15 Dec 18

It hit me this morning that I’ve been on the road since March. And then, I left home – Santo Domingo, DR – for two months, starting in September to head to Austin for TravelCon. From there I flew to Belize to begin working on Moon Belize 2019 updates. Mid-trip, I flew to Nassau, Bahamas, […]

14 Dec 18
inkPoint Media

By Saket Suman, Book: The Last Girl; Author: Nadia Murad; Publisher: Vergo Press/Hachette India; Pages: 306; Price: Rs 499 She suffered at the hands of the Islamic State, was held captive as a sex slave, but went on to become a human rights campaigner and was awarded the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize jointly with Congolese […]

14 Dec 18

Val Meo is a second year in History and International relations that loves to travel, read, and debate in Model United Nations. [Featured Image: Woman and a man see-sawing across a dollar sign.] Teaching, nursing, and fashion-related careers are considered “soft” fields, which proportionately pay less and are seen as “anti-intellectual” and more “frivolous”. There […]

14 Dec 18

Today, I’m so delighted to exclusively reveal the cover of Jess Butterworth’s eagerly-anticipated third novel after Running on the Roof of the World and When the Mountains Roared, Swimming Against the Storm which will be published on 4th April 2019 by Hachette.