09 Feb 19

My stage 2 consisted of – Laparascopic TAHBSO (hysterectomy), vaginectomy, join up, glans sculpting, scrotoplasty & burying. I woke up around 6am in the hotel near the hospital, got my case together and got dressed then walked with my girlfriend and mum to the hospital. It was a little difficult to find as the car […]

23 Jan 19
Blog médicaments Pharmacie de Steinfort

Pour soulager le rhume des foins, nez qui coule Claritine est indiqué en traitement des maladies allergiques, rhume des foins nez qui coule, yeux qui piquent. Il exerce un effet bloquant sur l’histamine qui est libéré dans le corps en cas d’allergie. La durée d’action de Claritine est longue, ainsi l’administration d’un comprimé par jour […]

23 Jan 19
Blog médicaments Pharmacie de Steinfort

Antiseptique des mains Hibiscrub est indiqué pour le nettoyage des affections de la peau, mais aussi pour l’antiseptie des mains que ce soit du personnel soignant ou bien du chirurgien. Il est particulièrement actif sur les germes,  sur les champignons et les bactéries. Son utilisation est simple : mouiller les avant-bras et les mains et […]

21 Jan 19
Kicking Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer (UK)

So, i had my pre-op and was ready for my surgery.  Usual checklist:  Nil By Mouth, Hibiscrub wash, had to take Senna, nutritional supplement drinks – all these routine pre-op steps that i didn’t have to take first time round as it was more of an emergency before. My hubby dropped me at the hospital […]

18 Jan 19
Blog médicaments Pharmacie de Steinfort

Quel sont les avis sur le pansement Mepore ? Rappel rapide des caractéristiques du pansement Mepore Mepore fait partie de la famille des sparadraps  pas cher. Il est indiqué en utilisation pour des petites plaies, il peut aussi être utilisé pour fixer facilement des pansements tuyaux sur la peau. Comme la plupart des sparadraps il a […]

17 Jan 19
Blog médicaments Pharmacie de Steinfort

Daktarin est classé dans la catégorie dermatologie mycose Daktarin est un gel buccal. il est indiqué pour combattre les infections causées par les champignons, mycoses. La posologie est de plusieurs applications par jour, respecter les doses prescrites par votre médecin. Quels sont les effets secondaires de Daktarin ? Dans de rare cas une irritation, légère […]

28 Dec 18
Duracell Bunny on a Bike

It is not uncommon for cyclists to openly refer to saddle sores. But usually that is where the descriptions end. An understanding nod, a painful grimace, followed by silence as if to say “please spare me the gory details”. After years of suffering several #flapmash episodes, I feel there is value in sharing some details […]

10 Dec 18
Informasi kesehatan

Pengendalian Infeksi Dasar Definisi Infeksi Infeksi adalah suatu kondisi penyakit akibat masuknya kuman pathogen atau mikroorganisme lain ke dalam tubuh atau ke tubuh sehingga menimbulkan gejala tertentu. Apabila pada suatu jaringan terdapat jejas akibat trauma, bakteri, panas, ataupun bahan kimia, pada jaringan tersebut akan terjadi perubahan sekunder yang disebut peradangan. Kondisi ini ditandai dengan vasodilatasi […]

25 Nov 18
Mary's Hospital Blog

It’s been almost a month since the last post on here and now the next operation is nearly here! (ahhh!) There has been a few challenges over the last couple of months whilst I have been wearing the frame (trying to get tight T-shirt’s over my head, the lack of pizza and trying to sleep […]

24 Nov 18
Poppy and Dancer - the blog

I was just getting stuck into mucking out Poppy and Dancer this morning when I heard a thump and glanced out of their window, somewhat puzzled as well as surprised – I could see Dancer standing at the gate, having clearly just been galloping  as she was breathing fast and looked to be right up […]

22 Nov 18
Lucy's Life

For the 2 weeks before my operation I had to undertake a special pre-op diet that meant I wasn’t able to physically eat anything for the entire time. I was restricted to 4 pints of milk a day and a salty drink every 3-4 days. I had to cut out everything I enjoyed, I was […]

12 Nov 18

What this session will include: Common protocol for care Placement indications, contraindications and potential complications Care and maintenance- infection control and patency protocols- 3 syringe technique. Which port to use for what? Does it matter? Benefits of Central Venous Pressure (CVP) measurement Hypovolaemia Common Protocol for Care of Central Lines: Dressing: AMD foam for antimicrobial […]

07 Nov 18
Making The Best Of It

So, a few weeks later, the MRI and CT scan appointments came through, and we had a couple weeks wait for results and had to go back to Blackburn, to see a new consultant at ENT this time. October 15 2011 The blow that completely shot our family down – Tom was diagnosed with terminal […]