10 Dec 18
Adventures in Plastic

I saw this kit in a model shop in Barnstable and as it was only £10 I thought I would buy it as a practice kit to try out some new methods. To be honest I wasn’t expecting great things from it but I was pleasantly surprised how well it went together.  This was also […]

10 Dec 18
Dominion & New England Railway

Before I started on the D&NE I was building 7/8″ scale models of Welsh two foot narrow gauge equipment. Here’s the story of one of those cars… “The Idlenot Light Railway Preservation Society proudly announces the presentation of tool van #2 to the railway’s operating department. The tool van was rebuilt from the remains of […]

07 Dec 18
The Little World

Or ” Are You Stuck With it? “. A recent question on Phil Flory’s YouTube channel about dissolving old glue on a model kit – really old 1950’s Testor cement – was ably handled by the team of English modellers when they advised the questioner to put it away for another 50 years and wait […]

06 Dec 18

THE TUESDAY NIGHT MAIL TRAIN FOR TUESDAY DECEMBER 4 ON THE KANUNDA AND EMU FLAT RAILWAY Thank you to those who came to the operating session on the fourth. PROGRESS This month I painted Con’s Choice, the fruit packing shed at Wooldowie. Above: Cons Choice is made from beer carton card. The roof and walls are […]

04 Dec 18
Francisco Erroz

Tiene 2 layers de Humbrol Enamel 79 Matt Blue Grey, con turpentine rectified como de 60% thinner 40% paint. or so.. y Tamiya XF-2 Flat white como de 50% 50%. para luego un picture varnish glossy. Antenas, radares, tapa de componentes con Tamiya XF-1 Flat black diluido con x-20A y laquer thinner. ahora espera 24 […]

03 Dec 18
G4AQB - Analogue Native

My Autumn project this year has been the renovation of an old HRO receiver that I picked up on ebay. This is another receiver that I have always wanted to have. Many years ago when I was still at school I was given one, along with power supply and coils. I carried it home with […]

02 Dec 18

From talking to most wargaming friends its pretty obvious that one of our most common complaints or difficulties is actually getting units finished and painted so they can be used on the wargames table. Sometimes there is added pressure to complete a unit for a particular game for example but in the main what I […]

01 Dec 18
SittingDucks Models

Time for something entirely different. I’ve had my eyes on some of these engine kits out there, but they are either not available or too expensive for my budget. But then this kit popped up in my local hobby store at a 60% discount. I honestly went into the shop with the idea of buying […]

30 Nov 18
Just Needs Varnish!

Well, I’ve actually managed to finish a couple of vehicles for this month’s Mechanical November painting challenge, both of them being 3-D printed models from Shapeways.  The models are both 1:72 WW2 subjects, a Netherlands East Indies Army Marmon Harrington CTLS light tank and a Japanese Army Nissan 80 truck. I painted the Nissan 80 early […]

29 Nov 18
Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

There has been a little more progress on the Yard Office. I have added some bargeboards. They were painted in blue, weathered by dry brushing with grey and brown, and finished with a wash of diluted black. A stove pipe chimney has been added to the roof. To cut the hole for the pipe I […]

28 Nov 18

Well the railcar is in the paint shop. I have always known what the exterior would be but wasn’t so sure about the interior. It depended a bit on what was available and I thought would look good. I eventually plumped for Phoenix BR rail grey for the third class saloon and vestibule floor, Humbrol […]

26 Nov 18
Today's Art world

Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal is the famous Pablo Picasso Quote. That has, however, not stopped artists getting in trouble for copyright infringement. Recently Jeff Koons was found guilty in a plagiarism dispute with the clothing label Naf-Naf. This is not the first time Koons has been in trouble in this way.  Several lawsuits […]

24 Nov 18
Jemima Fawr's Miniature Wargames Blog

This week I’ve been painting more Cold War Cloggies!  As discussed in Part 1, I’m adding a Dutch force to my 15mm Cold War collection and am presently building up models to create an Armoured Infantry Battalion or Tank Battalion Battlegroup circa 1984, equipped with Leopard 1-V tanks and YPR-765 Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles.  I would also […]

23 Nov 18
Plastic Jungle

One of my favourite aircaft with its sleek lines and slightly derpy charm the Dornier Do-335 was a technological marvel. The fastest piston engined aircraft of ww2 it packed 2 engines in a push pull arrangement and this variant, The b-2 packed 2 30mm cannons in the wings alongside its nose armament.

18 Nov 18

When I first tried to research artists who paint on metal I struggled to find any. Then by chance I looked for metal sheets for artists and found that aluminium sheets for artists was called Dibond. When I googled artist who use Dibond I was surprised how many artists I found.   In Painting 1 […]

18 Nov 18
Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

The Yard Office for Thomas and Sons has a roof. To create the roof, a piece of thin card was cut to the same size as the office walls. LCut supply strips of laser cut card to represent the tiles. These were stuck onto the card base. The Lcut tiles are all perfect. I tried […]

13 Nov 18
Understanding Painting Media

As suggested, I started by looking back at the artists mentioned in the introduction to Part 2 and thought about how the objects painted on, linked to the objects being painted. Sometimes it was the value placed by the artist on the object , sometimes the objects being painted are directly associated with the surface/object […]