Hanky Panky

20 Feb 19
Chris Hancock 7-8-9

Part 1 It started off badly, An alarm at four AM Giving the alert That it was time for a run. Commitment was not fully in place And without school, There was no reason to go Other than the chance To shoot the shiitake with The troublesome ones in the group. There were issues getting […]

20 Feb 19
The pop music charts

January 1912 That Girl Quartet Make Me Love You Like I Never Loved Before Written by Fred Fisher & Alfred Bryan Best seller Arthur Collins – The Oceana Roll The composing team of Fred Fisher & Alfred Bryan who had succeeded with two versions of Come Josephine In My Flying Machine the previous year, hit […]

20 Feb 19
Life, The Universe, and Everything

Dateline: Patong Beach, Thailand- And the trip is close to coming to an end. I’m here tomorrow day until I catch a redeye from Phuket to Seoul and then the long haul from Seoul back to Atlanta which takes fourteen hours, but only 30 minutes on the clock due to the number of time zones […]

19 Feb 19
Sonia Rosa

A few months ago, I wandered into Chinatown with a friend on a chilly Wednesday night. The streets, which during the day bustle with pedestrians and street vendors, were bare and dreary. Since we were merely exploring the area, I suggested that we get massages if it wasn’t too late. My friend looked at his […]

19 Feb 19

  In The Image of God: Genius On This Day: July 11, 1972 — “The Match of the Century” begins!– Bobby Fischer faces Boris Spassky in  Reykjavik, Iceland for the title of world champion.  If Bobby Fischer wins, this will be the first time an American was the chess champion of the world. On This […]

19 Feb 19
Refugiul lui Mimi

“We are our thoughts. We attract what we think” – I have heard these sayings so many times lately (everyone TALKS about spiritual stuff, many of them don’t even understand what they are talking about but copy others to seem intelligent and evolved) that they make me sick. I loathe, physically loathe, all this talk […]

18 Feb 19
The Irish Sun
YUMMY mummy Vogue Williams has admitted she was “terrified” to have sex with hubby Spencer Matthews after the birth of her baby. The model mum, who welcomed her first child Theodore into the world five months ago, said the idea of some hanky panky between the sheets left her quaking. Vogue and Spencer became parents last September The 33-year-old confessed she feared that she wouldn’t enjoy getting back between the sheets with her Made In Chelsea star hubby saying: “It’s quite terrifying, I’m scared! “I think it’s not going to be that enjoyable. I feel like I’m ready and I think because I didn’t have any stitches or anything like that it makes it a bit different. “I am scared, it’s not like I’m like ‘Yay, we’re gonna have sex tonight!’ It’s like, ‘Oh God, I’m so scared’.” Vogue told the Made by Mammas podcast about her love life with Spencer and said that sex plays a “big part” in their relationship together. Vogue and son Theodore And she admitted that towards the end of the pregnancy he started to cool off sex, while she was still game for a roll in the hay. She explained: “I like that connection and I’ve definitely missed it. He has, it was quite tough to get him to do it towards the end of pregnancy though, he really wasn’t into it then, and I still was. “But now we both just want to because that is a big part of our life and I think it’s important, it sort of brings a closeness. Vogue and Spencer charted their journey to parenthood on an E4 show “We’re best pals anyway but I like having that part as well.” The Howth beauty, who now lives in England, also said she wants to have four kids – if she can afford it. Vogue said that sex plays a ‘big part’ in their relationship together And she and Spencer plan to try for another baby at the end of the year. She said: “We’d love to have four, the only thing is schools are so expensive over here. “So maybe we’ll have three – definitely three but possibly four.” [article-rail-section title=”MOST READ IN SHOWBIZ” posts_category=”169″ posts_number=”6″ query_type=”popular” /] In the candid chat, Vogue revealed her boobs felt like ‘hot rocks of lava’ while breastfeeding little Theo. And Vogue also revealed she has a number of secret weapons to get her baby boy to sleep, snapping up lots of gear online – including a gadget that goes ‘shush’. She added: “I’ve actually bought a Shusher – it’s so good. I can’t believe I bought all this stuff, but they really work. He loves a hairdryer as well.” [bc_video video_id=”5992298434001″ account_id=”5067014667001″ player_id=”default” embed=”in-page” padding_top=”56%” autoplay=”” min_width=”0px” max_width=”640px” width=”100%” height=”100%” caption=”Vogue Williams tells Spencer Matthews she thought he was a ‘kn*b’ when they met as he ‘forgives’ her for ‘past mistake’ Brian McFadden”]
18 Feb 19

A couple of days ago, I ran into a discussion on Hijab on Facebook, with a non-Muslim fellow who had certain understandable queries on the subject. The topic of veil has often been discussed in Western media owing to the increasing number of people that are ‘curious’ instead of ‘indifferent’ about Islam. Closer home, I […]

18 Feb 19
Bare Elegance LAX

Well, if you are die-hard fan of visiting strip clubs then Bare Elegance is the right place for you. With Bare Elegance, you will never have to think about where to find the strippers for your entertainment. We have enough of them here for you. We own some of the most exotic strippers in Los […]

18 Feb 19
Ambo da'wah

I’m having fun. Halal haram technical. The fiqh of immediate young teen model sex. Or preteen whatever. What happens in La Selva stays in La Selva. Utopian sex tourism in literature. This was a private duaa for the author that came true forever and ever in Al Firdous insha’allah. Green bird reference, or general birds […]

16 Feb 19
Spaceships and Laser Beams

When it comes to parties, you can’t go wrong with beer and cheese. Which makes this beer cheese dip recipe, my go to. This recipe is quick and easy to make and it is just so stinking good! It’s a creamy, cheesy, pot of deliciousness. I like to serve it up with some warm pretzels. […]

16 Feb 19
Mr. Write's Page

In 1958, the Kingston Trio’s recording of “Tom Dooley” gave the folk music craze a healthy boost. The song is a solid, musically-pleasing folk ballad, and the subject (murder, hanging) made it stand out from most popular music of the time. Moreover, the tune is tantalizingly simple and only hints at the events in question. […]

15 Feb 19
muse by keengz

Life is really simple indeed. I guess most of you will not agree with me on the choice of topic because “you think” otherwise. I believe by the end of this writeup, you will agree with me that life indeed is simple. The book of Genesis 1:26 says “Let us make man in our image, […]