Highline Collective

11 May 19
Youth Food Justice Network

November, 2017 Two Perspectives, Youth & Staff: a reflection on NESAWG Youth from Friends of the High Line This year I attended the NESAWG Conference as one of the alumni within Friends of the High Line. It was a great experience as I learned and realized how powerful us youth are and we must apply […]

07 May 19

The five groups of 2019 resident artists selected by Mabou Mines will present free public presentations of their projects from May 17 to 23, 2019. This year's resident artists are: Hannah Mitchell and Lisa Fagan; Leonie Bell, Marcella Murray and Hyung Seok Jeon; Arpita Mukherjee Theater / Hypokrit; Dara Malina and Lacy Rose; and the […]

20 Apr 19

The more I’m working in and exploring Denver, the more I’m realizing that I really wrote that city off for awhile. When I first moved to Colorado and got settled in Louisville and then Boulder, I didn’t make the trip to Denver that often. I worked in RiNo (the trendy River North Art District near […]

18 Apr 19
Virtual School Meanderings

A newsletter from Tuesday’s inbox. Dear TLA Friends, April kicked off with TLA’s annual trek to Providence, Rhode Island for the 2019 Blended and Personalized Learning Conference. As part of our ongoing partnership with the Highlander Institute, we held a full-day session for leaders focused on the following questions: “As we look towards the future of personalization, […]

04 Apr 19

I am a hairdresser specializing in hair color. I have been creating at the same salon for a very very long time, and I still love what I do. In fact I would say I’m obsessed with it! Surprise surprise, I know another obsession of mine! Part of what keeps me fresh, inspired and on […]

03 Apr 19
Spin the Globe

The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. The Empire City. New York City goes by many nicknames, but everyone knows about this penultimate tourist destination. It’s actually the number one pick of places to visit for non-US travelers and Americans alike, and there’s no question why. There are a million things to see and […]

15 Mar 19

The holes in the swiss cheese came together. They really did. Without the dining experience, you would not comprehend. You would not realise. You would not be able to put the jigsaw together. The same brush strokes we make are so singular. Yet when they all come together, the brush strokes from each individual. A […]

28 Feb 19
Identity Development in a Transnational World

It’s inevitable that our language and our culture will shape how we communicate things but are bodies of ‘thought’ that frame human experience translatable and applicable across cultures? Despite previous theories of ‘linguistic determinism’ as coined by the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, Steven Pinker argues that there is a medium of thought called ‘mentalese’ which dictates that […]

01 Feb 19
Jasmine E. Crenshaw, MPH

Volume 1 – Friday, February 1, 2019  Welcome to my public health curation series, Public Health Reads, which will be released every 1st and 4th Friday of every month! As a young public health professional, it’s important for me to keep up with topics within my field and to make sure that people I serve […]

27 Jan 19

Last summer I was lucky enough to work for an all-girls summer camp called Chimney Corners which was in the heart of The Berkshires in Massachusetts. I was hired as one of two camp photographers and one of the media instructors. This involved running around camp every day taking loads of fun photos of campers […]