Hush Puppies

23 Jul 19
Mind Bloggling

We are all looking at Trump the wrong way. His actions are the symptom of, but not the actual disorder. The most important thing to keep in mind about him is: he is a MALIGNANT NARCISSIST. Therefore, any attempt to change his mind in a lasting way is futile. As we prepare to watch the […]

23 Jul 19
Stonefly Cafe

Catch of the Day Pan Seared Flounder Served with Hush Puppies & House Made Cole Slaw Also check out our other seafood offerings to include Fish Taco, Seared Sea Scallops Alfredo, Shrimp Steamer, and Fresh Mussels in a Chardonnay & Butter Broth

23 Jul 19
Free 2 Live: The Nerdy Travelista's Urban Lifestyle Guide

This month I do a short get-away recap and a character profile from my Paranormal World Series. Feature I’m from Maryland but my family is from Florida so it’s not so surprising that I’ve never gone to Ocean City. Until now. I’m a cosmo gal but I was coerced into checking out Ocean City and […]

22 Jul 19
Delicious Bites of Life

It’s our last day of our Vegan Week Challenge! Breakfast. Strawberry Lime Kiwi Juice Be sure to read my full Juice Recipe Round Up & Review! This juice was easily my favorite- however, it doesn’t have any of the superfoods or gut-health ingredients that people often use in juices, nor does it have any veggies. […]

22 Jul 19
Eating Chalk

I briefly shared some of our personal life excitement a few months ago but I am definitely overdue for an update!  FYI: {1} Adam is only a fellow for another 9 days and then he’s going to be an attending in New York. (Woo-hoo!) {2} We move out of Charlottesville to the city next Thursday. […]

22 Jul 19
Foodie with a booty

Stamford, CT is what I know best. I was born and raised here. I left for a few years for college but returned shortly after I finished my undergrad. With that said, I am always itching to get out of this little Fairfield County bubble and will utilize any chance I get for a road […]

21 Jul 19
72 and you.

Betsey and I recently travelled to Key West, Florida from July 16-19, 2019. It has been a location on our “Bucket List” since 2005. We took a cruise in 2005 that was supposed to include a stop in Key West but were diverted due to Hurricane Rita being in the area. 14 years later we […]

21 Jul 19

I got up this morning and decided to do a practice hike to make sure I could get out of town tomorrow morning without getting lost. I wanted to hike about 8 kilometers up to Santuario Guadalupe. This is a picture of Santuario Guadalupe as I was starting to walk up the hill to reach […]

21 Jul 19
News Archives Uk

Thieves armed with machetes stole six newborn puppies and cut off their mother's face when she tried to defend them, the police said. The five-week-old Staffie half-breeds were seized by two robbers who followed a man to an apartment in the Harpurhey area of ​​Manchester on Saturday morning. Following an urgent police call, the puppies […]

20 Jul 19
Today, July 21st only, Zulily is offering Hush Puppies Women’s Sandals for just $24.99 (regularly up to $89.95)! Here are a few deals to score… Hush Puppies Suede Olive X-Band Slide Only $24.99 (regularly $79.95) Hush Puppies Quarter Strap Griffon Leather Sandal Only $24.99 (regularly $89.95) Hush Puppies Leather Olive T-Strap Sandal Only $24.99 (regularly $79.95)
19 Jul 19
Omayra Velez

CHAPTER 1 The Box That Stole My Mom’s Ring and Caught Me BOOM!  “What was that?” June awoke, startled. She looked at her clock: 3:23 a.m. Every night she would wake at 3:23 a.m., sometimes from a nightmare, other times with night terrors, and still others just from habit. Tonight though, something different had woken […]

19 Jul 19
F3 Cape Fear

AO: Stingray QIC: OTC # of PAX: 9 PAX: EOM, Magneto, Hush Puppy, Shakedown, Geiger, Blade, Narcan, Snail Mail, YHC Warmorama: SSH in cadence x40, Daisy Picker in cadence x25, Imperial Walker in cadence x25 Thang: Circuit one mile around Ogden Park, halt at 5 Points for 5 Burpees OYO plus the following: Point 2 […]