Helmut Lang

22 May 19

Three examples of products to use fabric that stretches Spandex is a kind of lightweight, synthetic fiber that is used to make stretchable clothing such as sportswear, swimwear,etc.It features exceptional elasticity, has a great crease recovery and returns to its original length after stretching.Spandex fabric hugs the body, providing ,support and comfort while drawing away moisture. Lycra […]

22 May 19

She’s been in the game since the age of 7. Happy Birthday Naomi Campbell!

16 May 19
Procedural Discourse: In progress and out of touch.

In issue #5: DOUBT, K-HOLE states ‘ Like many occult technologies , the oracle used the alchemical quality of group dynamics to transform inside jokes, gossip and petty infighting into advice fit for a king. The oracle processed groupthink as poetry.’ The Oracle was multiple – a collaborative effort of mysticism and prediction. The oracle […]

13 May 19
the clementina project

In an era of Denim Renaissance, the current market moves beyond the one-at-a-time trend pacing. The fabric of our lives coincides with the climate of our zeitgeist’s time of earth workers and the cal of innovation without extravagance. Denim speaks of equality among all classes, as the material collectively pulls us in unity as humans, […]

10 May 19
The East Coast Equestrian

Dan and I are moving in three weeks, so before we start packing I decided to go through my closet and part with some things. (Ok. A lot of things.) Everything is priced to sell and in great condition unless otherwise noted. Instead of posting on my Instagram story, I thought it would be more […]