18 Jul 19
GODIS more than enough

History The custom of reading the books of Moses in the synagogues on Sabbath is a very ancient one. Since the prophetic books were written after the books of Moses, readings from them began later, and were common at the time of Jesus. This element in synagogue worship was taken over with others into the […]

18 Jul 19
Exercise Blog

*Swim session Daily score: 8.5 Body is feeling good, and had a good swim session today. Felt like this was the first time I could tell I had improved. Didn’t need to rest as much and felt better on the technique drills Dryland warm-up -Standing Hip Joint Rotations -Standing Shoulder Joint Rotations -Leg Swings (progressing […]

18 Jul 19

Panna Cotta là một món tráng miệng của Ý và từng một thời “nổi như cồn” ở Việt Nam. Hôm trước ngồi đọc lại một số bài viết trên blog mình mới chợt nhận ra là chưa bao giờ viết về món này cả (thiệt là một thiếu sót to bự). Thế nên hôm nay […]