26 Jun 19
Tyke Trotter

The Ultra Tour of Arran is a two day ultra marathon set on the most beautiful island of Arran, just off the west coast of Scotland. Day 1 takes in the relatively flat south, where as day 2 is longer and has over twice the elevation. Over the two days it boasts 60 miles and […]

26 Jun 19
A shadows life

11,14 mars snickers, milky way 3.57 knusper Mäuse 3.95 Chips geriffelt 3.45 Käse flips 3.45 flips 8.97 Kinder bueno 10.47 duplo 10.47 Kinder riegel 9.90 schogetten 19.32 alpia 10.90 Ritter sport 19.80 nimm 2 14.25 Haribo 3.30 quaxi 4.14 Nüsse

26 Jun 19
Oral Grooves

Gummy bears from hell and bottomless ice cream

25 Jun 19

The team Max, Andrew, Sam, David and I decided to book a chalet for the weekend to watch the UCI downhill world cup up at Fort William between 30th May – 2nd June. Friday 30th May So I got up around 7am to make sure I had time to dry my hair and get everything […]

25 Jun 19

Hello! So this will be a post on my first experiment – meant to start in July but life is too short and I have a lot of years of high-sugar-diet damage to fix so might as well start asap! This will be a series split into 3 parts –  updated daily 🙂 – but […]

25 Jun 19
My European Impressions

Note: Due to later arrival times to the hotels, I will have less time to write this blog. Expect a post every second or third day while on tour. Once we reach London, things should return to normal. Also don’t expect a ‘Final Thoughts’ post on Germany like I did with the Netherlands. We’re here one […]

24 Jun 19
Bargain Believer

5X digital use coupons are back with Totino’s party pizza $1, Kroger peanut butter $1 and more! Regular deals include grapes 77¢/lb, cherries 87¢/lb, Kettle brand chips $1.38 and 80% lean ground beef $1.97/lb! Weekend deals are good Friday – Sunday and include Nabisco family size cookie and crackers $1.99 and Kroger sunscreen lotion $2.99. […]

24 Jun 19
カレオ • イン • ジャパン

Another couple of busy, fun-filled weeks have passed with another few left to go! Recently, my international friends and I haven’t all been able to get together since our schedules have been pretty busy, but a few of us were able to go out for dinner at the local udon shop. The udon is pretty […]

23 Jun 19
Feathers & Family

So we done it, and we just about survived our first holiday as a four! I thought it might be a good idea to give you an update with how it all went and if our preparations paid off… The Packing So it turns out packing for four people is a bit of a military […]

22 Jun 19
The Very Hungry Weightlifter

I’m really not very good with change. I never have been, even when I was little, I prefer things to be the same and any slight deviance to the norm can really set my anxiety off. Suffering with both anxiety and depression, and I use the word suffering because it is an utter shite state […]