Gudrun Sjoden

07 Jan 19
Ebba Freedom Healing Eco Life. Fibromyalgia and Head Injury .knit crochet sew. Declutter sort and simplify

I have the house to my self . Yay. Rarely happens. It’s so nice. Mustn’t eat as I choke. Damaged a muscle in my throat because my accident. Let’s move on. And I’m going to enjoy my two hours of myself. I have parcel from Gudrun Sjödén. And yes ok I only buy in the […]

07 Jan 19
Our Dutch Adventure

Lilian has moved out over the last week or so. She came to dinner and to do some washing on Friday evening. I used my new slow cooker. I made chilli, roast potatoes and green beans. That was nice. Saturday, Robin and I did the paper round and then hot-footed it to Hoofddorp to look […]

05 Jan 19
Ebba Freedom Healing Eco Life. Fibromyalgia and Head Injury .knit crochet sew. Declutter sort and simplify

Arse about tit all about 4s and 5s! Sorry forgot to publish this ! I love socks and today I received a package from Seasalt Cornwall. I purchased seven pairs of socks in the sales and a reversible top and two handybands. Ethical and considered purchase is a top priority for me this year as […]

30 Dec 18

One more day of 2018 to go (not counting this evening). I love this time best; the days between Christmas and New Year. Quiet time. Time to think back and look forward.

27 Nov 18

No, no, no, no….Gudrun Sjoden is not coming out with a sewing pattern line, unfortunately…..But oh how I wished she would! For years I have been oogling her clothes and wishing I had all the money in the world to buy everything! The style, the shapes, the colours, the prints…..I just get so happy when […]

23 Nov 18
Our Dutch Adventure

Saw two goats under a hedge on the paper round. Also, there’s a Gudrun Sjoden shop in Hamburg! I will love having a colourful look in there! Also I knitted this hat. Here I am a-delivering papers. I have these massive heavy bikebags to carry the papers and keep them dry. The round ends at […]

22 Oct 18

Since downsizing my wardrobe at the beginning of the year, I’ve noticed a couple of gaps needing filled. Specifically, I had nothing to wear in the event of a somber occasion. And let’s be honest, in the midst of a crisis, the last thing we want to do is shop for clothing we’re going to […]

06 Oct 18

In thinking about my look for Slow Fashion October, I immediately went to pinterest where I’ve kept two boards pretty consistently since I created them: style: ALW and style: ALW summer. The ALW part stands for Artist-Librarian-Witch which was/is my ultimate style goal. I want to feel, embody, and look like each of those things […]

04 Aug 18
The Art Of Being Holly

It’s time to talk travel again and this time it’s Stockholm’s turn to shine! It has been a few weeks now since we took a quick trip over to Sweden’s capital, a fascinating city made up of islands, and as my first trip to this wonderful country it definitely didn’t disappoint. From our gorgeous oasis […]