22 Jul 18

FLAGSHIP NGI FORUM EVENT IN PORTUGAL IN SEPTEMBER 2018 Next Generation Internet [NGI] driven by European Commission is looking forward to build a safer, more secure, human-centric internet for the future and will plot, plan and safeguard for a totally different social media landscape over the coming decade. The NGI in Porto, Portugal, in mid-September is opportunity for […]

25 May 18
Millennial Gizmo

Here’s a novel take on the tape measure: removing the tape. Rollova, as the name subtly suggests, is a digital measuring gizmo complete with OLED display that you roll along a surface or edge to measure its length. Its obvious strength is in measuring curved or uneven surfaces – whether you’re dealing with up-and-down or […]

18 Jan 18

Since smartphones are the most prevalent in the world, it is natural to find many companies dedicated exclusively to these phones, so there are iPhone accessories make the process easier and more enjoyable, including imaging equipment, keyboards and more. Here let us review some of the coolest and strangest iPhone phone accessories. Virtual Keyboard Many […]