25 Jun 19
Heddon School Year 6

Year 6 did a simply magnificent job of reading their prayers out in front of an audience of 500! An amazing achievement – St.Andrew’s are very proud of you all 🙂

25 Jun 19

Our theme for day two, a walk from our B&B just outside Heddon-on-the-Wall to the village of Wall (are you detecting a theme in place names?), is trying to bring what you see into sharp focus. The day began with what I thought might just be morning fog that would burn off. Not quite rain, […]

25 Jun 19
Yamaha Blog and News

Anytime that fishing is discussed, especially early within the yr, the topic of stocked trout little doubt comes to thoughts, and when the subject of stocked trout comes to thoughts so does the query of the right way to catch stocked trout. Out west we walleye fish rather a lot on the Columbia River. Artificial […]

23 Jun 19

I was thinking about the word negotiate last night as I drifted in and out of sleep. It’s a funny word. We say we negotiate with people and that means we engage in a process by which some agreement or consensus is reached. But we also talk about negotiating a path or a space, meaning […]

21 Jun 19
Heddon School Year 5

This week, we have been thinking about different Maya crafts. We learnt how they used carved jade to make jewellery, painted frescoes of their day to day life on temple walls and thought that making (and then smashing) polychrome pottery would bring them luck. We represented each of these art forms.

18 Jun 19
eOffice - Coworking, Office Design, Workplace Technology & Innovation

The 6th Annual Coworking London Conference kicks off next week (27-28 June), and will take place across 8 London coworking venues. The educational event, organised by eOffice, London’s first open-plan coworking brand, in partnership with sponsors, Essensys and AREA, will feature 30 of the leading voices in commercial real estate’s fastest growing sub-sector: flexspace. “The […]

17 Jun 19
My Blog

Having a space to set up and do a bunch of building is nice. I ground a lot of cork, wrapped a lot of guides, started organizing and packing stuff away so there’s more space for all of it… And when I look back over the last year or so, I’m realizing just exactly how […]

16 Jun 19
You Can't Make This Stuff Up ...

The Thin White Duke releases the concept album of all concept albums on June 16, 1972. It’s #35 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and has been elected for preservation in the National Recording Registry by the United States National Recording Preservation Board, which designates it as a sound recording that has had significant cultural, […]

14 Jun 19
Heddon School Year 5

What a fabulous day we had at the Hearth! We started by activating our creativity in a drawing session. We really enjoyed it because, when you’re drawing with the wrong hand, with your eyes shut and without taking your pencil off the page, there was no expectation to create a masterpiece; everyone could be successful. […]

11 Jun 19
Heddon School Year 6

To kick-start our new unit of work around WW1, we had a fascinating visit from a Blue Cross representative called Helen. Helen told us all about the bravery of many animals during the war, including some unbelievable survival stories! Have you heard about the pigeon – Cher Ami – who saved the lives of 200 […]

10 Jun 19

What are the best Shur-Strike lures to collect? Well, this is a completely subjective question, and there is no correct answers here.  Collectors are drawn to Shur-Strike for many reasons. They may love the colors, or the mystique that surrounds the brand, or maybe they just love quality lures…..Yes, the Shur-Strike were the economy line […]

07 Jun 19
Go Local Food Ltd

The wood pigeons are getting clever. Though the covers over crops have stayed in place despite the high winds, the pigeons have worked out how to spot where the wind has lifted the edges and walk in to have a sneaky peck at the brassica edges. We seem to have a goodly crowd of wrens […]

05 Jun 19
Reading and Walking

Ways to Wander is a collection of 54 different sets of suggestions, reflections, instructions, or scores about walking, created by 54 different walkers. It also contains an introduction by Carl Lavery and copies of e-mails between the two editors. All of this material is assembled randomly, and I think that was deliberate. The list of […]

05 Jun 19
Under the Rocks

We have another change of season upon us as the hot and humid summer months prepare to take over. The largemouth spawn is over and those easy early spring bigguns are getting harder to catch. In a large part of the country heavy or constant rain has filled our fisheries to very high levels, opening […]

03 Jun 19
100 Books in a Year

Saramango, Jose, The Double Jan 10 Hardy, Thomas, The Mayor of Casterbridge Jan 10 Hauser, Jan, Skinterfaces Jan 10 Davis, Kathy, Reshaping the Female Body Jan 10 Raymond, Janice G., The Transsexual Empire Jan 10 Kirby, Vicky, Telling Flesh: The Substance of the Corporeal Jan 10 Sherman, Martin, Bent Jan 10 Proux, Annie, The Shipping […]