23 Apr 19
Phoebes Great Adventures

A Little About Phoebe Let me introduce Phoebe, she is a 7 year old Staffie lab cross. We have had Phoebe in our family since December 2012. She is a crazy, happy and funny girl; you’d think she was still a puppy how she acts and with all her energy. She has the puppy dog […]

23 Apr 19
Oliver Craner

And he would shake his head, with the expression of someone who, should they wish to, could even understand such subtleties and complications, but who is just not minded to. Such tiny fine discriminations, intriguing and engaging as they might be, at a certain point became irrelevant: they too would be swept away. (1) In […]

23 Apr 19
Professional Industry Market Research

The report is a brilliant presentation of critical dynamics, regional growth, competition, and other important aspects of the global Snow Sports Apparel market. It provides accurate market figures and statistics including CAGR, revenue, volume, consumption, production, market shares, price, and gross margin. Each regional market studied in the report is carefully analyzed to explore key opportunities […]

20 Apr 19
Kindred Animal, Positive Training

Case Study Kindred Animal Training, Angele Wood https://www.facebook.com/KindredAnimalPositiveTraining/ Jeff and Avi Stavroff 2019 Early this year, Avi, a young, neutered male Weimaraner, was experiencing Separation Anxiety and showing sporadic episodes of symbolic biting and textile destruction (shredding articles of clothing, dishrags, etc.). Angele Wood met with Jeff in a series of lessons to give him […]

17 Apr 19
The big goals

Viikko 16_Tiistai 16.4.2019 Etiikka    oppi oikeasta väärättä , liittyy kaikkiin elämän osa-alusesiinkäsittelee usein laaja kokonaisuuksia Eettisiä kysymyksiä: on oikein tuottaa vaatteita lapsityövoimalla. on oikein, että toisella ihmisellä on paremmat mahdollisuudet saada terveydenhuoltoa suomalaisia pitäisi ohjata vähäisempään lihansyöntiin esimerkiksi verotuksen keinon Nykyään vanhuksen tulot vaikuttavat laitoshoidon hoitomaksuihin. jatkossa myös vanhuksen omaisuutta tulisi käyttää hoivamaksujen kattamiseen. Julkisia […]

16 Apr 19

I lie  in my bed clutching one of the rocks that Lakshimi had excitedly brought home one day as a trophy from a digging expedition in the park.    It is my only remaining connection to her.  In desperation I reach for the book about second chance dogs that I picked up at the drug store […]

15 Apr 19

Global Ski Gear & Equipment Market report features the major aspect of the market in terms of historic data, current market situations, market demand along with detailed analysis of the key players involved in the market. Ski Gear & Equipment Industry report also provides essential attributes associated with Ski Gear & Equipment market and act an essential […]

13 Apr 19

5. LIKE A REAL ACTION HERO Yuri went to the roof early the next morning. It had been a long night and he needed ballast for the day ahead.  He had developed his pre-run rituals in Syria, hunting SDF militia in the hills outside Aleppo and Deir-ez-Zor. That was where he’d learned to savor daybreak; […]

12 Apr 19
Pri Io Ajn

Pri tio ĉi, mi iomete hontas sed mi volas skribi al vi la rakonton ĉar mi pensas ke ĝi donas bonan lecionon pri kaj la valoro kaj la ne-valoro de unua impreso. Mia unua sperto kun Esperanto okazis ĉirkaŭ 2007 – mi ne memoras precize kiam. Mi estis studento ĉe gimnazio kaj studis la francan. […]

10 Apr 19

4/10 Get to Know // Proprioception Pluto and I got to know each other a bit more in this session and began some work on proprioception to build into some agility skills.  Pluto was very interetsed int he room at first, but we progressed to some great stuff with the agility table.  We’ll keep working! […]

09 Apr 19
Market Report News

The latest trending report Global Snow Sports Apparel Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2024 offered by DecisionDatabases.com is an informative study covering the market with detailed analysis. The report will assist reader with better understanding and decision making. Snow Sports Apparel refers to the cloth which is worn during the snow […]

30 Mar 19
Mega Warehouse

STOP PULLING – Train your dog to stop pulling on walks with the world-famous HALTI OptiFit Headcollar. Neoprene-padded noseband ensures supreme comfort for your dog and prevents the strip from moving into your dogÔÇÖs eyes
EFFECTIVE TRAINING TOOL – Patented design gently steers the head and therefore controls the dogÔÇÖs direction of movement, making training easy and putting you, the owner, back in control
PRACTICAL & SAFE – The safety loop attaches to the d-ring on the dogÔÇÖs collar allowing control even if the headcollar comes off. The HALTI headcollar is designed to allow your dog to pant and yawn, and reflective webbing on the side strips to help provide additional visibility
CUSTOM FIT FOR ALL BREEDS & SIZES- Made from lightweight and strong nylon webbing, The HALTI OptiFit Headcollar comes in 3 sizes and can be adjusted to be used for all dogs including tiny and giant breeds
EASY TO USE- Includes a free comprehensive training guide
The new Halti Opti fit head collar is guaranteed to stop pulling. This head collar has an optimum fit that provides a new contour hugging design. A sliding cam lock system allows customized fitting for every dog. Cushioned with an internal padding system for supreme comfort and durability. Opti fit head collars also have reflective side strips for additional visibility.

28 Mar 19
Struggling with your dog? FREE CONSULT CALL - 0402 943 809

Prong collars – that and e-collars have to be the two most misunderstood and controversial pieces of walking/training equipment. Prong collars has been a topic that has come up a few times in my program groups and 1 on 1 chats of late and its had me thinking about you guys, and how much or […]

27 Mar 19
Market Research

Global Sports Protective Equipment market report 2019 introduces qualitative estimation and extensive particulars of their realistic statistics globally. Sports Protective Equipment data additionally have a blend of industry trends and service and product-related essentials of this industry. The international Sports Protective Equipment report examines a comprehensive data which permits the tactical planning and helps in […]