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15 Jun 19
The Utah Review

This year’s Utah Arts Festival brings to the various stages a spectrum of musicians, many of whom are new to the event, and who do not identify necessarily with just one genre or style.   THURSDAY, JUNE 20 Jail City Rockers, Amphitheater Stage, 8:15 p.m. From Ogden, Jail City Rockers are four members crafting their […]

15 Jun 19
Loveland Reporter-Herald
Clayton Wardle and Tinley Boudreau cross the finish line at Sierra’s Race Against Meningitis on Saturday. (Paul Albani-Burgio/Loveland Reporter-Herald) Julian Junior Sparks was born a healthy and happy baby in March 2008. But just 14 months later, he became sick while on a family trip. Doctors diagnosed Julian, who lived in Littleton with his family, with meningitis but were unable to save the baby, who died within hours. Julian’s face, however, could be seen all over at Sierra’s Race Against Meningitis in Loveland on Saturday thanks to a group of family and friends who wore matching T-shirts displaying the words “In Loving Memory of Julian Junior Sparks” as they ran in the annual 5K fundraiser in southeast Loveland. “Julian’s dad was my good friend so we are just here to support the cause,” said Brad Kamerzell, who said that coming to participate in the event has become an annual tradition for many of those who knew the Sparks family. Kamerzell was one of an estimated 1,200 runners who registered to participate in the event, a number which one organizer described as “unbelievable” and “great.” Now in its 12th year, the race was started by the family of Sierra Krizman, a Loveland resident who died of meningitis just shy of her 21st birthday, as a way to keep her memory alive while raising awareness for the cause and money to provide free vaccinations. Kids release balloons into the air just before starting the kids fun run at Sierra’s Race in Loveland on Saturday. (Paul Albani-Burgio/Loveland Reporter-Herald) Among those again participating in this year’s event was Steve Smith, who said he has been coming to the event for the last seven or eight years and now serves as the race’s emcee. “It’s just a good family environment,” said Smith. “My kids love the kids’ race and we can get them vaccinated at the same time so it’s really a great event that way and become something we look forward to.” Deb Miller, the Immunization Coordinator for Student Health Services at the University of Northern Colorado, said a team from UNC was expecting to give an estimated 200 meningitis vaccinations at the event. Miller also said she hopes the event will spread awareness about meningitis and the importance of getting both available meningitis vaccines in order to be fully protected against it. “(Meningitis) is a disease that really moves quickly; the bacteria will multiply hundreds of thousands of times faster than any other type of bacteria so you can get sick and very quickly be very critically ill and die from it,” said Miller. Miller said she also wants the community to know that anyone in Northern Colorado can get free meningitis vaccinations through the Sierra’s Race organization. Contact the Sierra’s Race organization at 970-310-9103 or sierrasraceagainstmeningitis.com for information about where to obtain a free vaccination. Daniel Nega crosses the finish line outside Foundations Church in Loveland to win the 2019 Sierra’s Race Against Meningitis 5K in Loveland on Saturday, June 15, 2019, morning. (Paul Albani-Burgio/Loveland Reporter-Herald) The top finisher in the race, which began at 8 a.m., was 20-year-old Daniel Nega, who finished the course in 16:47 minutes. Racers were greeted as they approached the finish line by the Loveland High School cheerleading team, which has made a tradition of coming to the event to cheer on the finishers. “I know that if I was running the race I would want to be cheered on,” said cheerleader Adi Nyhart. “So we come for all the people and to make them feel better.” Sierra graduated from Loveland High School in 2004, and attended Front Range Community College and the University of Northern Colorado before her death on April 10, 2007, at age 20. About an hour after the main 5K race, the younger kids in attendance were asked to gather at the starting line for a shorter kids fun run. Each of those kids was then handed a pink balloon. Loveland High School cheerleaders Makayla Carrisalez, front, and back left to right: Morgan Banwart, Chloe French and Taia Witcomb cheer on racers near the finish line at Sierra’s Race Against Meningitis on Saturday. “Let’s send a message up to Sierra,” Smith said to the assembled group of kids, Moments later, the kids released their balloons into the air and set off on their run.
15 Jun 19
Sierra's Journal

  It’s my final year in campus. Usually when I meet people who know me and they ask me about school then I tell them it’s my final year, most of them say, “oh! Already, time really does fly…” then after that short conversation about time flying and me growing up too fast, most people […]

