11 Dec 18
Industry Research City

The research report on “Global Ski Jackets Market” serves in-depth analysis on latest and upcoming market scenario of Ski Jackets in the appraisal period, 2018-2023. The report survey Ski Jackets market growth past, sales channel, players profiled in Ski Jackets industry, product type and application market share and Ski Jackets regional scope in deep. The […]

05 Dec 18

12/5 Get to know/ No jump Nash did a great job today in our get to know session. He was offering great sits for some toys and also for treats. He wasn’t jumping on me but I went over some no jump skills and exercising to do with the kids! -Amanda 12/5 “Look” // Basics […]

13 Nov 18

Hello folks! Just a quick note to talk you through our new Amazon Shop – it’s mainly to let you guys know what reliable products we use, what Coupar loves to eat, and the tools that have helped me. Number one shout out goes to Halti – Coup like many spaniels has the tricky habit […]

12 Nov 18
Hiking, trekking, backpacking in Finland. In depth.

Our two month backpacking expedition continues. Week 2, wilderness number two: Kaldoaivi. We finally get to ski, after carrying our skis for ten days!

11 Nov 18

  Part 2 of the latest tale from the Exclusion Zone (READ PART 1 HERE)   LOOSE BOOTLACES   Nikolai Sokolov, the accountant from Vladivostok, was an idiot. To be honest, Yuri hadn’t actually met Nikolai yet – another thing he had neglected to tell Zakhar –  only two thick necked byki named Kaspar and […]

11 Nov 18

 What a glorious autumnal weekend it has been here, Readers.  Yesterday’s long walk was to the rhythm of ‘Golden Brown’ by the Stranglers circa 1981 as the wondrous colours of the leaves made She think of this.  She stomped up the fields singing this in her head but didn’t appear to consider what the lyrics […]

10 Nov 18
Dog Variety

When you initially get your new Dog it can be a confusing time. There are so lots of Dog materials to buy as well as there are a lot of ranges of each product that it is challenging to understand exactly what to obtain. When it involves collars there are several kinds, each have their […]

09 Nov 18
I'm a Writer, Yes, I Am!

Since I got my first real dog (real meaning I was an adult and I got to keep it for its whole life!), Truffleupagus, in 1987, I’ve had something like 26 dogs — not all at once, though.   Dog training is a skill, and I didn’t always have it. Now, I have a pretty […]

08 Nov 18
Loving Luna

Good afternoon to all and a happy November! Don’t you just love this time of year? The leaves on the ground, the crisp mornings, the cosy nights. It’s my favourite season. There’s nothing better than snuggling down, with a blanket, and watching the world go by. That goes for humans and dogs-a-like as our creature […]

05 Nov 18
Hiking, trekking, backpacking in Finland. In depth.

Have you ever dreamed of a really long hike? Like two months or so. Here starts a story of such an expedition. This hike was not easy all the time, but the journey was completely unforgettable.

03 Nov 18
Wag the Dog and Company - Blog

Are you a teeny tiny person with a giant lug of a dog? On walks, does your dog lunge or strain toward other dogs, people, cars, bicycles, squirrels, rollerbladers, or moving objects of any kind? Head halters can be the perfect solution for getting control of a hard-charging puller. While there are many brands currently […]