19 Feb 19

4th-5th century B.C. Chinese can Greek philosophers describe the basic principle of optics and the camera 5th century B.C. Greek philosopher Aristotle(384 B.C. – 322 B.C.) discussed pinhole image formation in his work 1021 B.C.E.  The invention of the camera obscura(pinhole image) is attributed to the Iraqi scientist Alhazen(965-1040) and described in his book of optics 1664-1672 […]

13 Feb 19
Casual Photophile

Modern digital photographers looking for a more distinctive look have turned to classic manual focus lenses; and one of the most popular of these is the Soviet Helios 44-2, famed for its swirly bokeh. However, the Helios (despite being a great lens) is not unique. In fact, it’s a derivative of the famed Biotar 58mm […]

12 Dec 18

Thornton Pickard, Junior Special Ruby Reflex, Quarter Plate SLR, c1924     Kodak, No.2 Folding Autographic Brownie camera, c1916 -1926   Ensign, Midget folding roll film camera, c1934 Ihagee Parvola, type 1350, 127 collapsible roll film view camera, c1933 Agfa, Agfa Box 44, 120 roll film box camera, c1932     Kodak, various box cameras […]

28 Jan 19

Alla fine della prima superiore, in occasione di una manifestazione sportiva, ebbi l’occasione di seguire un amico di mio padre che, con al collo la sua Petri TTL, si accingeva a scattare alcune foto che sarebbero poi state pubblicate l’indomani su un quotidiano locale. Dopo gli scatti sviluppammo la pellicola con una tank Paterson, stampammo […]

28 Oct 18

On this weeks episode we’re taking a look at how some of the many crowd funded projects we’ve discussed over the last couple of years have fared, and it’s certainly a broad range of results, from  good to bad to the Yashica Y35. And who better to join us on the show for an inside […]

19 Oct 18
The Dead Pixels Society

The dark side of crowdfunding is the uncomfortable reality the project may not be funded and, in some case, backers can lose their money. In recent weeks, two Kickstarter projects highlight the problem. In the first example, PetaPixel recently confirmed what had been long rumored: Backers of a Meyer Optik Görlitz lens campaigns won’t see either […]