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16 Dec 18
Barb's American Adventure

Today has been another calm day, waking up around 10am this morning. After we had breakfast and got dressed, I stayed up in the room and continued working on this blog. We had no real plans for the day, so we were just doing our own thing until around midday. Dad had been telling us […]

15 Dec 18
Writer. Editor. Storyteller.

I receive a lot of press releases and story pitches in my day job. Lately, companies seem to be eager to tell me how consumers are more likely to be loyal to brands that take a stand, have a conscience, and are good corporate citizens. I want to write back, “Yeah, I know. Let me […]

15 Dec 18
Green Eggs Travel

After Jensen came home raving about his camping trip last year in Killarney Provincial Park, I knew that our next canoe trip was going to be there. However, again, procrastination took over our trip planning and we ended up starting our planning in mid-June (okay, the excuses this time were that I was in Europe, […]

15 Dec 18
Blanca's Journalism

When my mother told me we were going to spend summer vacation in the Florida Keys, I had certain expectations. I planned to tan by the ocean, drink a non-alcoholic piña colada while watching the sunset and meet a cute boy. However, I experienced something completely different. On the fourth day, my brother, Christopher, my […]

15 Dec 18
Mountain to Sound Outfitters

12/14/2018 By Jaime Cary Mountain to Sound Outfitters SOCKS – “One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore. Skiers and snowboarders can never have enough socks. Whether you ski every day or you’re a once-a-month rider, socks are a necessity. Whether the pair is made by Bridgedale, Smartwool, or Wigwam, you can be sure your family […]

15 Dec 18
On the run with morgan

Featured on Trail to Peak Iceland’sotherworldly landscape will leave you awestruck and inspired. From the moment you step off of the plane, you’ll feel as if you had just landed on the moon. Just looking out the plane window at the celestial landscape below may even make you forget that you’re arriving in the world’s […]

14 Dec 18

WHAT’S UP DOC? WHAT’S THE LATEST SKINCARE TREND? Carrots have always been hailed as the magic potion for keen vision and eye health. Well, did you know that carrots and carrot juice also increase bile secretion which is the secret to a fast metabolism? And what’s even cooler and a lesser known fact is that […]

14 Dec 18

Jeff Albers I I’m in the room, in the dark. I came alone but I’m not now. Onstage, Zach makes a visor of his hand and asks who here’s seen The Hangover Part III. It opened in theaters a few weekends ago so a lot of hands go up, not one emitting a phone’s glow. […]

14 Dec 18
Voyageur Tripper

I get asked this question a lot, and it’s taken me a while to arrive at a decent answer. See, I sort of got thrown into whitewater canoeing. I was working as a flat water canoe guide and the camp needed me to assist with a whitewater trip. I had never actually paddled whitewater myself! […]

14 Dec 18
Otis Life

Once again another regular Michigan duck and goose season is in the books. It was a hell of a year with more lows than highs. I am not selfish nor greedy and I take it all with an appreciation only my wife would understand. I approached my good friend Tyler Cotter who works and guides […]

14 Dec 18

I began the year of twenty-eighteen in good spirits. I had just spent Christmas with my family, and Lord knows I received more than I deserved. I celebrated New Years with my best friend and her family and got sufficiently intoxicated that evening. Then it was time to hunker back down and go back to […]

