15 Jun 19
The Olive Branch

By Simon Heywood June 3, 2019: 118 people killed, 70 people raped, and hundreds injured in the Khartoum Massacre by the Sudanese paramilitary group the Rapid Support Forces. Also reported that of the 118 people killed, the RSF attempted to hide some bodies, upwards of at least 40, by dumping them in the Nile River. […]

14 Jun 19
Lowmiller Consulting Group Blog

Sudan People turn avatars blue in memory of Mohamed Mattar, shot in Sudan crackdown Military admits abuses committed in Khartoum attack The #blueForSudan hashtag has also been used to raise awareness about the protests in the country. Photograph: Guardian People on social media are turning their profile avatars blue and posting blue-themed artwork in memory […]