18 Mar 19

Man Born Without Arms And Legs Lives Life Without Limits | BORN DIFFERENT https://youtu.be/nE2uhv-ZCSw SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj A MAN born with no limbs, who took up break dancing as a way of making friends, discovered he not only had a gift for it but that it could inspire others. Gabe Adams, 19, was […]

22 Feb 19

Metabolism of Aromatic Amino Acids Q. 1 Which of the following is a primary ketone body that is formed from leucine, lysine, phenylalanine and tyrosine?  A Acetoacetate  B Acetone  C Beta hydroxy butyrate  D All of the above Q. 1 Which of the following is a primary ketone body that is formed from leucine, lysine, […]

22 Feb 19

Catabolism of carbon skeleton of amino acids Q. 1 Which of the following is not synthesised from tyrosine?  A Norepinephrine  B Melatonin  C Thyroxine  D Dopamine Q. 1 Which of the following is not synthesised from tyrosine?  A Norepinephrine  B Melatonin  C Thyroxine  D Dopamine Ans. B Explanation: Q. 2 Which of the following is […]

22 Feb 19

Catabolism of carbon skeleton of amino acids Introduction The  catabolism  of amino  acids  has two  parts Removal  of  amino  group  to  form ammonia,  which later  is  disposed after conversion  into  urea. Breakdown  of  the  remaining  carbon  skeletal,  which  remains  after  removal  of  amino group. The carbon skeletons  of amino  acids is  degraded  into  seven  products:  […]

08 Feb 19
Septuaginta &c.

Yet another installation of the global celebration is upon us. That’s right, today is the 13th international Septuagint Day! Septuagint Day has an illustrious history, at least sort of dating back to 533 CE and the Byzantine emperor Justinian, but more distinctly dating back to 2006 through the fine folks within the International Organization for […]

03 Feb 19
CJ Does

Our thoughts can be so powerful and most of the time they take over our lives. Knowing how to control your thoughts and stay focused can really help you achieve your goals.

30 Jan 19
[metro-video id=”1852364″ video=”https://videos.metro.co.uk/video/met/2019/01/30/6428158118348275793/480x270_MP4_6428158118348275793.mp4″ image=”https://i.dailymail.co.uk/1s/2019/01/30/09/9170130-0-image-a-8_1548842177984.jpg”%5D A man who was born with no limbs has become a break dancer as a way of making friends. 19-year-old Gabe Adams was born with Hanhart syndrome, a rare medical condition characterised by underdeveloped limbs, mouth and jaw. In Gabe’s case, none of his limbs grew at all. Gabe, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was adopted by American parents Janelle and Ron Adams, and was brought to the US as a baby, growing up with 13 siblings in Kaysville, Utah. At school Gabe tried out for the dance team as a way of making friends – discovering he could use his limbless body to his advantage in the art of break dancing. After graduating from high school he has continued to prove his independence, moving out of the family home and embarking on a career as a motivational speaker. Gabe said: ‘I think one of the common questions that I get would be, “is your life hard? Do you wish you had limbs?” And I guess my response would be, no my life isn’t hard. (Picture: Sohrab Mirmont / Barcroft Media) ‘The one thing that I have taught myself, and others, is that life is only hard when you make it hard and if I am gonna make it hard then that is on me. But if I am gonna make it easier then it is going to be way easier to live. ‘Do I ever wish I had limbs? Of course. But I know that I don’t have arms and legs for a reason so I am just gonna live my life as I can.’ From a young age Gabe started using a wheelchair but his parents were determined that their son would be as independent as possible. Dad, Ron, said: ‘The biggest concern as a parent obviously was how we raise a son with no arms, no legs, to be independent. That was our biggest concern. Some day, he is going to be more on his own. He is going to want to do things on his own. ‘As parents sometimes you even use tough love but we worked hard with Gabe to help him overcome different challenges, to help him to be independent and that of course resolved in a lot of struggles, lot of tears on both sides.’ At school Gabe would wedge a pencil or pen between his shoulder and cheek to write in class. He learnt to shower and wash his hair by squeezing the shampoo onto the shower wall then rubbing his head against it and he texts using the tip of his top lip lightly pressing on the phone screen. Gabe said: ‘I hated my parents for making me go through all that hard work, but now I look at them and celebrate that they pushed me to be independent and be the person that they knew I could be. (Picture: Sohrab Mirmont / Barcroft Media) ‘I think some of my proudest moments in my life would be learning how to walk, learning how to get myself dressed, going up and down the stairs, getting into my wheelchair, taking my own notes in school; graduating, taking second in dance competition and being a motivational speaker – being able to look back at all those moments and see how far I have come.’ One of 10 brothers and four sisters, closest in age to Gabe is Landon who is just one month younger. The two have a close bond having graduated high school together – but while Landon’s experience of school was more typical – proms, sports teams and dating – for Gabe it was a daily onslaught of cruel comments and bullying. Gabe said: ‘I was in the art class one time and our art teacher told us to critique our neighbour’s artwork. This kid said to me: “It looks like God made a mistake on you”. I went home that day and I was crushed. I couldn’t get that out of my head.’ Landon remembers his brother often coming home from school totally dejected: ‘There were times when he used to come home and he was just completely miserable after how much he got picked on,’ he said. Gabe added: ‘A lot of times I used to cry about it and my mom had to pull me aside and she made me do this thing where every morning I had to look at myself in the mirror and give myself ten compliments and go out into the world and give other people those compliments.’ In spite of his parents’ support, Gabe found the bullying too much and opted to change schools. (Picture: Sohrab Mirmont / Barcroft Media) ‘That year was my year of really building myself back and finding who I wanted to be and then I really told myself that I wanted to graduate with Landon and I always had dreamt about us walking in graduation together’, he said. ‘So I told my parents that after my ninth grade I wanted to go back to public school and be with my brother and my sister.’ Moving back to his old school gave him the confidence to start dancing again – and this time take it up a level. He said: ‘When you are sitting in a wheelchair all day it gets pretty boring, and pretty sore, so I needed a class where I could get out of the wheelchair and just be myself and have fun so I took a dance class that I had a friend in saying you should try out for the dance team. ‘The day of the dance tryouts they called us all in a line and they said, “okay dancer remember to full out extensions and point your toes”. What am I gonna point? My nose!? ‘I am just standing there in front of the judges and then I see girls do the spins and I am like, “I can do that”, so I do the spins. ‘The next day at school and I hear two girls talking behind me and they say: “They are only gonna put him on the stage because he is handicapped’”and that crushed me. ‘I ran to the dance coach and I said “please do not put me on the team because you feel sorry for me”, and she said: “I would not put you or anybody else on the team because I felt sorry for them, you get a spot on this team because you deserved it”. ‘And that was just a huge opening moment for me that I could do this and they weren’t gonna feel sorry for me.’ (Picture: Sohrab Mirmont / Barcroft Media) Since becoming a part of his high school dance team, Gabe has gone on to compete in a dance competition. He placed second and appeared on the Maury Show afterwards. He says his confidence as a dancer has really grown, and he is now pursuing a career as a motivational speaker. [metro-tag-post-strip] He said: ‘I’ve been doing speaking for almost four years now and it’s pretty crazy with all the places that I’ve been able to go to and meet so many amazing people and hear their stories and hear how I’ve been able to help them. ‘I have been able to accomplish so much and I think it is funny when people say, do you wish you had prosthetics, and my answer is always, no, because I have already come so far in my independence without them that I wouldn’t want them now and have to re-learn everything just for those prosthetics. ‘I like my body the way it is and I am proud of what It is capable of doing.’ [metro-link url=”https://metro.co.uk/2019/01/30/really-need-wake-4am-successful-8413007/” title=”Do you really need to wake up at 4am to be successful?”] [metro-link url=”https://metro.co.uk/2019/01/30/ive-seen-firsthand-the-catastrophic-impact-of-the-brazil-dam-disaster-8410266/” title=”I’ve seen firsthand the catastrophic impact of the Brazil dam disaster”]
15 Jan 19