14 Dec 18
Rolling Stone
Earlier this year, comedian John Mulaney appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers to hysterically mock the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the annual event that “inducts half a dozen ungrateful bands” that “dress like John Varvatos pirates.” “Think of it like a wedding if every speech was given by the bride’s ex-boyfriend,” Mulaney joked. In reality, Mulaney tells Rolling Stone that he watches the induction ceremony every year and can reel off favorite speeches (Mike Love, 1988: “That was like an uncle giving a toast at a wedding and the uncle hadn’t been invited,” he says. “He dressed like he rents speedboats. He had that hat with a tux, and he thinks Brian’s the unstable one”), awkward moments and snubs with ease. (Mulaney’s biggest snub: “You know who should be inducted? The friendship of Joe Walsh and Ringo Starr. They are together so much, it warms my heart.”) “It’s ridiculous the Smashing Pumpkins aren’t in,” the Chicago-raised comedian adds. ”The Hall of Fame clearly has an anti-Chicago bias. Anyone from Long Island is in — even just regular people — but no one from Chicago.” Mulaney does not take the rockist point of view that rap, dance, pop and other genres do not belong in the Hall. “That’s like saying, ‘Let’s have a Medicine Hall of Fame, but only up to penicillin.’ You’re gonna run out of people extremely fast,” he says. “Rock means pop music that pushes the envelope; the envelope being parents, suits, teachers and the powers-that-be. Rock is a state of mind.” Few things bring the comedian more joy than talking about band in-fighting and falling-outs, but a sincere Mulaney has a message to any of this year’s groups that may be coming in with grievances, egregious or otherwise. “I encourage you all to show up,” he says. “You mean a lot to all of us. Your music made happy days happier and sad days happier or sometimes made normal days more poignant and sad. And that was necessary. “Get a flight,” he adds. “There are so many flights into New York. You can move a tour date. Everyone will understand. Also, prepare a few talking points. Don’t wing it. And remember: if you have some static with one of your former bandmates, you’re all gonna die, so I would get over it. Go ahead and enjoy it. You brought us all a lot of happiness.” With Radiohead, Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Def Leppard, Roxy Music, the Cure and the Zombies set for induction next year, Mulaney gave his thoughts on all the inductees and the ones who got snubbed. The Inductees Stevie Nicks: I love Stevie Nicks for several reasons. One, I love all of her music. Her voice is beautiful. She’s a great songwriter. Two, I heard an ad that she did on Sirius satellite radio for the Bridge, channel 32, where she said in the ad that if she gets into a car and they don’t have Sirius satellite radio the Bridge, she gets out of the car. Picturing that is very funny to me. [Imitates Stevie Nicks] “Do you have Sirius satellite radio the Bridge?” “No, sorry.” “Pull. Over. Immediately.” On the way to the award show in Brooklyn, if they don’t have Sirius satellite radio, she’s going to get out and take the train. Have you been following Fleetwood Mac’s battle with Lindsey Buckingham? I’m fascinated by falling-outs. I genuinely don’t know how they get to the point that they get to. It’s pretty much what the Hall of Fame is founded on is bringing people who have had massive falling-outs together and seeing how they act poorly. I was blown away when I heard that. I didn’t even know that was possible. I don’t understand. Radiohead: I love Radiohead. I saw them in concert twice and I love them. Why is this a polarizing choice? Because they make beautiful music? People say they’re just an instrumental band that has a singer. Well, yeah, that’s what a band is. OK Computer alone uses computer voices and plays with the idea of technology and it smacks you upside the head and says, “Get your head out of your computer and tell your computer to get lost!” Put them in. If they didn’t get in, I would’ve showed up with muddy cowboy boots and stood on Jann Wenner’s coffee table. They’re not big fans of the Hall of Fame. Thom Yorke and the rest of the group have expressed indifference to the event. [Sarcastic voice] Really? That doesn’t seem like Thom. He seems so superpsyched for press and things like that. I’m surprised he wouldn’t like the glitz and the fun of an award night. The Cure: I’ve loved the Cure since I was very young, so I’m most excited about this one. “10:15 Saturday Night” meant a great deal to me when I was 12. It was the first time I realized, “Oh, I bet a lot of life is lonely and frustrating.” I listened to [1986’s] Staring at the Sea constantly, and “Catch” from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me is one of the most underappreciated love songs. I waited on line to