Hooked On Phonics

22 Apr 19
Gerbil News Network

BOSTON.  The neighborhood here known as the South End has historically been a transitional stop on the way up–or down–the social ladder.  “We got the winos and junkies who lost their last best hope of realizing the American Dream,” says long-time bar owner Michael “Mickey” Flaherty, “and then we got the freshly-minted MBA’s who work […]

19 Apr 19
Words Chosen Wisely...

The other day I was asked how and what to implement with a 15 month old baby to help him or her learn academic skills like letter recognition, colors, numbers, and patterns. So, I took some time to sit down and write out what I have done with my children and what I am currently […]

18 Apr 19
Adapting Education

We have been studying the continents in geography and centered around North America first. We have been using all sorts of things to learn about North America, Louisiana, and Mississippi (where we are centering on right now). The girls enjoy zooming in to their street address on google earth and seeing images of their street […]

10 Apr 19
Orchard Reads

I was talking to a friend of mine recently whose oldest child just turned three. She’s been doing the right things as far as teaching her daughter letter recognition, reading aloud a lot, and generally preparing her for learning to read — but she didn’t quite know the “official” steps to take to actually see […]

09 Apr 19
The Vagabond

Ever since I choose to write on this topic, I have one consistent reader and that is my son. Other than reading, I also discuss with him what the next letter should be. “I” was a confusion. I thought it could be Independence, a sort of eye opener on helicopter parenting, which our generation has […]

07 Apr 19
Adapting Education

We have been very busy lately and my lack of posting shows how exhausted I am by nightfall! Lol! I’ll start this post by posting some pictures and describing what is in them then I’ll go through my ledger and try to pick out some activities from there. A few pics may have been on […]

07 Apr 19

There’s nothing like a cold glass of beer — just ask any number of country artists. They’ve got plenty to say about whiskey and wine, too, but beer and country music have a special relationship. It’s almost impossible to choose the best country songs about beer, but we at The Boot have given it a shot. Is […]

07 Apr 19
Reflection on my Direction

I recently saw this shirt: I get the humor. I have a great (and sometimes inappropriate) sense of humor. I am not easy to offend because I try to see the intent behind a comment. So, I get it. It’s cute, it’s meant to be funny, etc. But there is something about it that rubs […]

06 Apr 19
Unpaused Books

Why homeschool? Because it’s fun. Yes, really. Watching my children learn and start to use things I have taught them is makes me proud. Knowing that they are happier here at home than they were at school is immensely rewarding. If you think homeschooling will make your family happier, less stressed, and better off, then […]

04 Apr 19


If you’re like me, the sacrifices in the Old Testament aren’t the only things getting slaughtered. Within my studies there have been some Hebrew names that get absolutely annihilated when it comes to pronunciation. I partially blame it on Hooked on Phonics leaving out a lesson on Old Testament onomastics. Things really take a dive […]

03 Apr 19
Andre Eger

Chip Paucek is the cofounder and CEO of the educational tech company 2U. His first company failed after 10 years, and he considers the day he laid off most of his staff to be the worst of his career. He says the startup culture of “failing fast” is cavalier and not helpful. Paucek recognizes the […]

01 Apr 19
PageBound Blog

The day has come at last for me to step up my book obsession to the next level and create a blog. Prologue I didn’t grow up loving to read, but I grew up loving stories. My creativity and passion for stories blossomed well before my abilities to read and write. Where I struggled with […]

01 Apr 19

Chip Paucek says he’s a better CEO thanks to the diverse workforce at his digital education company, 2U.