10 Jun 19

I hired a minicab to take me to the Airport (no way I was using even the Heathrow Express … and the Minicab was only 23 pounds more than that!) and pick up my rental – a VW Golf (which I just noticed a while ago is a Diesel, rather than, theoretically, the petrol vehicle […]

10 Jun 19
Adventures in painting miniatures

With the 75’s anniversary of D-Day this last weekend, it seemed appropriate to do something specifically for that, and then have a post with some WW2 models. I really wanted to do things which might have been in the area of the landings as well. That became a bit of a challenge. I do have […]

05 Jun 19

Abarth AC Cars Acura Adam Adira Aixam-Mega Allard Alpha Romeo Alpheon Alpina Alpine American Motor co. Anadol Aptera Ariel Aro Arrinera Artega Ascari Ashok Leyland Asia Motors Aston Martin Auburn Audi Austin Autobianchi Avia Baic Bajaj Baojun Barkas Baw Beifang Belaz Bellier Bentley Bertone Bio Auto Bizzarrini Blonell BMW BOGDAN Brabus Bremach Brilliance Bristol Bufori […]

02 Jun 19
Samerberger Nachrichten

„Frische Kartoffeln mit Salz und Butter, ganz heiß aus dem Kartoffeldämpfer“, wieder etwas Neues beim Aschauer Bulldogtreffen. In einem Kartoffeldämpfer aus den 20-er Jahren wurden die Erdäpfel gekocht und dann – wie in alten Zeiten -kostenlos an die Besucher verteilt. „Eine Delikatesse schon damals“, erinnert sich einer der Besucher, „für ein Fünferl haben wir Salz […]

27 May 19
Samerberger Nachrichten

„Wir erwarten ein beim 13. Bulldogtreffen der Aschauer Bulldogfreunde ein gutes Dutzend alter Lanz Bulldogs aus den 20-er Jahren des letzten Jahrhunderts“, so Sebastian Bichler von den Aschauer Bulldogfreunden. „Dazu stellen wir drei alte Dampfmaschinen vor und die „Selbstfahrende Dampfzugmaschine Typ D“ gebaut 1912 von Heinrich Lanz in Mannheim. Sie ist 15 Tonnen schwer und […]

22 May 19

Operation Overlord    Commemorating a “3D-Day” This coming June 6th, 2019 will mark the 75th anniversary of the Allied invasion on North West Europe; the landing of American, British and Canadian forces on the beaches of Normandy and the airborne landings that immediately preceded them. There are multiple scenarios for replicating these battles in existing […]

06 May 19
Roll a One

Some time ago I fancied doing some Swedish WW2 era soldiers for fun, originally thinking I would do some kind of border skirmish scenario or something similar. It grew in scope somewhat, I have recorded the progress so far in a number of blog posts (here, here and here). Current I am planning a few […]

01 May 19

ARGENTINA Anasagasti Andino Hispano Argentina IAME IKA Siam Di Tella ARMENIA ErAZ AUSTRALIAN For more information on Aussie cars, check out our page about Australian car companies. Alpha Sports Amuza Australian Six Australian Motor Industries Birchfield Motor Company Birrana Bolwell Buckle Motors Bulant Bullet Daytona Motors Cheetah Racing Devaux Pty Ltd DRB Elfin Giocattolo Motori Hammer […]