22 Nov 18

My thoughts on Legally Blonde The Musical and its guitar book, my experiences playing it and a rundown of the equipment I used…

04 Nov 18

Hiwatt DR103 100W vahvistin vm 1975

Myyn vanhan sotaratsun jonka olen omistanut ajan hämäristä viime vuosituhannen puolelta. Tällä hetkellä kaksi EL34 kiinni koneessa, tarvittaessa lisään puuttuvan parin.

26 Oct 18
Last Rites

Popular demand is not a phrase that should ever be used to describe internet content. At best, your website has a healthy two dozen actual regulars. The rest just wander through and have next to no opinions on your content. So to suggest this article is due to popular demand is false. It is due […]

15 Oct 18
Music Madness Magazine

Candlebox, the multi-platinum Seattle-based rock band rolls into Cape Coral this Saturday along with Indie rocker Pete RG at the Nevermind Bar as part of the group’s 25th anniversary tour. Pete RG has kicked off a U.S. and U.K. tour to support its first single “Watching The River Go By” off the bands upcoming album […]

03 Oct 18
The Fat Angel Sings

The 1970-72 “Lifehouse”-era of post-“Tommy” and pre-“Quadrophenia” Who yielded a prolific amount of single-only tracks, but the one that stands out every time is the B-side to “Join Together” called “Baby Don’t You Do It.” It was the sole live recording of the series as well as being far and away the most abandoned, passionate […]

03 Oct 18
The Tone King | TheToneKing.com

The Aclam Cinnamon Drive overdrive pedal, handmade in Barcelona, Spain, is a true hearkening back to those days of coily cords, big bell bottoms, and vinyl records.

01 Oct 18
Trance Mission

Stradlin & Rick Richards Unleash the Hounds By James Rotondi; May 1993 Guitar Player   In my book, Izzy Stradlin was the coolest guy in Guns N’ Roses. Sure, the other members may have come off as brooding, self-destructive rock and roll rebels, but only Izzy truly understood the mythic cool. It was in the way […]

20 Aug 18

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT Sexy Sucker (1997 US Red Ant 4-track promotional 12 RED vinyl single featuring Thrust Mix [Lewis & Rich] Suck It Mix [Buzz McCoy] Long & Hard Mix [Bliss] & Carnal Gnarlege Mix [Hiwatt Marshall & Don Gordon] custom stickered sleeve PROR5-1) 1. Sexy Sucker – Thrust Mix (Lewis […]

19 Aug 18

A brand-new volume in the bestselling series of books by guitar tone expert Dave Hunter

17 Aug 18

Nick DiSalvo, the mastermind behind Elder, shares his guitar rig with Gear & Loathing in San Diego.

24 Jul 18
Paul's Boutique

    When I was starting out on guitar a few too many decades ago, I’d sometimes spot used Sound City amps in guitar shops—and run the other way. It was solid-state crap—just the sort of stuff a shifty salesperson would try to unload on an ignorant kid. And I was an ignorant kid. I […]

06 Jul 18
Thomas Quarrell

Project Propasal #8: 13/10/17 I have been trying to recreate the old school Swedish buzz saw distorted tone used by bands such as Bloodbath, Grave, Darkthrone (only one death metal album), Entombed, Entrails, Carnage and Dismember. I read that the tone was created by Sten Tomas Skogsberg, producer and owner of Sunlight Studios in Sweden. https://www.discogs.com/artist/73094-Tomas-Skogsber […]

28 Jun 18
Sam Ash Used Gear

Classic British guitar tone oozes from this machine! The Hiwatt Hi Gain 100 uses the same clean channel circuitry as their ever popular Custom Range Amplifiers, paired with an overdrive circuit suitable for today’s high gain rock n’ roll. It’s one of those great “all around” amp heads that allows you to find the tone […]

24 May 18
The Giggery

Pink Floyd’s rhythm section resurrect Barrett-era favourites and deep cuts

07 May 18
Juca Nery Guitar Tuition

Once again after months of research, here are four distinct boutique amps. Grab them today!!!   THE AMPS: Marshall JCM 800 Hiwatt DR 103 Roland JC 120 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier VIDEO DEMO   Donate now and get free updates FOREVER plus 24/7 support!!! After payment confirmation you will receive a link to download the […]