14 Jun 19
Theresa's Love for Children

I remember having a young lady who worked with us, her title was resource coordinator. She was standing in the hallways one morning, and the child saying, ” Hey Ms. Nicole what’s the matter with your eye?” ” Why is your eye like that?” Ms. Nicole replied, ” I am legally blind in one one […]

11 Jun 19
Galaktika Poetike "ATUNIS"

Poezi nga Manushaqe Toromani     SONTE FLI   Fli sonte, mos më prit nesër vjen një tjetër ditë. Thonë ka diell e do ndriçojë dhe pse Vjeshta turfullon. Fli sonte, mos ki frikë i dogja të gjitha ligësitë Engjëllin dërgova të të mbrojë Të jetë aty, kur ti mbyll sytë. Fli sonte, harro çfarë […]

08 Jun 19

The beach is 15 miles from the center of Amsterdam, but a small piece of it will soon exist among the windy rooftops of the city. Buro Harro, a Dutch firm co-led by landscape architect Harro de Jong, in conjunction with Ronald Janssen Architecten and Bastiaan Jongerius Architecten, are building a dune roof on one […]

13 Jun 19
Mike Scott

“Their theory, as I understand it, was to sink enough ships close to the mouth of Mississippi to slow down the activity of the New Orleans port. They got us 44 miles from the mouth of the Mississippi.”

05 Jun 19
Nachrichten Welt

Der Stolz wird die Straßen von Bilbao, Erandio und Barakaldo nehmen. Diese beiden letzten Gemeinden haben sich dem Veranstaltungsprogramm zur Feier der sexuellen Vielfalt in Bizkaia angeschlossen. Darüber hinaus zeigt der Verein Mujeres con Voz de Getxo einen Dokumentarfilm. Die Gruppierung durch die Integration von kollektives LQTBIQ + OrtzadarDie seit mehr als sechs Jahren für […]

03 Jun 19
Harro-cake and Eat It

The return of the Tour de Yorkshire to our doorsteps in May once again sparked the debate over the value of cycling to Harrogate. Ever since the announcement that the Tour de France would be holding its Grand Départ here in 2014, cycling events have polarised opinion. It seems impossible to be a neutral observer: […]

03 Jun 19

DusseldorfTwice a month, selling at Peek & Cloppenburg (P & C) is a top priority. Then John Cloppenburg is personally in the large Düsseldorf branch on Saturdays and sells pants, T-shirts and jackets. "My aim is to experience directly what the customer likes and what does not," says the tall manager with his short-cut beard. […]

02 Jun 19

Nga Edlira Gjoni I dashur kryeministër, Lexova me një frymë letrën që më kishe nisur sot. Faleminderit që të ramë ndër mend! Meqë na ishe drejtuar personalisht, mendova se edhe përmbajtja do ishte e tillë: pra votuesi i djathtë të shihte mes rreshtave qartësi, zotim, shpresë. Kishe harruar të listoje se zgjedhjet nuk bëhen dot […]

01 Jun 19
Jumping Jaclyn

Racism has been a driving factor in society for decades. One of our biggest downfalls as a society was discriminating against all African Americans for countless decades throughout time. It is still arguable that racism against African Americans still exists in our current society all around America. Although this was the most tragic form of […]

31 May 19
Give It A Burl

“She’s sleeping a lot, and not eating much.  If it’s important for you to say goodbye in person, you should plan your trip for the next two weeks.” Dad’s email was pretty devoid of sentiment. That was probably his coping mechanism to manage emotion.  From half way around the world in New Zealand, mine certainly […]

29 May 19
The Life of Aim

1.People have an innate drive to connect with each other 2. People are and have always been resilient “… we have an inextinguishable fragment of the divine fire which burns in us, regardless of circumstance. Regardless of what we are given or how much difficulty and sorrow we experience there is something reliable, resilient, and true embedded within us, something […]

29 May 19

The book Worlds of Journalism: Journalistic Cultures Around the Globe [eds. Thomas Hanitzsch Folker Hanusch Jyotika Ramaprasad Arnold S de Beer (2019, Columbia University Press)] is now on sale. In this book I am coauthor of two chapters: “Journalistic Culture in a Global Context: A Conceptual Roadmap” along with Thomas Hanitzsch, Laura Ahva, Martin Oller Alonso, Jesus Arroyave, Liesbeth Hermans, […]