Horses Atelier

20 Mar 19
Loquaciously Yours

On the other side of Albuquerque, that is to say, once the tracks had been laid, various railway companies competing for lines, and the row of boarding houses filling with young men, many of them of Irish origin, with Swiss and German émigrés factored in, looking to go into business in the new territory, to […]

14 Mar 19
coffee & a card

Too much too soon is the first thing that comes to mind looking at this unusual little picture, as in early success. This reminds me of a call my alter-ego psychic hotline personality received  last year from an extremely successful self-made millionaire, coincidentally an emotionally driven, soft-hearted Cancer, the sign that rules the Chariot, #7 of […]

14 Mar 19
Photos from Finland

This old very rare photograph was taken about 1890 – 1902. Photography in Finland began in 1840 and this photo was taken by Ståhlberg’s photographic studio Atelier Apollo, which began operating on 1889 first in Helsinki and later also in Tampere. The first photographs were taken from upper-class people, such as the inhabitants of the […]

14 Mar 19
Montreal Gazette

E. Noël Spinelli talks to the Montreal Gazette about his love of music and dedication to performing arts volunteerism.

12 Mar 19
Condren Galleries

This article is a treatise about the visit of artist Stephen F. Condren, of Condren Galleries, to the historic home of James and Pauline Montgomery, which is the famous Goodman Mansion located in Kenwood/Hyde Park, Chicago. Mr. Montgomery is one of the leading attorneys in Chicago. His firm, James D. Montgomery & Associates Ltd. is […]

10 Mar 19

The Secret History On March 4 2011, the French historian Reynald Secher discovered documents in the National Archives in Paris confirming what he had known since the early 1980s: there had been a genocide during the French Revolution.1 Historians have always been aware of widespread resistance to the Revolution. But (with a few exceptions) they […]

09 Mar 19

And the car world is constantly sinking into the gulf of electrification: hybrids and "clean" electric cars in Geneva were just a kind of domination. And in our review, four of them at once! Although the ICE will still be fought, it is too early to bury it 850 6.0 Biturbo 4×4² Final Edition 1 […]

08 Mar 19

<Previous Chapter]    [Index]     [Next Chapter> Chapter 55: Fluvia and the Silversmiths Again Sir Edgar has seemed pretty pensive, lately. It seems that the matter with the tax evasion is drawing to a climax. Hm? What about my role in all of this? … In the first place, I’m just a 5-year-old child, you know?

07 Mar 19

A fresh wave of tailoring swept through the collections.

07 Mar 19
Static Multimedia

Renowned guitar virtuosos Rodrigo y Gabriela have announced today’s premiere of their visceral new single, “Mettavolution,” the latest song form their eagerly awaited new album of the same name. The band’s fifth studio album arrives everywhere on April 26 via ATO Records. METTAVOLUTION is available for pre-order now, with the first 500 pre-orders receiving an […]

05 Mar 19

Croatian wellness portal ‘Atma’ recently dedicated an interesting post to the sustainable property renovation project our team executed in the Belgian Ardennes, near the medieval city of Durbuy. The original article can be found here: The english translation follows: This Eco and Vastu Designer Home is an Oasis of Style and Spirit Take a […]

02 Mar 19
Montreal Gazette

“We have nurtured the OSM’s artistic evolution and simultaneously nourished our financial health,” Kent Nagano says.

25 Feb 19
Traditions Home Blog

As I search for my keys, a crumpled wrapper, deep from my coat pocket, drops to the ground. Small, hardly noticeable, to anyone but me. I pick it up. There is no reason for keeping this tiny piece of trash, all that remains of a sweet chocolate confection. A memento of a trip to Bruges. […]