22 Apr 19

Afina IL-2432-O Illume Oval LED Backlit Mirror – Buy – Afina IL-2432-O Illume Oval LED Backlit Mirror

19 Apr 19
Family Matters

(A song) I call up my sweet full moon trickery when I implement tools of my trade. Her silver illumes just what flickers within this young heart behind hair that’s grayed. The predators roam and their frightened prey run in the harsh unforgiving light of the sun. The spells that lie hidden in dark have […]

17 Apr 19
Feelin' Myself

Good reasons to awake, we all have every tomorrow. The first light will break, unveiling the Earth again. Don’t let this present away! Rallies of clouds in the sky floating seamlessly about. The sun, too, for a while goes off into the hide. It is worth giving a try than just to turn astray! Then […]

14 Apr 19

You smell the blue sky, You pour your breath, You drunk the cloud, Having blown your red rays. You inhale the winds, You glow your breath- we can see them. The dark villages your warmth lips open the eyes, Daybreaks another life begins from your airy illume.

13 Apr 19

Monday 4/22/10 Week 4/2: Day 3 John 20:24-29.  Doubting Thomas comes to believe.  How does my doubt reveal itself?  What overcomes it?   “Delivered by Joshua, Son of Nun: The Promised Land as a Placeholder for Things to Come” The Promise of the Holy Land and the Deliverance of Thy Spirit to the Soul.   […]

12 Apr 19
Avant Music News

Source: Bay Improviser. Friday, April 12 Fri 4/12 6:00 PM Southern Exposure [3030 20th Street @Alabama San Francisco] Performance by Mutual Aid Project – Marshall Trammell (percussion), Tracy Hui (banjo and electronics), Nick Obando (alto saxophone and electronics), followed by conversation. Saturday, April 13 Sat 4/13 4:00 PM San Francisco Public Library, Richmond Branch [351 […]

10 Apr 19

The fun doesn’t stop after dim, either! By night, wonder about Rivers of Light, the vivid evening time staggering at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and become hopelessly enamored with the enchantment of nature. Or on the other hand what about making a beeline for Pandora – The World of AVATAR, where the gliding mountains […]

09 Apr 19
The Story of Voynich

There is a candle in my hollow heart Throwing quiet shadows onto earthly appetites; May it illume a delicate path That winds and weaves down gloomy shafts; Burn, burn, my heart beats with light, And suddenly clashes with the most noble of whites; A God? His gates? No candle flames forever, For its wax is […]

22 Apr 19

DIY cleaning hacks, zero-waste strategies, natural beauty products and more ways you can clean up your routine

08 Apr 19
Un Vaillant Martien

The Best of Instagram by SanDisk Category saw a first for any Red Bull Illume Image Quest; the public choosing each monthly winner via a community vote. The public votes for their favorite from a shortlist of 25 selected by our internal judges, but what are the judges looking for in a Top 25 image? […]

04 Apr 19
AI And Machine Learning

Data scientists in academia and industry are increasingly identifying the significance of incorporating ethics into data science curricula. Recently, a group of students and faculty assembled at New York University before the annual FAT* conference to discourse the potentials and challenges of teaching data science ethics, and to learn from each other’s experiences in the […]

03 Apr 19
In The Know Cycling

Key Features:Fabric: ThermTextura™,Cut: 3D ergonomic cut,Protection: UPF 50,Features: Reflective accents,Sizes: S, M, L,Colour: Yellow.

03 Apr 19
In The Know Cycling

Key Features:Palm: Durable padded foam and gel,Back: Lycra, sweat-wipe terry towelling ,Closure: lycra stretch cuff,Features: High visibility and reflective elements,Sizes: S, M, L, XL,Colours: Illume Yellow.

03 Apr 19
In The Know Cycling

Key Features:Palm: Reinforced padded Amara™ leather palm,Back: Multi-layer stretch laminate back,Closure: Micro-Velcro®,Features: High visibility and reflective elements,Sizes: S, M, L, XL,Colours: Illume Yellow.

03 Apr 19
Ilume Minutiae

Let me start with the technical definition on Niche! …that appeal to a small or specialised section of the population. Niche Marketing are the strategies and communication designed for products and services meant for special audience. Segmenting and Targeting a set of people is often confused with Niche Marketing. However, this difference lies in identifying […]