Holika Holika

18 Feb 19
Avani's Blog

Holi , the festival of colours and that is when people have to struggle to wash their collars. no one is allowed to wear clothes which are multicolour some people are happy and some are sad when they get the splash of colours   Just like other festivals this festival also has a story it […]

16 Feb 19
Rosebud's Diary

My last Empties post almost turned into longreads, so I decided that I would try to have a monthly empties post, even if I have only few products. I failed immediately first 2 months (November and December 2018). And now, since I’ve been really active lately in emptying the products, I have again lot of […]

16 Feb 19

The Hindu festival of Holi is a colourful and vibrant celebration of the arrival of spring. It is celebrated across India and Nepal, and among the Hindu diaspora around the world. Krishna squirting coloured water at Radha. Painting, Pahari School, early 19th century. The three main myths associated with Holi involve the Hindu gods Vishnu, […]

16 Feb 19

Hey guys So I have really been enjoying using face masks at the moment. I think sheet masks are so convenient and feel so refreshing. I have tried quite a few sheet masks (mainly Garnier ones), but I have tried some Soap and Glory ones and just random brands in Boots and Superdrug. I went […]

15 Feb 19

HOLI:Everybody likes colour in there life but India as country that have a famous festival called Holi,which fills people life colour and happiness.Holi also called festival of love. Holi is 2 days festival first evening is Holika Dahan,which signific victory over evil,and next day is called Rangowali holi or Dhulandi,here people play with colour with […]

14 Feb 19

I feel like I am racing through products lately. And I guess I am. With moving coming up in a few months I am focusing more on just finishing a bunch of products so I don’t buy much new stuff and just stick to the same products without rotating too much. That also means things […]

13 Feb 19

According to the Hindu mythology, Mahabali was the great great grandson of a Brahmin sage named Kashyapa, the great grandson of demonic dictator Hiranyakashipu, and the grandson of Vishnu devotee Prahlada. This links the festival to the Puranic mythology of Prahlada of Holika fame in Hinduism, who is the son of demon dictator Hiranyakashyap. Prahlada, despite being born to a demonic Asura father who hated Vishnu, rebelled against […]

13 Feb 19

Hello skin slayer’s..! We hope you have checked out our previous blog post on ‘Our take on K-Beauty sheet masks #1’..If you haven’t, then go check it out first because this a sequel of it. ANNNNDDD…here we go!!! We are pretty much excited to release our review on our favorite K-Beauty sheet masks..Holika Holika – […]

13 Feb 19
Jaipur Fabric

Festivals are an essential part of our life. It gives us the chance to spend some precious time with our family. We all are always busy in our routine life and these occasions bring charm and happiness in our life. Holi is a colourful and joyful festival. It is a Hindu festival that is celebrated […]

11 Feb 19

Floating Crystals in water Gleaming smiles everywhere Bursts of colours N traditional music on flare Beauty of designs n dances N Magnificently decorated houses To Create a culture Of enjoying happy texture To have Blessing of loving Came wrapped in sweets Sharing and Caring  R among cherry treats ‘ll miss such a season  To love […]

11 Feb 19

Hello skin-slayer’s!Let our journey together, begin today..We are here to share our experience with all the skin care junkies. “Beginners do not have to worry because we are all here to help you from your Day-1” “Our take on K-Beauty sheet masks” is a series of two consecutive blog posts which covers reviews of all […]

11 Feb 19

The Saem 3 Edge Liquid Foundation Hello hello, j’espère que vous allez bien ! Cette fois-ci je reviens avec un produit make up, plus particulièrement un produit pour le teint ! Je n’ai présenté qu’un seul fond de teint pour l’instant et bien que je n’en possède qu’une dizaine (pour certains ça peut paraître énorme, mais pour […]

11 Feb 19

Holi is One of the ancient festivals celebrated all over the world but especially in India. India people started to play on society before a week ago at Holi festival.

10 Feb 19
nail atrs for all girls

Hello and welcome to my sale! I’m selling items that just don’t get the use and love they deserve. :)I’ve tried to price everything fairly, but feel free to make any reasonable offers, as well!Everything has been swatched only/lightly used or possibly brand new. Feel free to ask for usage or if you want additional […]

09 Feb 19
Finger licking Flavours

Now that spring season is around the corner,tomorrow  on 10th of February is Vasant Panchami also called Basant panchami which will be celebrated across India in different ways.This festival marks the arrival of Spring season and also the start of preparation for Holika and Holi,the festival of colors which is celebrated forty days later.The festival […]