Harajuku Mini

21 Feb 19

I decided to focus on Tokyo fashion, so this is the main styles that I researched; Kogal: The look is based on a high school uniform, with a shorter skirts, loose socks, dyed hair and a neck. They are sometimes called ‘gyaru’. This style was around in the 1990s, but has declined since. Ganguro/Gyaru: It originated […]

20 Feb 19

WEDNESDAY (2.20.2019):  Rebranded West Village Wednesday nights with Holly Dae plus birthday guest Cany Buttons at Monster, and with Jayse Vegas, DJ JCLEF and friends at Offside Tavern; Maddelynn Hatter debuts a new drag competition at The Vault; Golden Delicious’ final show at The West End; Egypt jpins Brenda Dharling & Marti Gould Cummings at Rise; […]

18 Feb 19
O'Taco Bites

Remember “Kawaii 5”? Before we start, let’s talk about Aidoru, Aidoru or Japanese Idols are became popular in japan and overseas aside from anime, there are some individuals or a groups made the spotlight in the Japanese Pop culture scene. some of idol group are already build their sister group like AKB48 and other sister group […]

13 Feb 19

WEDNESDAY (2.13.2019): Happy Galantine’s Day! Tonight: a Blondtourage & Chappy affair at Hotel Americano, a new show from Ms. Ter & Shiny Penny at The Vault, Sherry Pie’s bingo at Tijuana Picnic, Pussy Willow’s Pre-VDay showcase at Albatross with special guests, and more! UPTOWN / BRONX TOOLBOX: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree (9pm) CASTRO: BARRIO WEDNESDAYS […]

11 Feb 19
A Simple Tourist of the Mundane.

I need to move around a bit. To shuffle my surroundings. To wake up in cities I don’t know my way around and have conversations in languages I cannot entirely comprehend. There is always this tremendous longing in my heart to be lost, to be someplace else, to be far far away from all of this. – Beau Taplin

07 Feb 19
sleepy natkat

I listened to two podcasts from Fashion No Filter but felt I had more to say on this one then the other. In this podcast they spoke with three different people; a street style photographer, a brand owner and a model who gets photographed. Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley are both fashion journalists so they […]

06 Feb 19

WEDNESDAY (2.6.2019): The Assassins debut a new weekly at The Ritz, the debut of bingo with Merrie Cherry & karaoke with Tim Young & Alotta McGriddles at 3 Dollar Bill, Charles Busch’s new show premieres at 54 Below, something mysterious at The Rosemont, and more! UPTOWN / BRONX TOOLBOX: Karaoke with Jackie Dupree (9pm) CASTRO: […]

05 Feb 19
Kaatje Weiland

This January, my sister and I went to Tokyo to visit our cousin, and we had so much fun exploring this huge, beautiful city. Here is the scoop on some of my favorite places and restaurants, as well as a video of some of our highlights.

03 Feb 19
Archy Worldys

Celebrities often make headlines for their great style and their enviable closets, and many of these people eventually launch a clothing line or capsule collection with some of the big brands. There are also A-listers who have launched a children's clothing line, and some are so stylish that they even get the Kardashian seal of […]

03 Feb 19
Coco's Blog

When a good friend of mine, who is based in New Zealand, visited Japan, she told me that trying Pablo’s cheesecake is in her to-do list. She said that people on the Internet are raving over it, saying that it is the best cheesecake in the world. I got infected by her curiosity so we […]

01 Feb 19
Jules and the city

Going to Japan has always been a dream of mine. When I met Clément and found out it was his too, travelling together to Japan became our secret obsession. Fast forward to last November when I was checking the tickets for Tokyo just for fun, I stumbled upon a deal I couldn’t refuse : $700 […]

30 Jan 19

WEDNESDAY (1.30.2019): Honey Davenport is back at ReBar for her happy hour game show, the final production of Cabaret at The Deep End, Miss Gay America Andora Tetee joins Maddelynn Hatter & Boudoir LeFleur at The Ritz, Golden Delicious is back at The West End, Zalika Parsons and friends pay tribute to Legendary androgynous artists […]

29 Jan 19
List of popular women's clothing catalogs

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27 Jan 19
My Year Abroad in Japan

It all began with some last-minute planning between myself and the two other friends I went with. As we stressed over finding means of transportation and places to stay, we quickly learned our lesson to not wait until a few weeks before going on a trip to book all these important things. Luckily for us, it […]