13 May 19
Twister6 Reviews

A Short Article Exploring if Adding an Amp to Hugo2 is Beneficial or Not.

11 May 19
Over-ear mania

IntroductionThe HD580 is the predecessor of the HD600 and Sennheiser’s flagship from 1993 to 1997. Orpheus HE60, HE90 and HD580 Jubilee were also produced in the mid-90s but the HD580 was the more popular product, directly following the HD540 Reference and HD560 Ovation. It appears that four HD580 variations exist ; differences are in the […]

08 May 19
Twister6 Reviews

Review of QDC Anole VX 10xBA IEM with 3 tuning switches.

28 Apr 19

Allo Boss DAC Review What it is, and what it’s not: The same section under my DigiOne review is applicable here as well. Please read that if you have not done so already. Just as with the Allo DigiOne, the Allo Boss is also an add-on sound card for the RaspBerry Pi. It plugs into […]

21 Apr 19

İncelemeler hep önce tasarımla başlar bende buna gıcık olurum. O yüzden önce ses kalitesiyle başlayacağım çünkü bu cihaz ses kalitesi için üretilmiş. Çalınan parçanın ses kaydı ne ise onu abartmadan veriyor. Eğer abartmasını istiyorsanız yüklenin equalizer a volume hatta gain i High a getirin amfisini sonuna kadar basın seste distorsyon bozulma olmuyor. İster spotify ister […]

21 Apr 19
best in ear headphones to sleep with

AKG K701 The overall weight of the AKG K701 is not heavy, the wearing comfort is better, the pressure of the earmuffs is relatively small. When the headphones are worn, the pressure on the face around the ears is not too large. It is obviously smaller than the HD650, and the K701 will be very […]

20 Apr 19
noise cancelling headphones for sleeping reviews

1. Germany Sennheiser HD515 Gaming Sennheiser’s HD series is known for its high-end dynamic headphones, such as the HD540, HD560, HD580, HD600, and HD650. In the HD headset series, the HD515 is an entry-level model. As for the HD515 Gaming we are seeing now, it is an evolutionary version. According to the manufacturer, the multimedia […]

10 Apr 19
News By Jessica

The 25 Best Studio Headphones For Musicians: via LANDR Blog Studio headphones are an essential tool for mixing music. They’re a key part of any home studio setup. A good pair of mixing headphones will be always useful in your studio. Even if you eventually upgrade to near-field monitors, your trusty headphones will still be […]

08 Apr 19

First of all, I would like to thank to TK Kyo from Final Audio for this great opportunity. Let me share the technical aspects and package details.   Specifications: Housing: Stainless steel mirror-finished Driver: 6.4mmΦ dynamic driver Connector: MMCX Cable: OFC silver coated cable Sensitivity: 93dB Impedance: 14Ω Weight: 24g Cord length: 1.2m Package Details: […]

02 Apr 19
Over-ear mania

IntroductionThe CD1700 was the top of the second line of Sony CD headphones, all released around 1996. The CD3000 was part of the first line from 1991. Like the CD3K, the CD1700 has biocellulose diaphragm (with Vectran fibers) and 50mm drivers. It’s very comfortable, but unfortunately still has a very poor quality pleather headband. Hopefully, […]

24 Mar 19
Everyday Listening

Pros Desktop power in a pocketable format, able to drive demanding cans with ease Fully-balanced topology Aptx Bluetooth a nice bonus Useful, if somewhat blunt EQ functionality Cons Not much really, but… Diminutive size and less-than ideal volume-pot make desktop use slightly difficult Lack of wired DAC functionality and limited desktop convenience make it somewhat […]

22 Mar 19

I was raised by my dad listening to some of the best jazz guitarists in the world. Artists like Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, Earl Klugh, and George Benson (to name a few) were some of the people I listened to while growing up. I remember back then when my Dad used to play one of […]

10 Mar 19
Mage Audio

Just a periodic update showing some recent measurements with comparisons. Due to variation between units, and then variation between left and right channels, the DT770 takes longer than it should to mod. Sticking to a target response takes a lot of work. Stock DT770 Pro- Yellow Mage Audio DT770- Blue and Purple Sennheiser HD650- Magenta

21 Feb 19
Reviews of things..

On Aug 2018 Massdrop announced they are partnering with Koss to bring a special Massdrop edition of the Koss ESP/950 branded Koss ESP/95X. I was lucky enough to get in on the first release before it sold out within a few days. The headphones was selling at $500USD which is half the retail price of […]

19 Feb 19
Headphone & Earphone Reviews

https://youtu.be/6LzMQvgam3s Brainwavz is most well-known for me for their variety of headphone hangers, of which I think at least one of each model grace my shelves. In a recent discussion with them, they asked if I was interested in reviewing their inexpensive IEM or headphone offerings. I was admittedly reluctant to cover products that had […]