04 Mar 19

In 1768 King George III of England orders an expedition to the Pacific Ocean to observe the eclipse of the sun and find the mythical southern continent. James Cook, an unknow petty officer, is controversially appointed as commander, choosing an unlikely collier to carry him and his men into dangerous and uncharted waters.After sailing to […]

08 Feb 19
The World of Kim

    Today I will show you some winter looks while giving a little look through my hometown Mechelen (For my international readers: I live in Belgium, which is a country in Western Europe). It is the city where I was born and the city where I went to school from when I was 3 […]

08 Feb 19
Noticias Ultimas

Tras la reciente petición de quiebra del fabricante de modas Gerry Weber, la compañía acordó con un inversor que proporcione una financiación puente de 10 millones de euros para la filial Hallhuber. Este es otro paso hacia la continuación del grupo. Decisivo es los acreedores & # 39; favor. Los últimos años estuvieron marcados por […]

08 Feb 19

Following the recent bankruptcy petition by fashion producer Gerry Weber, the company has agreed with an investor to provide a € 10 million bridge loan to the subsidiary Hallhuber. This is another step towards the continuation of the group. The creditors' favor is decisive. The past years have been marked by painful decline by Gerry […]

04 Feb 19
Tabea Katharina

If there’s one thing I – a short-legged person with a big butt – hate with the passion of a thousand fires, it’s trousers shopping. Alas, all three of my jeans gave out during the past couple months! (I’ve had them for years, so I got my money’s worth. I’ll try to mend my black […]

30 Jan 19
a student's fashion blog

Last weekend my sister and I decided to do our annual winter-shooting (you can find last year’s here). It is still freezing cold in Vorarlberg and although I love the snow, I am slowly starting to look forward to spring. However, I still have to fit in some skiing-days with friends, which shouldn’t be a […]

25 Jan 19
Luxury with a History of Love

Gerry Weber International, the parent company of German clothing brands including Gerry Weber and Hallhuber, has filed for insolvency in Bielefeld’s bankruptcy court in a bid to restructure the business. via http://bit.ly/2FMRmlL

25 Jan 19
News Directory

Economy Crisising fashion manufacturer Gerry Weber asks for bankruptcy Stand: 14:06 Uhr | Duration: 2 minutes The fashion maker uses 580 people Source: pa / dpa / Bernd Thissen Fashion company Gerry Weber has filed insolvency in self-administration. According to Westfalia, none of the subsidiaries, such as Hallhuber, are affected. The business operation must continue […]

25 Jan 19
Noticias Ultimas

economía Fabricantes de moda en crisis Gerry Weber solicita la quiebra Stand: 14:06 reloj | Tiempo de lectura: 2 minutos. El fabricante de moda emplea a 580 personas. Fuente: pa / dpa / Bernd Thissen La firma de modas Gerry Weber ha presentado una solicitud de insolvencia en la administración propia. Según la compañía de […]

25 Jan 19
Archy Worldys

The troubled fashion manufacturer Gerry weber has filed a petition for insolvency in self-administration. The goal is to restructure the company, said Gerry Weber. Only the parent company Gerry Weber International with about 580 employees was affected. For the subsidiaries such as Hallhuber no applications have been made. The business is to be continued according […]

25 Jan 19

economy Crisising fashion producers Gerry Weber applies for bankruptcy Stand: 14:06 clock | Reading time: 2 minutes The fashion producer employs 580 people Source: pa / dpa / Bernd Thissen The fashion company Gerry Weber filed for insolvency proceedings in self-administration. According to the Westphalian company, none of the subsidiaries, like Hallhuber, is interested. The […]

22 Jan 19
StylishCircle Deutschland

Material: Weiteres Material; Muster: Unifarben; Farben pro Pack: Eine Farbe pro Pack; Passform: Figurbetonte Passform; Ärmellänge: Langarm; Elastizität: Nicht elastisch

15 Jan 19
Lady Hysteria

Hello World! It’s finally time to change. I will change many things in 2019 and i wanna start with the selection of a monthly outfit. This is the  outfit of January is . The Duchess of Sussex always surprise us with unusual and cool outfit. She never misses and is a great example of elegance […]

12 Dec 18

What’s a capsule wardrobe? I’d describe the capsule wardrobe as a selection of a few essential, timeless items that complement each other. The number of essentials can be different for everyone; there also can be different capsules for different seasons. Most capsules I’ve seen are seasonal, which means wearing a set number of essentials for […]

11 Dec 18

Overknees are one of ‘the trends’ this season. A pair of neutral, classy and comfortable overknees can be a substitute for your old boots. They go with skirt, dresses and tight trousers or jeans. Overknees are the eye-catcher and can make your outfit stand out instantly, however finding a fitted pair might be a challenge. […]