You may or may not agree with the following summary of the way Jesus is depicted in the Gospel of Mark. I don’t think the account is very far off. I also suggest that such a narrative of Jesus is closer to what one may expect if the figure of Jesus and his story had […]

21 Dec 18
Herbology Manchester

With five previous years of Advent Botany I was surprised that none of us have so far covered coffee. OK, it’s not a Christmassy spice, or a festive decoration, but by this time in the year I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling more than my usual need for this botanical pick-me-up. As we […]

17 Dec 18
Septuaginta: A Reader's Edition

We have been really pleased over the past several weeks to see the enthusiastic reception of the Reader‘s Edition. It’s garnered a lot of positive attention in various outlets in terms of both production and content. Here are some examples from around the blogosphere: Zwinglius Redivivus Abram K-J Exegetical Tools Evangelical Textual Criticism theLAB Books At […]

17 Dec 18
Septuaginta &c.

It’s the time of year when conscientious types start thinking ahead about their next year of bible reading (and how it’s going to be better than this year). With that in mind, it seems appropriate to post a reading plan of my own design. One for the Septuagint, of course. Like many of my recent […]

03 Dec 18
WristReview-Timeless News

BY DHANANJAY PATHAK When Venturing beyond Swiss territory, German watches can easily be considered amongst some of the best possible options out there. They are solidly built with a nice fit and finish, offer competent technical specifications and at many instances are a better overall value compared to their Swiss counterparts. Hanhart is a German […]

01 Dec 18
The Bay Museum

  WAR DIARY of 20 Siege Battery for November 1918   Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information Officers of the Battery Lt. (A/Major) J.C. THOMPSON M.C. (SR) Lt. A/CAPT A.A. HANHART (SR) Lt. H.L. PAUL (TF) absent on Staff Leaders Course Lt. H.E. WELLS (SR) Lt. E.B. LOACH (SR) Lt. R.G. PERCIVAL (SR) […]

23 Nov 18
Presse Augsburg | Nachrichten für Augsburg und Bayerisch Schwaben

Mit dem 2018 vorstellten Modell Pioneer One orientiert sich der Uhrenhersteller Hanhart an seinem historischen Vorbild, dem Hanhart Chronographen 417 Kaliber 42 aus den 1950er Jahren, von dem insgesamt nur 1.000 Stück für die Luftwaffe der Bundeswehr gebaut wurden. Presse Augsburg hat sich das neue Modell etwas näher für Sie angesehen.

18 Nov 18
Open Our Eyes, Lord!

Our Goal: A two-year excursion through the Septuagint, including the Deuterocanonical books, from January 1, 2019 through the close of 2020. We will offer weekly reading plans that will average about a chapter and a half per day; for example, the week of January 1-6 we will read Genesis 1-12 LXX. The Psalms will be […]