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19 Jun 19
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New operators are being sought to manage a historic North Lincolnshire market that has been closed. The weekly auction on Station Road in Brigg, known as the Stennett Market, has been held for many years. Poultry, fruits, vegetables and game are traditionally sold every Thursday morning. But guests arriving on June 13th were greeted by […]

16 Jun 19
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The National Crime Agency is the nation’s lead agency against organised crime as well as trafficking and cyber crime.

It’s vital work often sees it investigating serious offences where the chief suspects have fled abroad.

It has been charged with finding people alleged to have committed some of the most terrible crimes in the UK.

From murderers to rapists, to serial fraudsters and dangerous drug dealers, the National Crime Agency has published the names and pictures of the men and women they want to talk to.

And those who are found guilty of, or are suspected of, these crimes but have escaped the police’s grasp are published online with the hope the public can help identify where these dangerous people are and bring them to justice.

If you know the whereabouts of a wanted fugitive please contact the ind

12 Jun 19

I write as a professional historian and a concerned Nigerian who would like to see our civilization preserved for  the present and the future.  I am also the Baapitan of Oyo and therefore interested in the preservation and sustenance of our traditional institutions. Kano as a kingdom has existed at least for over a thousand […]

11 Jun 19

Treacadelic takes us through the Conservative Leadership race.

10 Jun 19

An interesting article in Globe and Mail on Scotiabank: Remaking Scotiabank: Brian Porter is making big changes, but will investors buy in? PUBLISHED MAY 24, 2019 In 2014, shortly after taking over as chief executive officer at Bank of Nova Scotia, Brian Porter took 150 or so of the bank’s most senior executives to the Sheraton […]

09 Jun 19

The French colony that had been called Canada was conquered by the British military and was bankrupt as the currency of the card money from the King of France became worthless. French merchants were also hampered by the British laws of trade and navigation that became effective after the peace. In the treaty signed in […]

06 Jun 19
David Buik

YESTERDAY – FTSE +5 points (+0.08%) at 7220 – DAX +0.08% at 11980 – CAC +0.45% at 5292   DJIA +207 points (+0.82%) at 25539, S&P 500 +0.82% at 2826 & +0.64% at 7575 – Wall Street ended solidly higher on yesterday as investors, battered by tariff threats, took solace in rising expectations for easier […]

05 Jun 19
David Buik

YESTERDAY – FTSE +29 points (+0.41%) at 7214 – DAX +1.51% at 11971 – CAC +0.51% at 5268   DJIA +512 points (+2.06%) at 25332, S&P 500 +2.14% at 2803 &  NASDAQ +2,65% at 7527 – Street of Dreams closed sharply higher yesterday, notching their best one-day percentage gains since January, after remarks by Federal […]