12 Jul 19
We Are Infinite

They won’t have me but I… I love this place The rural life is broken and The farmlands gone to chaff My hands are idle and my Mind needs rest And the toll of the decent And the sleep of the best ~ They Won’t Have Me, the Indigo Girls Many moons ago, I wrote […]

06 Jul 19
Normalize Cloth

The questions regarding Newborn Cloth Diapers circulate heavily, usually along the lines of “how many should I get?” or “which brands fit smaller/bigger babies?”, but the BIG question often surfaces more than all: “Are newborn cloth diapers worth getting?” That question alone is so multi-faceted that it is it’s own topic and requires its own […]

28 Jun 19
she eats and other things

It was never really a question of whether we would cloth diaper or not. Of course we would. I knew my husband would insist on it, even if I didn’t. And really (as someone who had maybe changed one diaper in my entire life and so had no idea how to deal with ANY kind […]

24 Jun 19

One of the first things that drew me to elimination communication is that it isn’t really potty training your child. You’re actually training yourself as the one to observe and then respond to your child’s cues. It’s a gentle approach to learning your child’s natural bathroom rhythms. I like that it’s another way to get […]

17 Jul 19
Red Tricycle

Cloth diapering is not for everyone but if you are interested, here are some tips and tricks that worked for us.

17 Jul 19
Red Tricycle

Cloth diapering is not for everyone but if you are interested, here are some tips and tricks that worked for us.

17 Jun 19

Happpppy Monday everyone! So today is going to be a bit of a lengthy post because I want to cover cloth diapers! We’re going to get into it all; from brands, to types, wash routines, stripping, public changing, all that good stuff. This is probably something I get asked the most about in my “crunchy […]

13 Jun 19
chelsea osicka

IDEAL SET-UP: 24-30 diapers (all-in-one’s or pockets with additional liners OR prefolds/fitteds/flat/inserts with a minimum of ten covers) 1 wet bag 2 pail liners 12+ wipes   Organic Natural-Fibers + Non-Toxic Certifications Prefold or Liner Inserts and Covers Babee Greens –* ORGANIC ALL NATURAL FIBERS + USA MADE (edge thread is cotton) FITTED W/ […]

10 Jun 19
Midwest Motherhood; A Journey

Cloth diapering is re-gaining a lot of popularity recently, but I’ve noticed that with that influx in wanting to be more environmentally friendly and save a few bucks on diapers companies have really taken advantage of that. I had decided ages ago cloth diapering was a route I wanted to take, but when the time […]

06 Jun 19

This blog post has been years in the making, and I’m finally getting a chance to post it now! We started using Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN) with BJ when he was 7 weeks old, he’s now 2 and we still love using them. Full disclosure: we don’t use them at night as he is a […]

03 Jun 19
The Natural Novice

Warning: I will be talking about gross things like…well, like poop. Around the time that J and I were thinking about having a baby, I started my neurotic research about anything and everything baby related. Being slightly neurotic when it comes to researching things I plan to do, I scoured the internet. How was I […]

23 May 19

Are you in need of baby cloth diapers but you are spoilt for choice? Do you want to incorporate washables to your disposable diapers? Well, this article is for you. As much as cloth diapers are a thing of the past, it has started gaining popularity in recent years, and many people prefer using them. […]

18 May 19
American Momma

We use cloth diapers. We did not start off using cloth diapers because Andrew was dead set against it. Well I was watching Shark Tank with my mom when she was living with Grace and I in northern California and they had cloth diapers on the show. I told my mom “look! that is what […]

15 May 19

I planned on cleaning our bathroom during Eve’s nap today, so naturally, I am sitting down at my computer procrastinating. I wanted to share some of my favourite diapering products that we have found to be non-toxic, while also being efficient. Everyone and their mom knows that we cloth diaper using GroVia Cloth Diapers, so I […]

10 May 19

I decided to do a “Cloth Diapering Made Easy” series 😊. I remember when I was pregnant with LB and researching cloth diapers, I was overwhelmed. I felt like the pricing was crazy high, and they’d be hard to use – Did we have hard water? What’s a prefold? Wash routines? Etc. There was so […]

07 May 19

So there were a lot of odd responses to my plan to cloth diaper Viv. Most were just that I wouldn’t do it (I am doing it and loving it). The other was that I would do it – but use disposables sometimes. I agreed with that. Maybe at night (since disposables absorb more, typically). […]