12 Feb 19
Mommy Uniqueness

An advanced and stylish set of cutlery from Italian designers Guzzini, the Robert Levien 24 piece cutlery set is an ideal blend of fabrics, form and colour. Each and every piece of the Guzzini two-tone cutlery set has a beautifully balanced and flowing profile which is echoed by the red coloured care for.  The vividness […]

23 Aug 80
Design In The 20th Century

ABOUT THE MOVEMENT Memphis is a design movement that began in 1981. While the name might make you think that it was born in Tennessee, it got its start in Milan, Italy. Designer Ettore Sottsass founded the Memphis Group with other designers and architects. They took their name from a Bob Dylan song titled Stuck […]

17 Jan 19
جون أوستين

Towards an International Political Ergonomics My latest article, entitled Towards an International Political Ergonomics, is now forthcoming at the European Journal of International Relations. The article proposes the establishment of an ‘applied’ IR through the integration of ergonomic, design-centric, and new materialist theories of how change occurs in the world. A pre-print version of Towards an International Political Ergonomics […]

23 Feb 19 - Gjør shopping bedre

Guzzini Happy Hour Lav Tumbler Lilla fra Guzzini

20 Feb 19 - Gjør shopping bedre

Guzzini Happy Hour Lav Tumbler Klar fra Guzzini

07 Jan 19

Large size of candle centerpieces tables decorations for dining advent centerpiece holder table room kitchen ideas for every occasion shop this look simple decor dinner setting everyday centerpiece view in gallery table design vase grouping centerpiece dining room decor ideas decorating with interior how to a pitcher fall leaves makes an easy centerpiece when you’re […]

21 Dec 18
Vinterior's blog

Lighting is a key element of interior design, but also the most often overlooked feature in a home. It creates mood, provides character, highlights important elements of the room and enhances texture. As days go shorter and daylight turns scarce, artificial lighting takes on a lead role in keeping our homes warm and cosy and helping us beat the winter blues.

Don’t know where to start? Fret not, we’ve got you covered!

07 Dec 18

  Carla Tocchetti ancora una volta vuole stupirci. A conclusione di un anno veramente ricco di eventi, mostre, personali al Battistero di Velate, che dobbiamo sottolineare, rinato a nuova vita, Carla propone Rosso Natale. Dal 15 dicembre il Battistero di Velate, in provincia di Varese, ospiterà Rosso Natale, un’esposizione di preziosi presepi in ceramica sulla […]

01 Dec 18

Pendant lamp by Harvey Guzzini dating from the 1970s , bicolored plexiglas diffusers, chromed ceiling cache. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 65 x 65 x 25 cm + 130 cm cord

07 Nov 18
Beauty Tips Blog

I seem to have developed quite a serious, potentially ruinous, shopping addiction. I can’t stop buying things from the vintage/antique website Vinterior. To date, I’ve bought four lights, three mirrors, a chest of drawers, an old French shop display, an armoire the size of a small village and almost a coffee table. (Some of my purchases are pictured […]