12 Apr 19
The Life of Leon 337

Forms of precious jewelry have also been around for thousands of years. Bracelets can make a great trend and even a great piece regarding new to complete virtually any number of outfits. You will discover several decisions to produce in terms of purchasing, making or perhaps giving bracelets. Use typically the tips under to create […]

12 Apr 19
The Life of Leon 337

Forms of jewelry have been recently around for thousands of years. Jewelry can make a great fashion statement and a great piece connected with new to complete any kind of number of outfits. You will discover several decisions to create when it comes to purchasing, making or gifting precious jewelry. Use often the tips under […]

07 Apr 19
MongMaster's World!

…when a 👫 o’ 👨s, they were 👆✌️🚫👍, 🌟🐻 makin’ trouble in my neighbourhoo– yeah, that. 😛(I had to write that on my phone, cuz that’s where all the emoji that the kids use these days are. 😛 ) Harro! How are you this fine weekend, or weekday if you didn’t read the post on […]

04 Apr 19

The internet has quite a few apparent advantages in this connection it can facilitate preliminary research, simple facts can be easily controlled, and information is temporally and spatially available on an unlimited basis. But online research also involves risks, particularly if researchers largely refrain from using methods beyond the internet (Meier;2004:252). There is a particular […]

03 Apr 19

Love… Of Words & Deeds –  The ninth in a set of reflections for Lent (Troverete il testo in italiano ed in albanese in fondo alla pagina) [9] Do not forget the poor! During this year’s meeting of the rich and powerful in Davos, we were told that the world’s 26 richest people own as […]

02 Apr 19
Uncanny Worlds

2 – LANTERN TOWN Homecoming, Year of the Star Having spent the night in Smade’s tavern, the trio (+ Honeysuckle) set out to explore Lantern Town. One of the Smades (the tavern is owned by three half-orc brothers; all called Smade), gave them some background to the town. Lantern Town is a port on the […]

27 Mar 19
Connor’s Cozy CST Corner

On Monday, I visited my local public library, the Northbrook Public Library, for a screening of the documentary She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry with a discussion featuring guest speaker Kathleen Carot, a Professor of Humanities, Speech, Theater and Coordinator of Women’s and Gender Studies at Oakton Community College. I really had no expectations going into […]

27 Mar 19

Www.MarketResearchNest.com Announced that its published an Exclusive Report on “Global Automatic Capsule Filling Machines Market Status and Future Forecast 2015-2024” in its research database with report summary, table of content, research methodologies and data sources; This report studies the Automatic Capsule Filling Machines market with many aspects of the industry like the market size, market […]

24 Mar 19

What is FuelPHP FuelPHP is an open source web application framework. It is written in PHP 5.3 and implements HMVC pattern. HMVC is Hierarchical Model-View-Controller framework that allows to sub-request the controller, which returns the partial page such as comments, menus, etc., instead of the complete page as in normal MVC.

19 Mar 19
Adventures with Lili

During one CST class, Sammy Bellman passed out these small purple slips of paper that had two main words in bold, capitalized letters: “Youth Wellness.” Underneath those words was the phrase, “Academic Wellness: An Oxymoron?” I remember thinking to myself, “Well, Sammy, you won. You’ve successfully captured my attention and my Saturday afternoon.” So on […]