11 Dec 18

I’m having my operation today.. I got up almost an hour ago at 6am, washed & put on clean clothes including freshly washed coat and am taking a taxi with Si to Worthing hospital any minute. I was given Hibiscrub body & hair wash to use pre-op because I tested positive for MRSA – hilariously, […]

10 Dec 18
Informasi kesehatan

Pengendalian Infeksi Dasar Definisi Infeksi Infeksi adalah suatu kondisi penyakit akibat masuknya kuman pathogen atau mikroorganisme lain ke dalam tubuh atau ke tubuh sehingga menimbulkan gejala tertentu. Apabila pada suatu jaringan terdapat jejas akibat trauma, bakteri, panas, ataupun bahan kimia, pada jaringan tersebut akan terjadi perubahan sekunder yang disebut peradangan. Kondisi ini ditandai dengan vasodilatasi […]

25 Nov 18
Mary's Hospital Blog

It’s been almost a month since the last post on here and now the next operation is nearly here! (ahhh!) There has been a few challenges over the last couple of months whilst I have been wearing the frame (trying to get tight T-shirt’s over my head, the lack of pizza and trying to sleep […]

24 Nov 18
Poppy and Dancer - the blog

I was just getting stuck into mucking out Poppy and Dancer this morning when I heard a thump and glanced out of their window, somewhat puzzled as well as surprised – I could see Dancer standing at the gate, having clearly just been galloping  as she was breathing fast and looked to be right up […]

22 Nov 18
Lucy's Life

For the 2 weeks before my operation I had to undertake a special pre-op diet that meant I wasn’t able to physically eat anything for the entire time. I was restricted to 4 pints of milk a day and a salty drink every 3-4 days. I had to cut out everything I enjoyed, I was […]

12 Nov 18

What this session will include: Common protocol for care Placement indications, contraindications and potential complications Care and maintenance- infection control and patency protocols- 3 syringe technique. Which port to use for what? Does it matter? Benefits of Central Venous Pressure (CVP) measurement Hypovolaemia Common Protocol for Care of Central Lines: Dressing: AMD foam for antimicrobial […]

07 Nov 18
Making The Best Of It

So, a few weeks later, the MRI and CT scan appointments came through, and we had a couple weeks wait for results and had to go back to Blackburn, to see a new consultant at ENT this time. October 15 2011 The blow that completely shot our family down – Tom was diagnosed with terminal […]

23 Oct 18
Digital Gnosis

Staphyloccocal Infections are the boogeyman of Grappling sports. They are highly contagious and can rip through a club if not dealt with properly. If not properly treated they can rapidly transform to becoming life threatening causing sepsis. What to look out for: Often a staph skin infection will start out as a particularly itchy spot, […]

14 Sep 18

Last night, after finishing all the claims for the day, I finally managed to sit down and mark all my test papers. That done, I put on a pot of chicken soup with the hope that the aroma might encourage Vincent to eat this morning. Then I offered Pole some food again. She ate a […]

14 Sep 18

It was on 6th Sept 2018 (last Thursday) that Zurik beat up Ginger which resulted in a paw wound on poor Ginger. We brought Ginger to the vet’s that day along with Vincent and at that time, the wound looked quite minor. The vet told me to clean it and apply iodine, which I did, […]

11 Sep 18

Vincent wasn’t looking too well today, so we decided to do the subcut (it was supposed to be tomorrow, but one day earlier is fine). (1) Hibiscrub, clean water and cotton pads. (2) Alcohol swabs (3) Drip set in place. (4) All ready….get Vincent. (5) Place him in the open carrier. (6) Clean area with […]

01 Sep 18
Clare Flourish

If you are having GRS, should you have vaginoplasty or labiaplasty? Vaginoplasty creates an orifice, perhaps seven inches long, inside you. Labiaplasty creates an orifice about an inch long, which has the urethra, but not a vagina opening onto it. An alternative name is “vaginoplasty without vaginal cavity”, used by GRS Montréal, which uses the […]

15 Aug 18
The Impatient Geography Patient

Monday morning and our routine was already well established.  Nick arrived with coffee and breakfast which was followed by a Hibiscrub bath.  I was sitting up in bed in a clean red tartan nightshirt (POWER red lipstick already applied) talking to my daughter who had visited on her way into University that morning.   One of […]

15 Aug 18
My Heavenly Boobs

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have” Bob Marley Tuesday The last few weeks have been frenetic as we have been to-ing and fro-ing to hospital with dad.  Just as we thought things were improving, he was admitted again yesterday.  It’s a good job I have […]

14 Aug 18
The Impatient Geography Patient

Sunday morning and Nick arrived on the ward at 7.45am armed with a flask of coffee with almond milk and a hot bacon butty wrapped in tinfoil – the coffee and butty were delicious.  Halfway through the breakfast of the Gods a new gang of doctors arrived to look at the bionic boob.  The main […]