Highland Feather

15 Dec 18
My Creative Obsessions

This week, if I wasn’t working I was shopping, well that’s how it feels! Christmas is ramping up and I don’t know how ready I am. I have most but need to put it all together in a plan so that I can see where there are gaps. The view this morning is pretty boring […]

15 Dec 18
JKB's Bike Ride

On the second half of the trail I passed a few places I visited on my last ride down through Scotland. The first of these places was Kylesku Bridge, which crosses Loch Cainbawn. I’d been coming down the coastal rode last time but then changed my mind and followed the main road to Lochinver, rather […]

14 Dec 18

Where the mind is Without Fear” by Rabindranath Tagore is one of his vastly read and discussed poems. It was originally composed in Bengali possibly in 1900 under the title “Prarthana”, meaning prayer. It appeared in the volume called ‘Naibedya’ in 1901. Later in 1911 Tagore himself translated the Bengali poem into English and that […]

12 Dec 18

John Lewis & Partners’ Christmas Collections Set the scene for the perfect Christmas with John Lewis & Partners’ new decorations. Their new collections are inspired by scents, colours and sounds of classic festive moments. With four key jewelled tones, each range is created with the perfect cosy and festive home in mind, meaning there’s the […]

10 Dec 18

“According to African Historian, Dr. Ben Jochannan, the ancient Egyptians clearly defined their African origin in the papyrus of Hunefer, ‘We came from the beginning of the Nile where God-Hapi dwells, at the foothills of the mountain of the Moon.’ Dr. Ben Jochannan’s interpretation of this ancient record, ‘The mountain of the moon,’ identifies Kenya’s […]

10 Dec 18
Nikki Blogs

1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1 COMPANY & INDUSTRY NikKimchi Company will emerge as a new business platform of marketing processed vegetables produced through organic farming approach using the internet and it is called as Net-Based Marketing of Processed Vegetable. The main product will be processed at the farm level to assure the freshness and quality retained […]

09 Dec 18
David Adam Sketchbook

Maskeldie and Loch Lee – pastel sketch on paper Dawn in the glen scourged cold darkness away and as the meagre rays of day spread reluctant light over the inky hills something stirred in a deep mat of rush. A barred tail of black and deep slate flushed into a spreading fan and a feathery […]

09 Dec 18

Earlier this year I was sitting around playing Animal Crossing on my Game Cube and sipping Holland House cooking sherry when there was a loud “THWUMPH!” against the bay window behind my head. I turned and just caught a flash of blue out of the corner of my eye. This didn’t really startle me. When […]

07 Dec 18
Inner Rae Goddess

The Fool is at the beginning of his spiritual and magickal journey. The Fool is young, open, and daring enough to take a risk and to make a leap of faith. He strolls along at the very edge of the cliff, a green valley below him and mountains at his back, either unaware or uncaring […]

06 Dec 18

Three weeks ago my wife and I visited the Southern Highlands region south of Sydney where we found  many birds, in particular a lone Regent Honeyeater. The Drunk Parrot Tree in Wollongong Botanic Gardens is now deserted of birds as the blossoms are finished, assisted by the violent deluge (Sydney’s Super Storm) we experienced a week ago. […]