend of mine asked me the other day what were my top baby items; things I couldn’t live without? This gave me a kick up the bottom to write a new blog post which I thought might be useful for other new mums, mums to be, or just for a bit of light reading […]

11 Nov 18
Real mum life

Don’t get me wrong I’ve left my little one and gone out for the night but this was different. He would sleep in a different room to me for the first time in his life. Was he ready? Was I? 8 AM – I’m making breakfast whilst my hubs is moving the cot from our […]

28 Oct 18
The Corporate Mum Petra

This baby list has done its rounds over the last 8 years.  May help for baby shower ideas too! Note pad to write what the baby does and when you feed etc Baby bag Fess (for baby’s nose) Shampoo Gaia or Mustela brand Body wash Gaia or Mustela brand Mother pads for sore nipples called […]

24 Oct 18
Keira Leane

Since my original post on must-have newborn products I have been keeping a list of everything else I couldn’t have lived without, with the intention of giving new mummas some product advice for slighter older babies. This is not posted in real time, Thalia is 8 months old now… the blog has escaped me for […]

10 Oct 18
Cara Jeffrey

I have to say, the upshot of living in a building site when I was expecting Albie meant that I didn’t go all out with the baby purchases wasn’t in the slightest bit organised. I’d bought very little, but nonetheless had done a hell of a lot of research from the comfort of my freezing cold […]

18 Sep 18
Newborn Mumma

When pregnant, it is very easy to get caught up in the millions of baby products on the market. From choosing a cot to knowing how many babygrows to buy the baby product industry is vast and also fairly daunting to navigate. This guide is purely for baby items, I will do a seperate list […]

11 Sep 18

Here’s a little known secret; babies don’t actually need that much stuff. You’re pretty much it TBH. You, a onsie and a moses basket and you are good-to-go. But, like most things in life, things can be made considerably easier with the right gadgets and gizmos. “Alexa, order me some nipple cream”. 1.The Sleeyhead I’ve […]

16 Jul 18
TMI Mummy

Babies need stuff. And new parents need stuff in order to survive becoming new parents. There are lots of guides out there that tell you exactly what you do and don’t need, but not what to do with that information once you have it. Personally, I use my Amazon Baby Wishlist to keep track of […]

02 Jul 18

Style Name:Fruit Cocktail 0.5 tog Juicy, fruity fun abounds with this cocktail of colourful cornets and lollies. An ideal travel Grobag for warm sunny weather, your little one will look good enough to eat. The travel opening is an addition – parents can take safer sleep on the road with them – handy opening allows […]

02 Jul 18

Style Name:Ollie the Owl Grofriend Ollie’s comforting sounds and gentle warm glow help settle your baby to sleep, whilst the clever cry sensor helps your baby when they stir. Ollie helps to soothe restless babies with four soothing sounds including heartbeat, rainfall, a twinkly lullaby and traditional static white noise.The Gro Company is one of […]

28 Jun 18

Buy them a fedora, natch. No, really, that’s the first tip; it doesn’t have to be a fedora but they obviously need to have an array of hats. You’d think one or two would do, but at the rate my 2-year-old is losing them a surplus of hats is recommended. OK, so it’s not exactly […]

21 Jun 18

It’s been 5 months since I had my son and I think it’s a good enough time to really determine which baby products were a must have, the in between and the ones that didn’t work at all. I know a few people who are due this year and been asked a few times which […]