15 Jun 19
Joe and Vicki's Most Excellent Adventure

Maybe you were never in the Coast Guard or the Navy.  Maybe you have been with Mercy Ships but never made a sail.  Do you know what you see on the sail?. Day One Just over the horizon well about 35 miles away Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, The Gambia.  Day Two Just over the horizon […]

15 Jun 19

Recently, funk-rock quartet The New Mastersounds announced their forthcoming studio album, Shake It, set to arrive on September 13th via Color Red. The studio album will follow the 2018 releases of Renewable Energy and The Nashville Session 2, and marks the band’s first full-length release through guitarist Eddie Roberts‘ Color Red label. On Friday, The New Mastersounds—comprised of Eddie […]

15 Jun 19

Happy summer as the “Zone Read” rolls through June. Much like the NFL, there really is no off-season and always plenty to get to so here we go. A Small Minority  Regardless of how you feel about his style and sizzle, Arizona prep football needs more Kerry Taylor’s. By this, I mean more African American […]

15 Jun 19
Booth, Justice and the American Pastime

Felix Hernandez‘s rehabilitation start was shorter than expected yesterday, but not for any alarming reasons. After coasting through the first two innings on just 23 pitches (allowing one tainted run), Felix faced three batters in the third inning and called for the trainer, leaving the game. To viewers it appeared that he had some sort […]

15 Jun 19


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15 Jun 19
Up to the Hills

Death Valley to Kennedy Meadows. I had the best night sleep at the campground. Being at lower elevation it was warm overnight and I could use my sleeping bag like a blanket, which meant I had room to move my legs when needed. The next thing I knew it was 5.30am and I had slept […]

15 Jun 19

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks Near Visalia, California April 2, 2019 – Happy Birthday to my nephew Carson! This is one of those days that immediately comes to mind when we are sharing tales of our adventures. Early morning, Rob and I readied the motorhome and departed the truck stop we stayed the night […]

15 Jun 19
Savvy Shopping Sisters LLP

High Sierra Backpack for only $18.74 ebags.vayb.net/3qPPv *This is an affiliate link* Prices are subject to change and current as of posting time. **These views are our own and are no way associated with eBags**

15 Jun 19
Mushka, Hiking

June 11 PCT mile marker: 793.5 Mileage today: 18.5 Forester Pass and Glen Pass in one day! We did it! We set our alarm for 3:30 to be hiking by 4:30. We weren’t the first ones out of camp; everyone wanted to hit the pass early, when the snow was still hard. I knew this […]

15 Jun 19

19 Best Custom Printed Bags That Can Help Promote Your Business These custom printed bags will gift your existing potential customers with unparalleled utility, which then translates into positive impressions and even ROI for your brand. Promo Printed Bags Your Customers Will Absolutely Love 1. Image Tote Bag Brands like supermarkets and kitchen goods have […]

15 Jun 19
The Catfish Review

Thomas Hobbes paid good money for the boat. One hundred euros. He bought it, an outrigger, from a young man, a native of the island. A man named Paolu. The boat was serviceable and could be easily repaired. Paolu had thrown in the few simple tools he might need. For free. He bought a sail […]

15 Jun 19
Mags Forum Technology

How can i overcome this error? macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Last 15 lines from /Users/veng3nce/Library/Logs/Homebrew/solidity/02.make: dev::solidity::CommandLineInterface::handleAst(std::__1::basic_string, std::__1::allocator > const&) in CommandLineInterface.cpp.o NOTE: a missing vtable usually means the first non-inline virtual member function has no definition. “vtable for langutil::SourceReferenceFormatter”, referenced from: dev::solidity::CommandLineInterface::processInput() in CommandLineInterface.cpp.o dev::solidity::CommandLineInterface::assemble(yul::AssemblyStack::Language, yul::AssemblyStack::Machine, bool) in CommandLineInterface.cpp.o NOTE: a missing vtable usually means […]

15 Jun 19
Ol' Reno Guy

On a clear spring 1970s morning by dawn’s early light one Mr. Thomas J. Armstrong of Des Moines, Iowa peered from the cab of his 18-wheeler truck at the sign “Load Limit 5 Tons” on the one-lane steel-girder bridge spanning the Truckee River. Mr. Armstrong was the sole occupant of a vehicle whose estimated weight […]

15 Jun 19
Daddy Coder

DISCLAIMER: This blog contains some profanities. Sorry, but I feel strongly about some of the content. It may also be a bit controversial and blunt at times. Again- this is important to me and it should be important to you too. Getting Advice When you’re expecting a baby and during the first year – you […]