18 May 19
American Momma

We use cloth diapers. We did not start off using cloth diapers because Andrew was dead set against it. Well I was watching Shark Tank with my mom when she was living with Grace and I in northern California and they had cloth diapers on the show. I told my mom “look! that is what […]

15 May 19

I planned on cleaning our bathroom during Eve’s nap today, so naturally, I am sitting down at my computer procrastinating. I wanted to share some of my favourite diapering products that we have found to be non-toxic, while also being efficient. Everyone and their mom knows that we cloth diaper using GroVia Cloth Diapers, so I […]

10 May 19

I decided to do a “Cloth Diapering Made Easy” series 😊. I remember when I was pregnant with LB and researching cloth diapers, I was overwhelmed. I felt like the pricing was crazy high, and they’d be hard to use – Did we have hard water? What’s a prefold? Wash routines? Etc. There was so […]

07 May 19

So there were a lot of odd responses to my plan to cloth diaper Viv. Most were just that I wouldn’t do it (I am doing it and loving it). The other was that I would do it – but use disposables sometimes. I agreed with that. Maybe at night (since disposables absorb more, typically). […]

01 May 19
The Enchanted Mother

With all this lovely weather and picnic season about to begin (although I’m up for a picnic anytime of the year) I thought I would share with you our most used zero waste items. Not too long ago, while I may have been doing great at home, eating out and picnics with the kids were […]

30 Apr 19
Life at lucky 13

Veel paar kuud tagasi aeg venis, lugesin päevi ja ei suutnud ära oodata, et millal see kevadpuhkus üks kord juba saabub. Märkamatult on aga aeg siiski ära tiksunud ja mõne päeva pärast end reisile sätimegi. Kõik koos, esimest korda kolme lapsega, meie armas Hispaania ootab meid. Ma olen alati see, kellel on kaasa pakitava kraami […]

20 Apr 19

*This article contains affiliate links I love sharing our cloth journey and I feel like I get questions all the time from curious mamas about how we do it. When I started out with Felix nearly two years ago I honestly had no clue what I was doing. I read a ton of blogs and […]

02 Apr 19
Normalize Cloth

Stripping diapers is a concept that both scares and confuses many-a-cloth-diapering-mom. First, let’s talk about what it’s not. Bleaching is not stripping. Some people get this confused, as stripping usually involves bleaching, so let’s talk about what stripping diapers actually is by definition: Well, gee, thanks Merriam-Webster. So let’s check out the Pam Dictionary, first edition… […]

26 Mar 19
A tribe of Bryant’s

What I wish I would’ve known earlier. So I’m four babies in and I’ve only just began my cloth diapering journey, and I’m so bummed! Bummed that I didn’t do this kids ago. When I had previously brought it up, I got a lot of negative feedback. That it was more work than what it […]

22 Mar 19
Eco Bums

Using cloth diapers for your baby can be hard work. Eco Bums provides a cloth diaper cleaning service that does the dirty job in an environmentally-friendly way. We take your work and give you some peace of mind about how we do it. Our first step at Eco Bums is the spray down. Our staff […]

16 Mar 19

Alright – Viv has been here for a week and since Monday we have been on our cloth diapering journey. The first 3 days of life we used disposables because that nasty black newborn poop is gross and we had some from the hospital. Monday we started in on our newborn stash. To get details […]

12 Mar 19
Uniquely Mom

When we first started looking into cloth diapers, we were very overwhelmed with all the choices. There are so many different systems, brands, styles, etc. It’s hard to know where to start, which one to choose or which will work best on your baby. I have been cloth diapering my kiddos since 2015 and I […]

25 Feb 19

I haven’t been nesting lately. Since my earlier escapades (17/18 weeks – Nesting with Tarra, 16 weeks in “Nesting with Tarra”, This week in “Nesting with Tarra”) I have slowed down. I didn’t feel like I had a lot of energy and I haven’t done anything. Yesterday I had the urge to get the babies […]

14 Feb 19
Alaskan Blueberry

I was a bit taken aback when the pediatrician asked how his diaper rash when she saw out kid sporting a cloth diaper. He doesn’t have diaper rash was my response. She said that was surprising. It really isn’t. Cloth diapers are better at eliminating diaper rash. Granted, this same doctor told me to buy […]

13 Feb 19
Baby Bird Jae

The world of cloth diapers is overwhelming. Hopefully this will help simplify things, and get you started on your cloth diapering journey.