22 Feb 19
The Arcade Blogger

Here we are with the second instalment of this Gravitar restoration project. If you’ve been waiting patiently for me to get this cabinet completed, I can only apologise. I have too many arcade projects and so little time! To catch up on the history of this cab so far, take a look here for the […]

10 Feb 19
Van Wolf

This was to be window week. Time to be brave. The Seitz S6 windows are made to suit a curved wall with a radius of 5m. Taking several dimensions off the van and setting them out in CAD I found that the radius varied from 5m to 10m but I guess the frame and window […]

03 Feb 19
2017/1[9] Caterham 310R SV Build

The plan for today was to do the prep work for the wings and wheel arches, and continue to close out the last few tasks. Cycle wings I started by trimming the two cycle wings. This just needed a drop of superglue every inch or so, and then cutting to length. I was quite pleased […]

30 Jan 19
Sparky's Van

So, if its one thing your Late Bay is going to do really well its RUST! Almost every part of the van I have touched so far is rusty, has rusted and disappeared, looks like its about to rust or covered in rust remover! When I diligently decided I would remove all remnants of rust […]

29 Jan 19
Sparky's Van

Today begins my first real work on the van – a full inspection and repair of the brakes. Having spent hours looking through the Haynes Manual and a few well noted websites I decided that this might offer me my first ‘little victory’ in VW T2 repair – WHO WAS I KIDDING! IDIOT WARNING: If […]

23 Jan 19
The Worm Can

The workshop The workshop I am renting is freezing cold.  This is less of a problem than the sparse fluorescent lights which just make the place look downright depressing.  Grey concrete, grey lights, grey van.  On the plus side, one of the other chaps is doing up a VW Camper van and has created a […]

22 Jan 19
Leek School of Art - Mercedes finch

Damien Hirst Damien Hirst has done varied practices of many types and media’s of art, such as: installation, structure, painting and drawing. He likes to explore the idea of the relationship between art, death and life. His latests works with bugs have all contained real life insects. Such as ‘Capaneus’, 2012 (being 60 x 48 […]

19 Jan 19
Joy Understanding Painting Media

Create a line drawing in paint on watercolour or lining paper (A1 or larger). Use acrylics, watercolour or ink. You do not need to paint in all the background colour unless you wish to. I used the cutlery collection for this line painting on 44″ x 30″ (112cm x 76cm) watercolour paper. I brushed a […]

15 Jan 19

Armour for LARP is a balancing act between looks, practicality, cost, transport, game rules, personal fitness and probably many more. For a full on re-enactment suit of plate the cost runs into the thousands which is waaaaay outside my budget. Different games have different rules for what counts as various grades of armour, one system […]

12 Jan 19
Joy Understanding Painting Media

I experimented with a variety of painting media – mostly in this exercise, a few in others. The media I used were: Marmite, jam, red wine, nail varnish, food colouring, ice, granite dust, plastic granules melted in the oven, pva glue, ink drawn with a stick, Humbrol enamel paint, Hammerite exterior metal paint, acrylics,  watercolours […]

04 Jan 19
Joy POP1

Research point 2: 17th century Dutch still life and flower painters Still life through the C18th, C19th and C20th Exercise 1: Drawing in paint – a simple still life Watercolour preparatory drawing This image in watercolour on A3 watercolour paper is probably too complex and busy. My final painting: A3 on acrylic paper, acrylic paint […]

31 Dec 18
Painting 1 : Understanding Painting Media

Demonstration of visual skills There has been much more opportunity for experimentation within the exercises in Part Two and I’ve found so many crossovers between Exercises 2.1 and 2.3 that I may have become confused and feel that I’ve lost a sense of progression from one to the other. In many cases it has been […]

29 Dec 18
Ward trucking jobs

via Tj Moore http://bit.ly/2Akm0id

29 Dec 18
Swift trucking jobs

via Tj Moore http://bit.ly/2Akm0id

28 Dec 18
The Thief Diaries

Designed by FrenchDecay, JarlFrank, and marbleman, this is one fan mission that will knock your socks off. And send them flying, forever, off into the night sky. You’ll never see them again.

22 Dec 18

Here’s another tape that looks like it was recorded while I was on holiday in Ireland, judging by the Ulster TV logos everywhere. And the fairly poor reception – it’s bouncing all over the place, which is pretty terrible since it was a cable TV service. The tape opens with the end of This Week. It’s […]