Haute Hippie

22 Apr 19

See 12 emerging green designers below as part of WWD’s special Earth Day coverage.

09 Apr 19
Habits of a Modern Hippie

The natural foods and textiles movement has come a long way in the decades that I’ve been paying attention to it. (It also blows my mind that at thirty I can say I’ve been paying attention to something for decades- thanks Mom for behind totally ahead of the times!) Especially in regard to natural foods […]

02 Apr 19
Antoine Voyage

Encore une fois cette année, profitant du Nouvel An Chinois, je suis parti 10 jours en vacances. Cette fois-ci, je suis parti avec deux potes, direction une destination plus lointaine que d’habitude : le Sri Lanka. Ce petit pays insulaire au sud de l’Inde n’était pas forcément dans le top des destinations des voyageurs en […]

01 Apr 19
Style Notes

One of spring’s biggest trends is beach chic and one of the best ways to get that vibe? Tie dye! Now we aren’t talking about your favorite worn in Grateful Dead t-shirt from college. This is elevated, haute hippie style. As with all trends, you want to be careful not to overdo it to avoid […]

26 Mar 19
This Week in Milford

Where are we GOING with this?????????? I’m tempted to do another chorus of Zappa’s “Valley Girl” but I didn’t want to pull a Gil and beat a dead Marty or Principal Ek, since the latter’s already dead and anyway I get a sneakin’ suspicion that that wouldn’t do justice to what’s going on at the […]

25 Mar 19
Normal Happenings

What an amazing community of people we’ve met this year! Here’s our way of saying thanks!

15 Mar 19
Ruth Anne Garcia

Welcome Susan Old, author of Rare Blood. Check out her interview now.

12 Mar 19
If there’s anyone that can cram a staggering nine costume changes within the space of a minute, it’s Killing Eve‘s Villanelle. Becoming a style icon from the moment we laid eyes on her, the character (played by Jodie Comer) has a lot to live up to in the aftermath of the series one finale. We’ve only got a few more weeks to go before we see what the cat-and-mouse chase with Eve (Sandra Oh) brings up next. One thing’s for sure – no matter what, they’re both going to look fabulous, but it’s pretty clear who the real fashionista is here. As our favourite assassin cuts her teeth with more unique choices, we’ve gone through the trailer and pulled out teaser clips on what’s in store from her wardrobe. Here’s what we think of what we’ve seen so far, with her new looks ranked from worst to best… #9. The pale-faced nightgown This granny nightie is so not haute couture (Picture: BBC) After the end of season one, it’s clear that Villanelle is out of her depth and looking for help wherever she can get it. Unfortunately that includes a wardrobe that isn’t entirely soaked in blood. A pale blue nightgown is more suited to an older woman, but with a face that pale after so much blood loss, you gotta forgive this one faux-pas. #8. The perfect blend-in Keeping it more simple than normal, this understated look is not what we’re used to from Villanelle (Picture: BBC) Free from all her outfits, costume changes and make-up, this is a much more natural Villanelle than the one that we’re used to. We don’t know why she decides this is the way to go, but we kind of dig it anyway. But what is Eve going to do once she sees her? Or is she making so little effort that she will slip through the cracks with ease. #7. The super pajamas We’ve got to admit – we’re kind of digging the pajamas (Picture: BBC) This is one hell of a look after stealing something from, presumably, a teenage boy. A bit baller on her part, she kind of looks like someone who means business, or something up way past their bedtime. Either way, she’s somehow pulling it off and we kind of love it. #6. Tailored suits forever The tailored suits are back and we’re living for it (Picture: BBC) If Villanelle was in a tailored suit, you knew she meant (probably really bad) business back in season one. We hope that’s true because we’re already in love with this black suit and tie look. Dinging a hotel bell, it’s clear she’s after someone. But who and why? #5. The Artistic Teacher Hippy primary school teacher is definitely not a look we were expecting but we like it (Picture: BBC)   #4. The masked beauty We have so many questions regarding this piece but whatever it is it’s fabulous (Picture: BBC) As a cross between a milkmaid and a weird freaky cat, it’s pretty obvious this woman isn’t going to do anything too mad. There’s a lot of questions that need to be unpacked, and this is the best example of it yet. #3. The hippie hoper Tortured artist Villanelle looks sassy AF (and cosy as hell in that oversize jumper) (Picture: BBC) We can’t imagine much more satisfying than the discovery of an item of clothing that’s so comfortable we almost forget about what it  was destined for the red carpet Add a poker straight pink wig, and this is a satisfyingly drink MCR song kinda vibe. Sorry not sorry. #2. The Pulp Fiction bob A killer suit and an amazing new wig? Sign. Us. Up. (Picture: BBC) Everything about this black-and-white outfit screams sass and sophistication as she goes undercover a new job. Looking like Mia and Vincent had a baby in Pulp Fiction, we just know that underneath it all she has a gun to match too. We’d hand overselves over without a second blink. #1. Pink is always best This pink ensemble is totes Instagrammable, just don’t tell her that (Picture: BBC) Proving that pink really is her colour, the assassin’s quiet moment of reflection in Amsterdam is ruined by an Instagrammer. We’ve all been there hun. The tied pink shirt and the giant salmon coloured skirt looks stunning, and the gold earrings are just everything could’ve possibly ever wanted. But when she’s asked for a photo, she refuses, telling the budding photographer to ‘get a real life. No, we won’t get a real life. We’re obsessed with your wardrobe and we want it all. So there. [metro-tag-post-strip] Killing Eve returns 7 April on BBC America.  [metro-fact-box id=”7022752″ title=”Got a story?” colour=”grey” icon=”exclamation” size=”full” /] [metro-link url=”https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/12/fans-loving-fiona-shaw-fleabag-killing-eve-crossovers-just-keep-coming-8886895/” title=”Fans are loving Fiona Shaw in Fleabag as the Killing Eve crossovers just keep on coming”] [metro-link url=”https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/11/jodie-comer-good-playing-villanelle-killing-eve-men-scared-8881705/” title=”Jodie Comer is so good at playing Villanelle on Killing Eve that men are scared of her”]
08 Mar 19
Michael Nagrant

It’s not the big things.  It’s the thousand trivial cuts that erode the soul. However, parsing woes, unless you are Larry David, has never gotten anyone anywhere. The only choice is to push through, to do the work.