Hobo International

15 Dec 18
International Hobo

Two hundred and thirty-one days since returning home.  Three quarters of a year with no particular excitement.  One broken hand, a bruised rib, a car accident, a punched jaw, one funeral.  Two weddings, two holidays, several parties, one cabin, two puppies, a new job.  Thank God for friends and family.  Or perhaps curse them, for […]

14 Dec 18

Samsung Verizon smartphone reviews – Review of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus after 1 month #verizonsamsung android phone reviews – samsung galaxy s9 review: the perfect … samsung!Samsung 2019 Smartphone Reviews – Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – Still worth it – 2018/2019Minecraft vs Roblox REVIEWS TOYS. BEST TOYS NEVERReview of Master of the Galaxy […]

12 Dec 18
Peace and Violence in Cinema

How is cinematic language used to justify the violence of superheroes in Daredevil?

10 Dec 18
Bluegrass Notes

North Carolina-based Balsam Range has been one of the top bands in bluegrass since its inception in 2007. Tim Surrett, Buddy Melton, Caleb Smith, Marc Pruett and Darren Nicholson have won a host of awards from the International Bluegrass Music Association over the years, including entertainer of the year in both 2014 and 2018 The […]

06 Dec 18
Northeast Beats

In Conversation with Legendary Assamese Poet and Sahitya Akademi winner for 2018 Sananta Tanty who is fighting a tough battle with Cancer “I am an ‘aangbang’ person. ‘Aangbang’ in Assamese means innocent or someone who doesn’t understand the ways of the world. I am ‘aangbang’ because I don’t understand politics and the management of life. […]

03 Dec 18
Will Fight Evil 4 Food

A hard frost had built up on the inside of the windshield. Eddie stared up through a patch he’d scratched out with his thumbnail. The predawn sky was heavy with slow clouds lit a fish belly white. The hazy yellow canyons between them led up to a full moon. The Juarez Banty roosted on the […]

03 Dec 18
Where in the World?!

……….. and a glimpse of Paraguay across a river.    Journey Latin America Oct 2018                   I’ve been trying to invent a catchy sub-heading that would sum up my experience on this amazing continent, but have failed. “But it’s in the clouds!” was one, a phrase used several times by several group members about […]

03 Dec 18

Boston is an iconic bar city. Here are our favorite beer-related picks to dive into the vast scene. And say hello to your mother for me.

03 Dec 18
What Are You Wearing, Tom Hardy?

There was a rare unanimous agreement in the WAYWTH office today over this outfit: the Tommiest of Tommy Hardy ensembles. The result of a man left to his own devices, gone feral, with unfettered access to old, stained track pants, brocelets, camo backpacks, lanyards with a million dangling keys, giant vape pens and ancient trucker/basebro […]

02 Dec 18
Peace and Violence in Cinema

[Content Warning: Explicit images of nuclear destruction and victims, the terrifying fear of nuclear warfare, and the survival of humanity is not guaranteed] Russia is developing a nuclear “doomsday” weapon. Conventional diplomacy is failing to contain an emerging nuclear arms race. One wrong word and we could be facing an all-out nuclear war. It is […]

01 Dec 18
Being Insatiable

I like being awake before the others and enjoying the sunrise from the windows of the school where I’ll be teaching English. I live on the top floor of the building and the school occupies the classrooms on that floor and the one directly below it. There are narrow dirty spiral stairs from the back […]

01 Dec 18

  X           Rogan Kelly is a writer and educator. His poems have recently been featured or are forthcoming in The Citron Review, Diode, Edison Literary Review, formercactus, Hobo Camp Review, Mojave River Press & Review, PIVOT, and Shrew Literary Zine. He is a recent finalist for The Fool for Poetry […]

30 Nov 18
Bleeding Cool News And Rumors

  Patrick Rothfuss took the stage at the Mothman Theatre during PAX Unplugged, and immediately asked attendees to lower their expectations for his panel. It appears he had some trouble getting to his presentation, with an emergency alert going out and directions to NOT use the emergency exits! Despite not getting his morning coffee, Rothfuss […]

30 Nov 18
The Bartcave

It may be strange to some, but Daredevil is my favorite superhero and has been for a long time. To some he’s a joke, but for me he is the perfect balance of Batman and Spider-Man (the ur-street level crime fighters), a complex character conceptually, thematically and in terms of characterization who has benefited from […]

29 Nov 18
Financial Post

The winter holidays can be an expensive time to travel for many Canadians, but with some planning it’s possible not to break the bank during an already expensive season, frequent travellers say. “If you can keep your cost of accommodation and transportation low, everything else is gravy,” said Nora Dunn, a full-time traveller for about […]

27 Nov 18
Milimani Backpackers & Safari Center LTD

From youth hostels to 5-star luxury suites, from pitching your own tent in the wilderness to unwinding in a private beachside villa, the accommodation possibilities in Kenya are simply endless. Whether you are on a budget safari in Kenya or looking for a luxurious one, there is an accommodation option to best suit your budget […]