25 Apr 19

By J. D. Heyes You’ve got to hand it to the “establishment” media. Once they get on a kick about something, they don’t get off of it — ever — even when they are so obviously mistaken about the subject. Which, of course, helps explain why most Americans trust used car salesmen over reporters. FREE […]

25 Apr 19
Nwo Report

Source: JD Heyes The election of Donald J. Trump as our 45th president shocked the Left-wing tech gurus who run the world’s biggest social media platforms, but after a period of mourning they developed a battle plan to prevent a repeat in 2020: Censorship. For nearly a year leading up to the 2018 midterms, Facebook, […]

25 Apr 19

By J. D. Heyes Never one to mince words, talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh said point-blank Wednesday evening during an appearance on Fox News’ “The Story” with Martha McCallum that Hillary Clinton not only should have been indicted by the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller but that she should be wearing prison stripes by now. […]

24 Apr 19

By J. D. Heyes Throughout the “Spygate” scandal involving Deep State players loyal to ringleader Barack Obama, Americans were repeatedly told that ‘rank-and-file members’ of the FBI and Justice Department were solid, patriotic men and women who are dedicated to serving our country. The problem, we were told, was just a few bad apples at […]

23 Apr 19

Next Week Fairhaven WEDNESDAY 24th April And Caldy THURSDAY 25th April -spaces Start times below- please check them carefully Bolton Old links 3rd May- spaces Maxitours at lovely Helsby Helsby in deepest Cheshire was the lovely venue for today’s Maxitours event. Playing off lovely parkland turf amid mature oak trees was a pleasure for all. […]

23 Apr 19

By J. D. Heyes Thanks mostly to the refusal of Democrats to compromise with the Trump administration on measures to improve security along the U.S.-Mexico border, citizen militia groups seem to be stepping into the void. And for that, they are now being targeted by the same government that can’t or won’t do the job […]

23 Apr 19
Dirt Hub

South African Travis Teasdale, came, saw and conquered the Dirtbike Action promoted Extreme Ravines Extreme Enduro on Sunday at Helmsley. Images courtesy of Matthew Rudd Photography The event which is also a round of the British Extreme Enduro Championships is hugely popular on the Enduro calendar and it certainly gave a huge test to the […]

23 Apr 19
Pranali's Blogs

Cobalt High Speed Steel Sales Market Report Provided Full Details of Executive summary Scope of the report Research Methodology Introduction 2017 Market landscape Market segmentation by type Segmentation by application Latest Geographical segmentation Decision framework Drivers and challenges Market trends Vendor landscape Key vendor analysis. In this report, the global Cobalt High Speed Steel Sales […]

23 Apr 19
Ronald L. Lawson Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Queens College, CUNY

I am completing an ambitious sociological study of global Adventism. My research has taken me to 56 countries in all divisions of the world church. Today I will focus on Africa and Papua-New Guinea, both of which have pervasive animist cultures. I will share with you some vignettes that will raise some issues where I […]

22 Apr 19

Finally our first camping trip of the year arrived last week, the boy and I headed out to Cheshire for a couple of nights. We did this camp last year and it may seem a bit lazy to repeat it but i wanted to use the bikes to see how the little man had progressed. […]

22 Apr 19

By J. D. Heyes A series of well-coordinated bombings rocked a number of Catholic churches and symbols of capitalism in the country of Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, but politically correct “news” reports omitted one of the most important details surrounding the attacks: The guilty parties. That’s because in today’s world, for some reason, blaming […]

22 Apr 19
News Archives Uk

The Wye Valley Visitor Center offers a variety of activities for the entire family, from amazing puzzle games to hurdles to computer games. This incredible place offers many fun activities for the whole family. Not only are they incredibly fun, but young people also have the opportunity to explore and learn something new. Since its […]

22 Apr 19
The Chippy News Blog

Our next major  local elections are scheduled for Thursday 2 May 2019. 16 out of the 49 seats on West Oxfordshire District Council are being contested – this  includes 1 of the 3 seats in the Chipping Norton Ward. Separately, all 16 seats on Chipping Norton Town Council are up for election (amongst many other local […]

21 Apr 19
DHSB/DHSG Psychology Research Digest

1) Nicotine This article explains how nicotine replacement therapy works. It refers to a Cochrane Review which has just been published.   2) Kevin Mitchell – Innate We have used in Year 1 some video of Kevin Mitchell talking about the impact of genes on behaviour. Here is an excellent review of his recent book, […]

19 Apr 19

By J. D. Heyes With Attorney General William Barr’s release of a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report on “collusion” between then-GOP candidate Donald Trump and Mother Russia, in which Mueller cleared the president ‘officially,’ the greatest political and media hoax in the history of our republic officially came crashing down. And […]