Gudrun Sjoden

20 Apr 19
"Oh the places you'll go." Dr. Seuss

Wednesday,  April 10 Our sister-in-law, MaryEllen, is travelling with us; she’s come along on some of out other trips, and we always enjoy her company.  This morning we use Uber for the first time.  As they say in the eyewear business, Izipizi.  The driver is from Morocco; he definitely does not like Trump and has […]

12 Apr 19

Part of my motivation to do an MA in creative writing was my expectation that it would turn me into a disciplined writer. This has not transpired. Even in my mid sixties I am resistant to accepting that we cannot change our true natures. I learned long ago that putting a neat edging around a […]

11 Apr 19
View from the Teapot

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a busy day, even though my last two students cancelled. One was a late cancellation, with no explanation, so I ought to charge them 50% of the lesson cost – it’s written on my bill! – but it didn’t really inconvenience me, and they’re good customers…So I might just let them […]

28 Mar 19
Chamber news

I try to do things that are good for myself.

08 Mar 19
Chamber news

This year’s Winter have been really gentle to us. I fear though, that our Spring will be like last year, where we got snow in April. Everything is so weird, when it comes to our Winter-weather. Anyway, I thought it’s been a while since I’ve done a proper “favorites”-post and I really like doing them, […]

01 Mar 19
Alexandra Larson

Published article appears here: Nordic Designer Brings Vibrant Colors to Minneapolis American Swedish Institute exhibit showcases Nordic fashion design and sustainability in Minneapolis By: Alexandra Larson   During a week of rain and fog, stepping into the vibrant, “Gudrun Sjödén—a Colorful Universe” exhibit is a welcome rush of warmth and delight. Gudrun Sjödén’s exhibit showcases […]

27 Feb 19
Final Major Project

Weekly Reflection: 25 February – 1st March At the beginning of this week, we were given our final major project assignment briefs to work on for the next 14 weeks. When I thought about this assignment in this past, I grew more and more excited about all the possibilities that came with such a responsibility. […]

06 Feb 19
Un Armario Verde

We shall swap again! And to encourage wardrobe editing before the event, here’s how I think about what stays and what goes. I have to admit that it gets harder to discard things as they become fewer – these items have survived many editing festivals, so there is some function or value ascribed that has […]

20 Jan 19
Eco Fashionista

Trying to lead a more sustainable and eco-friendly life can be more than a little difficult, especially when almost all high street stores have countless unethical practices. So we’ve created a list of great eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical fashion brands that encompass our values as well as our inner fashionista! (in no particular order)  Mayamiko   Price Range| £-££ Ethics […]

07 Jan 19
Ebba Freedom Healing Eco Life. Fibromyalgia and Head Injury .knit crochet sew. Declutter sort and simplify

I have the house to my self . Yay. Rarely happens. It’s so nice. Mustn’t eat as I choke. Damaged a muscle in my throat because my accident. Let’s move on. And I’m going to enjoy my two hours of myself. I have parcel from Gudrun Sjödén. And yes ok I only buy in the […]

07 Jan 19
Our Dutch Adventure

Lilian has moved out over the last week or so. She came to dinner and to do some washing on Friday evening. I used my new slow cooker. I made chilli, roast potatoes and green beans. That was nice. Saturday, Robin and I did the paper round and then hot-footed it to Hoofddorp to look […]

05 Jan 19
Ebba Freedom Healing Eco Life. Fibromyalgia and Head Injury .knit crochet sew. Declutter sort and simplify

Arse about tit all about 4s and 5s! Sorry forgot to publish this ! I love socks and today I received a package from Seasalt Cornwall. I purchased seven pairs of socks in the sales and a reversible top and two handybands. Ethical and considered purchase is a top priority for me this year as […]

30 Dec 18

One more day of 2018 to go (not counting this evening). I love this time best; the days between Christmas and New Year. Quiet time. Time to think back and look forward.

27 Nov 18

No, no, no, no….Gudrun Sjoden is not coming out with a sewing pattern line, unfortunately…..But oh how I wished she would! For years I have been oogling her clothes and wishing I had all the money in the world to buy everything! The style, the shapes, the colours, the prints…..I just get so happy when […]

23 Nov 18
Our Dutch Adventure

Saw two goats under a hedge on the paper round. Also, there’s a Gudrun Sjoden shop in Hamburg! I will love having a colourful look in there! Also I knitted this hat. Here I am a-delivering papers. I have these massive heavy bikebags to carry the papers and keep them dry. The round ends at […]