Harris Tweed

24 Apr 19
The Adventures of Aramis

I took over 550 pictures today, which hopefully says it all. My friend Alaina has been the most amazing host and has not only spoiled me with insider advice, but has also driven me all over the place to the most remarkable sights of Lewis. Rather remarkably for the vegetarian that I am, I’ve also […]

22 Apr 19
The Seamster's Apprentice

Preamble About a year ago I bumped into a former colleague at the University of Southampton. A member the senior management team, he had just returned from a trip to the University’s campus in Dalian, China, where the University’s Winchester School of Art delivers fashion courses. Knowing of my interest in sewing he asked me […]

20 Apr 19
Aberdeen Bugle

via http://bit.ly/2GmirtY SCOTLAND’s winning women footballers have already shown they are cut from a different cloth than their male counterparts. After all, they are … https://ift.tt/eA8V8J

19 Apr 19
where the hearth is

There’s a house at the northeastern edge of Scotland, across the Moray Firth, about three quarters of a mile outside the small Highland town of Dornoch. My father grew up in this house, and my grandfather kept it on until he died, and my father’s brother moved back in. I’ve been coming to this place […]

19 Apr 19
A Slow, Painful Death Would Be Too Good For You (and other observations)

The SNC-Lavalin ruckus isn’t really about SNC-Lavalin—it’s about Justin. Gather around, boys and girls, as once again I pull my granddad pants up into my armpits and hook my Walter Brennan thumbs behind my suspenders. I’ve just awakened from my forty-eight hour afternoon nap, which is why I’m so annoyingly perky, and though the time […]

17 Apr 19
Writer || MMA Fighter

You know what really pisses me off? The mentality that just because something is “mainstream,” it’s immediately bad. As much as I love the “alternative” universe, I understand that plenty of the things which become popular with the masses are also pretty awesome. Just to prove my point, here’s a gigantic list of things which […]

17 Apr 19
you're from where? you've done what?

Dressmaker turns bag maker! Review of my attempt to make the Swoon Patterns Carter Messenger Bag.

17 Apr 19
House of Labhran

Scottish Keepers Estate Tweed Ghillie – Deerstalker Hat

A classic Scottish Keepers Estate Tweed Highland Classic Deerstalker Hat. As worn by guns and keepers alike, perfect for that day on the hill, river or moor.

Made to order In 100% pure wool in Glenlyon 775gm, Kirkton 16oz and Ettrick 21oz keepers tweed cloths.

Add your sizes to the drop down menu to see the full range of Scottish tweeds we have available, or scroll the images.

Please check your head size, as these hats are all bespoke made to order. Non returnable if the size is incorrect

Made to order approx. 4 – 5 weeks

If you have any questions about sizes please email us.

The House of Labhran source classic Harris tweeds and keepers tweeds and we have been weaving some of the finest tweeds in Scotland suppling many Highland estates. We have a classic range of heavy weight keepers tweeds that can be made into some timeless classic country clothing perfect for that day in the field or on the hill. We offer a wonderful range of Labhran tweeds woven in Scotland for Estate and shooting wear.

We specialise in creating a range of bespoke shooting garments and Highland jackets to suit any occasion. Our tailor works to bring personal details to suit your requirements

16 Apr 19

Hiatus – “a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity” A hiatus can be a wonderful thing. It can be some much needed time away from something to gather ourselves, rekindle a love for something or regain focus when there is a lack of clarity. For me, I sickened myself with show […]

14 Apr 19
Jane Hewitt

We all have a story. Whether we choose to share it or not is another matter. Following mum’s death I started to write about her, and our, struggle with dementia. It helped but I didn’t ever envisage sharing my writings. A friend who I trust and rely on always, told me about ‘Company of Others‘ […]

13 Apr 19
Partis Temporus...

Langdon, Robert The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown I know Angels and Demons is the first book he appears in, but I first read of Langdon in The Da Vinci Code. It is a book close to my heart for many reasons, and I was immediately attracted to the unassuming professor who was stuck […]

12 Apr 19

As I continue in the voyage of discovery and exploration, I bumped into a company called Brand Dialogue, a baby sister company of Brand Finance UK. Brand dialogue is a public relation agency that develops communication strategies to create dialogue that drives brand value. They organise events that bring together leading names in the industry […]

12 Apr 19

“A Case of Identity” is one of the 56 short Sherlock Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and is the third story in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. My dear fellow,” said Sherlock Holmes as we sat on either side of the fire in his lodgings at Baker Street, “life is infinitely stranger […]

12 Apr 19
KDD & co

I seem to have had a breakthrough with being able to read my knitting during this project. Maybe down to the chunky yarn, meaning the stitches are easier to see.