get tickets at Tower Records in Chicago on Clark Street — which is not there anymore, folks, so don’t go looking for it. But it got so late, I had to go home for dinner and I didn’t get to go. The poster alone of Robert Smith from behind holding a guitar should be in the Hall of Fame. Did you have a goth phase? I tried to. I would buy bracelets at Urban Outfitters. I was slowly trying to, but I wouldn’t have worn it home. My brother and sister would’ve made fun of me, so I never really went whole hog. But inside, I was very much the Cure. Def Leppard: I think Hysteria, the 2001 biopic that starred Anthony Michael Hall, pretty much says it all. I don’t know if I could do a better job. I mean, the movie’s so famous, I don’t know if it’s worth me rehashing. You know how there’s a lot of people in music who go, “Don’t make too much noise” and “Unplug those guitars and just sing ‘Happy Birthday’ “? That’s a lot of what the suits want. Def Leppard showed up and said, “We’re gonna play electric guitar with drums and other instruments and we’re gonna be loud and we’re gonna play absolute rock.” You can imagine a granny knitting and hearing how loud the music is and being jolted out of her chair — and that’s what the establishment was like. So they said, “We’re Def Leppard and if you don’t like it, you can get lost.” “Pour Some Sugar on Me” is upsetting to me. It seems like if they came over, they would treat your house poorly. If my wife had made a noodle kugel for Hanukkah, [guitarist] Phil Collen would come in and pour sugar all over it and I’d be like, “How dare you disrespect my wife?” The Zombies: I love the song “Beechwood Park” and they were part of a movement of rock that grabbed a generation by the lapels and shook them and said, “Tell your parents to get lost, ’cause rock rules.” Roxy Music: Fred Armisen once asked me, “What’s your favorite type of music?” and I said, “Like Roxy Music.” The point of that story is that I know Fred Armisen. But also they appeal to me on such a primal level. “Really Good Time,” from Country Life, and ‘2HB” are my favorite songs. [Sings “Really Good Time.”] God, I love it. Do [Brian] Eno and [Bryan] Ferry still talk? Eno kept moving, so it wasn’t like someone touched his amp. He was like, “I believe the future is chime sounds on a phone as ambient airport music,” and they were like, “OK, well, I want to be a crooner,” and he was like, “OK, agree to disagree.” Is Brian Eno in as a solo artist? He is not. OK, see, that’s why I need to scream at everyone at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Janet Jackson: I don’t know a ton of her work, but so many people I know are such huge fans and she’s obviously a superstar. I’m not equipped to say how many hits she’s had versus other people, but she’s absolutely deserving of it. I’m a little behind on a lot of music, but induct her. She’s Janet Jackson. The Snubs Kraftwerk: I wonder if they were more of an influence and a cultural moment than they were a band. Same way that I don’t think the Sex Pistols are a good “band.” But I could be very ignorant of their output, to be honest. Todd Rundgren: There are probably millions of people who love Todd Rundgren, and he’s very talented, but there’s only so many hours in the day. I don’t need that. Rage Against the Machine: They’re interesting to me because they’re deserving, but I wonder, is it cooler if Rage is not yet thought of Hall of Fame-ish? They probably wouldn’t all show up anyway. Why not? Bassist Tim Commerford told us, “if you take part in that, you’re admitting that you’re no longer relevant,” but Tom Morello is very much involved in the Hall. It’s interesting because in terms of who’s famous in the band, it’s Morello. So the feeling would be mutual. I think the Hall of Fame would be happier if certain artists don’t show up. Rufus and Chaka Khan: I don’t know enough about them, to be honest, so we should probably move on. MC5: Maybe more of an “influence”? Are the New York Dolls in? They are not. What’s the MC5 gonna do? Play “Kick Out the Jams” and then get arrested? LL Cool J: I don’t know if LL Cool J is the best, but there needs to be more representation of hip-hop. A Tribe Called Quest. Induct them. John Prine: That would’ve been really nice this year, because of the album, and his performance would be great. You could argue that there’s so many bands that more humans knew of and liked, but it would be a good choice. Devo: I’m a big fan of Mark Mothersbaugh. In terms of influences, they backed it up with tons of output and musicianship. They were the first to wear yellow jumpsuits with red conical hats. “Whip It” is a hit, more so than anything Kraftwerk had. [jwplayer JCdzOHIw]
14 Dec 18
The Longest Road to Walk

Soon, I’ll be moving house, which is super exciting! However, with moving house comes a lot of furniture shopping. I compiled a wishlist of things I need for the new home!