Hennessy Hammock

13 Jun 19
Dorcas Rempel

My name is Daniel Eggington and I’m a solo traveller So a bit about me: After leaving the UK in 2010 and embarking on a backpacking trip to Indonesia, I found my love of exploring. I spent 12 days in the forest with three local guides, travelling through and camping at a new spot each […]

27 May 19
Survival Kit Reviews

EP #6: TOP 10 Best Budget BUG OUT BAG / Survival Shelters – Is UST Tube Tarp 1.0 a GIMMICK? Let’s Find Out! ▶ Check Out Every Shelter in this Series @ https://bit.ly/2EsqUvy Save on Guns and Gear with our 99 Cent Big Daddy Unlimited Trial @ https://lddy.no/8wsp ▶ GRAB My FREE Survival, Emergency and […]

12 May 19
Luxury Travel Diary

The divine Maldives is the perfect paradise for your honeymoon. These luxury hotels are geared towards couples, newlyweds and honeymooners who are seduced with candles, rose petals and romantic bed decorations, snorkelling, diving, Michelin-starred restaurants, star-filled skies and stunning overwater villas. The Maldives nation in the Indian Ocean made up of 26 ring-shaped atolls with […]

12 Apr 19

What’s up, BroBible? You might notice that my weekly ‘Things We Want‘ gear guide for men got a makeover this week. The new look design is meant to fit more with the style of my daily Everyday Carry Essentials features. In this new format, I’ll be featuring a handful of standalone items interspersed throughout grids […]

31 Mar 19
Michigan Overland

The Wrong Turn is a monthly round-up of stuff we read, thought was pretty cool, and decided to share. This month we wrote a ton of stuff, find out old Power Wagons are killer, and learn about laser-based headlights. Opinion & Editorial Some good advice on budgeting and saving for trips. Let’s make this not […]

22 Mar 19
Erin Hennessy, LMT, NMT, MS

I’ll be honest… I’ve got a lot of passions. Sewing, Costuming, Animals, Flute, Dance, Photography, Video Editing, and Massage Therapy. As a wee child, before age 10, I’d say my passions were fabrics (sewing), massage, and animals. Whenever a friend came over, we’d go hide in a closet and trade massages on each other. If […]

21 Mar 19
Bug Out Bag

Hennessy Hammock Never sleep on the ground again A must for your Bug Out Bag! In a bug out scenario you can make camp on a steep rocky hill surrounded by trees where no one would ever walk. You don”t need a level camp site when using the Hennessy Hammock. I can say one thing, […]

12 Mar 19
E & E Writers Enterprise

By: Erin Rose Hennessy and Emily Eileen Moreshead In this changing world, technology seems to be taking over a lot of things. We write on computers, we order groceries online, and we can even read books on our e-readers. What are the pros and cons of paperbacks vs e-books and which do we prefer? Erin: […]

28 Feb 19
Hiking Solo

I hiked the Larapinta Trail in June/July 2018 over 15 days, starting at Alice Springs and travelling west to Glen Helen Gorge. Here are some facts about the trail and highlights from the trek. It’s long – over 200 km so I’ve broken it down into 3 chunks – you can read Part II here […]

06 Feb 19
Bootprints On My Soul

Early morning light filtering in through my windows as I write this. I imagine waking up to the sunrising, in my hammock, the smell of pine and fresh morning air. It’ll be a little bit chilly, maybe, as I get up (get down?) out of my hammock-nest and fire up my stove to make coffee. […]

01 Jan 19
Campfire Magazine

We love bivvy camping and it’s especially good when you’re off the ground, safe from mosquitos and midges. Here’s what we thought of the three best options for bivvy hammocks.

26 Nov 18
Venture Beyond

A bit of a departure for this months blog. Earlier this month I chaired the Tropical Forests planning panel at the Royal Geographical Society’s annual Explore Conference. Explore is a great event for anyone interested in, or involved in expeditions, scientific research or exploration, it is a chance to access information, advice, guidance and resources […]

12 Nov 18

Hence why I have one of those hammock kits in a bag now, got introduced to them at JoshuaTree Music Fest (someone built a hammock jungle gym). I Need Hennessy Necesito Cerveza shirt. For hanging spots, look at pictures for the area. Make sure there are trees. Usually, if there are trees, you’ll eventually find a […]

11 Nov 18

Squeeze the bed – in one word. Hammocks are drawn with two ropes on either side of the remote or two rows of hard poles. Hammocks are made of cloth, net or rope. Studies show that an adult’s sleeping deep in hammock than the bed. History During their campaign, the Spanish first saw the use […]