Hudson's Bay Company

17 Dec 18
Gracie Carroll

There are many reasons to opt for renting a dress for your next big event—let’s say a friend’s wedding or a holiday soirée—instead of buying. You’ll likely pay a fraction of the cost to rent, versus buying, you’re not spending money on something (let’s be real) you might only wear once and you’re not contributing […]

17 Dec 18

Audi’s new CEO, Bram Schot, has a clear task: repair the damage done and head for new heights. Not an easy task, as many CEO’s can witness, especially in the car manufacturing scene were everybody is getting nervous. In May former Audi CEO, Rupert Stadler, went to jail, a good month ago it was Alliance […]

15 Dec 18
Embodied Narrative

Vancouver Island Vancouver Island lies off the coast of British Columbia, on the west coast of British Columbia. At 460 kilometres (290 mi ) in length, and 100 kilometres (62mi) in width at its widest point, it clocks in at 32,134 km2 (12,407 sq mi) in area. Currently thought to have been peopled between 15,000 […]

14 Dec 18
NDNHISTORY RESEARCH : Indigenous, Public & Critical Essays

In 1853, Joel Palmer Indian Superintendent for Oregon established the Umpqua Reservation in the inland Umpqua Valley. The  September 19, 1853 Treaty with the Cow Creek Band of Umpquas created a temporary reservation along Cow Creek (subject of future essay) until they could be removed to a permanent reservation. On Nov. 29,1854 a treaty was […]

14 Dec 18
The Peter and Gertrud Klopp Family Project

ROCK CREEK, CARIBOO, AND TRAILS TO THE INTERIOR British Columbia has from the beginning understood itself in quasi-Colonial terms.   It built a commercial and political centre located in its lower left hand corner, the Island and the flood plain of the Fraser River.  Behind this was a huge, largely empty hinterland behind the formidable […]

14 Dec 18
Business Marketing

SALES ASSOCIATE SIRENS YM. | CURRENT I provide fashion information. Hints on how to dress for special occasions and work. Assisting customers to find the perfect outfit. Information about sales and promotions. Incentive to buy online with more convenience. Organization and time management driven. Control cash flow and operations. Stock and merchandising. Team work. SALES […]

13 Dec 18

By Liz Nicholls, Merry Merry quite contrary. Some are born with the festive spirit; some achieve it, and some have it thrust upon ’em. And sometimes, as you know, seasonal high spirits have to be released (or wrestled down) against resistance.  Friction is theatrical Red Bull. Here are four possibilities for your holiday entertainment on […]

13 Dec 18

Do you have your ugliest Christmas sweater ready? The Ugly X-mas Sweater Party is back in B. Amsterdam, the largest startup community in Europe. This time, together with our media partner 247streaming, we are raising money for the Salvation Army Amsterdam. Our partners & sponsors have made great prizes available to stimulate the donations, such […]

13 Dec 18
The Netherlands Breaking News

The Netherlands Breaking News: Owjee. Opvolger V&D staat op instorten – Das Kapital. Owjee. Opvolger V&D staat op instorten  Das Kapital En dan hebben we het natuurlijk over Hudson’s Bay Company. Die naam hadden we ook in de kop kunnen prikken, maar dan had u gedacht van Hudsonwattes … Hele verhaal bekijken via Google NieuwsThe Netherlands […]

12 Dec 18
Edmonton Journal

“Risk teaches you a lot of things. If you repeat the same thing over and over you don’t progress. My target is to use my art to learn about life, about our relationships with others, about all sorts of things. It’s exciting to challenge yourself. I want to be less dumb every day.” — dancer Paul-André Fortier

11 Dec 18
The City is Mine

It’s that time of year where giving back and supporting our communities is top of mind.  I’m a big believer that we should find ways to keep the spirit of giving alive all year and not just when the need is at its highest.  I also understand that it can be hard to choose a […]

11 Dec 18
The Legend Online

By: Janelle Perez   Bring Change to Mind attended an annual summit on Nov. 3 held by the Bring Change to Mind organization and their sponsors, headspace and the Hudson’s Bay Company Foundation. The summit took place in San Francisco at the Twitter headquarters, where 180 schools from all over the Bay Area came together […]

11 Dec 18

Today’s Newsletter is giving you the last economic situationon Portugal since we published a special Newsletter on Portugal’s Textile andClothing Industry. With this, we accomplish to let you have a complete dossier,also with the latest economic facts of the country, which might help tocomplete your planning activities with that country A Concluding Statement describes the […]