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09 Dec 18
Lush Encyclopedia International

4 out of 5 rating See my 2 minute tub demo below Lush has opened up a new store in the Harajuku area of Japan. At this new, special store Lush will sell 35-50 exclusive bath bombs. One of these exclusive Japan Harajuku store bombs is Marshmallow World. Its made with the popular scent of a […]

07 Dec 18

❤ Gift for gamers: Made from luxury cotton, with phrase “If you can read this, I’m busy game” funny letters printed socks.
❤ Perfect gift idea for those people in your life that loves to play game.
❤ No matter outside or inside, also daily wear and holiday, they have great usage.

06 Dec 18

– Solid color, humor words and pattern printed at sole, great gifts for game lover.
– “Do not disturb, I’m playing FIFA!” funny letters and gamepad patterns printed socks.
– Made of soft cotton, comfortable, lightweight, wearable, stretchy and breathable.

03 Dec 18
English Kepo

Ah, Japan. Land of the Rising Sun, or Nippon to the locals. This stunning island nation will spirit you away to a place where modernity and history come together. A travel destination truly fit for an emperor. And for the indecisive (bimbang) traveller, the ones who want to see it all and do it all, […]

03 Dec 18

This June of 2018, my family and I went to Japan after my examinations and here are some sites I would suggest in visiting when touring Tokyo, Japan!!! First stop we hit Ueno, Taitō, Tokyo and there was this place that we went which is known as the Ameyoko Shopping place. It is a street […]

29 Nov 18
ADRIEN's ideal destinations

My Trip to Japan (A Complete Japan Itinerary) (click on logo for official article) JAPAN · MARCH 29, 2016 By: Brooke Saward on World of Wanderlust Japan is a country I have long wanted to visit, with incredible mountain scenery, one of the world’s most chaotic & quirky cities (Tokyo), a long history of culture […]

28 Nov 18

“There is no ugly woman but poorly arranged” Makeup is essential in women’s lives and for some men too. Even if you’re a woman and don’t know how to use each brush of the hundreds that exist, don’t worry! All you need is some practice and you’ll be a Makeup guru. Cosmetics, products for skin […]

25 Nov 18

We all know one thing for sure: Lush will always find a way to surprise us! You think they won’t be able to do so? Here’s the proof, Lush really can step up their game once more! As we know Lush go NAKED and opened shops you will only be able to buy naked products […]

23 Nov 18
My web-log

/A masterpiece of Haruki Murakami, my fav one/ One beautiful April morning, on a narrow side street in Tokyo’s fashionable Harujuku neighborhood, I walked past the 100% perfect girl. Tell you the truth, she’s not that good-looking. She doesn’t stand out in any way. Her clothes are nothing special. The back of her hair is still […]

21 Nov 18
By 2020, the Philippines will finally have its very own IKEA. At 700,000 square feet, it will be the largest of the Swedish furniture manufacturer’s outposts of Scandinavian minimalist living. “We have created the largest IKEA store in the world. I don’t think anybody will ever make a bigger one. This is forever going to be the largest IKEA store in the world,” said Christian Rojkjaer, head of IKEA Southeast Asia on Tuesday (Nov. 20), when the retailer launched its Philippines website. The Manila store will be built in partnership with Philippine property developer SM Prime, which developed the Mall of Asia in the capital region’s Pasay City, where the IKEA will be housed. In addition to a retail area on two levels with a cafeteria that can cater to 1,000 diners at a time, the IKEA complex will have space for warehousing to cater to e-commerce orders, and an integrated call center. It’ll cost about $134 million to develop. The store has been in development for at least two years, since IKEA famously loves to research living habits before entering a new market. In the meantime, lovers of IKEA in the Philippines have had to order from stores elsewhere in the region, such as South Korea or Hong Kong, via e-commerce sites like the Southeast Asia-based Lazada (controlled by China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba). The Philippines is expected to be a strong market for furniture, given its substantial middle class and real estate developments—the country’s first billion-dollar startup is one that makes designer prefabricated homes. The population of 100 million has an average per capita income of nearly $3,700. IKEA is known for its megastores. Its flagship store near Stockholm is about 680,000 square feet and one outside Seoul is about 635,000 square feet. It’s unclear how these stores will compare to the Philippine one in terms of retail shopping area alone. In 2018, IKEA opened 19 new stores, including two in new markets—India and Latvia, both in August. The store in the Indian city of Hyderabad is 400,000 square feet, while the Latvian store, on the outskirts of Riga, is about average for the retailer at 370,000 square feet. In all, the retailer has more than 400 stores globally. Traffic outside the new IKEA store in India the day it opened. The  Southeast Asia team hasn’t offered very many clues about how the retailer will “localize” its products, as it’s done in other locations. For example, in South Korea it stocks “super-size” single beds and bibimbap, while the IKEA in Hyderabad offers its own version of the city’s famous biryani. The year 2020 won’t only see the first Philippines store, but also the retailer’s first locations in South America, starting with Chile, Peru, and Colombia. It will also open a small store—small for IKEA that is—in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku area that year.
15 Nov 18
More of Morg

After being in Japan for a few weeks I decided to make a bucket list of all the things I wanted to do in Japan this fall since I’m here for two months! When we were here over the summer we got to see, do, and eat our way through Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Okinawa, […]

14 Nov 18

My Love Of The Sims CC Blog

amoresim: Kenzie Fushima // Sim Request for @honeybeqr “hi !! saw your post about sim requests and i’d like to request a sim if it’s alright. I would like her to be a female teenager (mixed of japanese/korean) who is an animal lover, is creative and is cheerful. She loves pastel so her clothing style is […]