Hennessy Hammock

06 Feb 19
Bootprints On My Soul

Early morning light filtering in through my windows as I write this. I imagine waking up to the sunrising, in my hammock, the smell of pine and fresh morning air. It’ll be a little bit chilly, maybe, as I get up (get down?) out of my hammock-nest and fire up my stove to make coffee. […]

26 Nov 18
Venture Beyond

A bit of a departure for this months blog. Earlier this month I chaired the Tropical Forests planning panel at the Royal Geographical Society’s annual Explore Conference. Explore is a great event for anyone interested in, or involved in expeditions, scientific research or exploration, it is a chance to access information, advice, guidance and resources […]

12 Nov 18

Hence why I have one of those hammock kits in a bag now, got introduced to them at JoshuaTree Music Fest (someone built a hammock jungle gym). I Need Hennessy Necesito Cerveza shirt. For hanging spots, look at pictures for the area. Make sure there are trees. Usually, if there are trees, you’ll eventually find a […]

11 Nov 18

Squeeze the bed – in one word. Hammocks are drawn with two ropes on either side of the remote or two rows of hard poles. Hammocks are made of cloth, net or rope. Studies show that an adult’s sleeping deep in hammock than the bed. History During their campaign, the Spanish first saw the use […]

25 Oct 18
News and Headlines: RoboeAmerican,Keeping you informed.

News and Headlines. In The News, Politics,Tech Watch, World News, Commentary/Opinion. In The News: Gunman seen carrying out attack at Trump resort in Florida, dramatic video shows Prosecutors released video of the man accused of exchanging gunfire with police at the Trump National Doral Golf Club in May. The footage, which was released by the […]

08 Oct 18

I wasn’t looking for a new storage system when I came across Hennessy’s SnakeSkins. But after seeing them demonstrated, I wanted them. I have been using them for a full season now and am very happy with my decision to make them a part of my hammocking experience. The Specs Packed Weight: 2.3 oz Packed Size: […]

04 Oct 18

September began with a long weekend, the last hammock read-in before returning to school. Book reading is a difficult habit to break, not that I’m looking to do so. Yet, I get paid to teach books, not read books–then again I get to read books in order to teach them. I got this covered. Reading […]

28 Sep 18
A Worthwhile Adventure

Gossamer Gear Mariposa – 32.7 oz Seeing as how I’ve never backpacked before, I didn’t have many preconceived notions about how they should look and feel. If I had, this pack would have met all those expectations. Coming in at just a little over 2 pounds, this lightweight pack meets the sweet spot of weight, […]

23 Sep 18
Davis Enterprise

New in town? This vocab lesson could be just the thing to get you acquainted As a newcomer to Davis, you might hear people mention “ARC,” “DAC” or “the MU,” but what are they talking about? Thanks to our toad tunnel and anti-snoring ordinance, you might only be familiar with the city of “All Things […]

15 Sep 18
Adventure Roams

Learn the quick and easy way to save weight and convert your Hennessy Hammock to a simple whoopie sling suspension.

11 Sep 18
Campfire Magazine

We love bivvy camping and it’s especially good when you’re off the ground, safe from mosquitos and midges. Here’s what we thought of the three best options for bivvy hammocks.

05 Sep 18
Adventure Roams

Check out a how-to video to make your own Whoopie Slings for your new hammock suspension.

24 Aug 18

This is just about it, my friends. From the gym equipment just out of focus in some of these vacation photos to the guys choosing to start their season training on a beach, the long and beautiful time we have known as NBA summer vacation is almost behind us. There can be an overwhelming urge […]

21 Aug 18
Dreaming of Mountains

First Day We drove up to Hart’s Pass from Manson, and were able to start hiking by 9am.  The road up to the pass was an adventure in itself – bumpy, one lane with occasional pullouts, and steep cliffs during part of the road.  When I say “bumpy”, I mean that in the bumpiest possible […]

16 Aug 18
Outsiding Fun & Fitness

The Trans North Georgia (TNGA) is one of the premier ultra-endurance bikepacking events in the southeastern United States. With the race kicking off this weekend, here are the Rigs of The 2018 TNGA, featuring 46 bikes along with kit details and information about the riders… compose Logan Wattstime Aug 16, 2018comment 0 Boasting over 40,000 […]

10 Aug 18

Two contenders hung on to the most votes in this week’s search for the best camping hammock. It’s the Hennessy Explorer Deluxe Zip versus the Warbonnet Blackbird XLC. Both are lightweight and have built-in bug screens which make them ideal for a restful night’s sleep. But, there can only be one winner. Read about the… […]