25 Apr 19

The last pair of jeans I bought was from Uni Qlo back in 2015. After 4 years of constant wear, they are starting to show their age, by coming apart at the point of most stress.. my inner thigh. I’ll still wear the jeans around the house or in the garden, but I think I […]

22 Apr 19
Rhonda Dort

What’s not to love about a mid-century vintage silk screened Christmas tablecloth in near perfect condition? Purchased on eBay about a year ago, I decided it was time, back in February, to get this quilted. The particulars: backed with 100% cotton bleached muslin, double batted with Hobbs white 80/20 and Tuscany Poly on top, needle […]

21 Apr 19

Hi sewing pals! I’m Ashley! I’m bringing you a blogpost on matching the Phee Fabrics that I have on hand to a popular brand of serger thread, Maxilock. I get Maxilock from because their prices can’t be beat and they ship quickly. (Not Phee fast, because Melissa is a super-ninja-boss-lady, but fast enough.) I […]

19 Apr 19
Tanya's Time

Starting a new hobby can be very exciting, especially when you have to go and buy all your bits and bobs. When you are starting a new craft or hobby, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need to get started. In this post I have listed all the things I believe a […]

17 Apr 19
you're from where? you've done what?

Dressmaker turns bag maker! Review of my attempt to make the Swoon Patterns Carter Messenger Bag.

16 Apr 19
Raya's Reads

From New York Times bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde comes a moving novel about two strangers who find that kindness is a powerful antidote to fear. Raymond Jaffe feels like he doesn’t belong. Not with his mother’s new family. Not as a weekend guest with his father and his father’s wife. Not at school, where […]

15 Apr 19
Sea Breeze Snippits

I thought I’d touch base one more time before we leave for Wilsonville tomorrow morning.  It’s outside of Portland.  We went over to the storage area where we keep the 5th wheel and picked it up today.  It’s nice to have it stored in a garage.  When we pull it out the only dirt on […]

12 Apr 19
Sy bunad selv!

Hvert år pepres vi med den samme regla om at den såkalte “Kinabunaden” (merk at kinabunaden nødvendigvis ikke er sydd i Kina, men er et felles uttrykk som blir brukt om sweatshopbunader (burde det bli nytt kallenavn?)) bør unngås for en hver pris. Det er som regel Husfliden og bunadstilvirkere som går i flaggborgen av […]

11 Apr 19

This month, my box came a day later than usual but I am here nonetheless still reviewing them[1]. If you haven’t seen my other reviews, you can check out February’s and March’s boxes here. April’s Box: The theme for the box this month is ‘London Calling’. The 2.5 metre fabric isn’t something that you would […]

05 Apr 19
little grey hedgehog

Sometimes my children grow at a regular rate and sometimes they grow out of all their clothes at once. The overalls that I made for Hobbit became to short in the body all of a sudden and she was very very sad. Happily the pattern goes up to a size 11 so sewing to the […]

04 Apr 19

Hello! It’s time for the next installment of my product review series and this time I have my hands on a product I am really excited about! Thread giants Gutermann have been innovating and have come out with 100% recycled polyester thread made from recycled plastic bottles. Less energy is required to manufacture the raw […]

04 Apr 19

Three years ago, Allison took a darning class at French General in Los Angeles, the always-on-trend store with new and vintage fabric, notions, trims and French ephemera  run by designer Kaari Meng. It’s the sort of store that hits all the right notes, and its workshops, field trips and European excursions are our idea of […]

02 Apr 19

Gutermann Thread Kits contain 10 reels of 100m Gutermann Sew-All thread. In 3 options –  Basics, Pastels and Brights. Gutermann Sew All thread, a top quality 100% polyester thread available in a huge range of colours to match your fabric. We use and recommend Gutermann Sew All thread for sewing jersey knit fabrics. We do […]

01 Apr 19
The Sara Project

This post is sponsored by JOANN. It may contain affiliate links but all words, reviews and opinions are my own. Hello friends! I’ve recently joined the JOANN blogger team and I’m thrilled to be sharing my first post with you today. While planning this project I knew I really wanted to make an outfit that […]

31 Mar 19
my creative life

Well the York Pinafore story continues. I delighted wearing my new pinafore despite my adult daughters telling me it looked like a school uniform. It had a wash after a couple of wears and after – it came out of the wash shredded in places. It turns out the parts of the agitator in the […]