02 Jul 19
Skar Image Lab

This 35mm E6 film was Imacon scanned, graded & printed on cotton rag in house for @iamvanessagreen #imacon #positivefilm #e6 #slidefilm #35mm #drumscan #filmisnotdead #fineartprints #skarimagelab

01 Jul 19
Casual Photophile

Negative Supply announces the Kickstarter for their Film Carrier MK 1, a new solution for scanning and digitizing film with your DSLR or mirror-less camera.

13 Jun 19
Skar Image Lab

Did this 900x900mm scan & print on cotton rag for @jboweringphoto. Check out his profile for more of his work. #jamieboweringphotography #skarimagelab #fineartprints #ilford #imacon #cottonrag #mediumformat

05 Jun 19

Don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but the Royal Armouries is an absolute treasure. I’ve been looking at ‘anima’ armour with a mind to a mark 2 cuirass upgrade from my current stuff. Have you any idea how hard it is to find details on ‘anima’ armour, especially as it’s also called ‘anime’ armour… […]

28 Apr 19

Although Android is a largely open system, you can’t always read or play every file format by default. Want to extract or unzip that zip files or rar file on Android? Thanks to the wide range of available apps, assistance is never far away. It’s usually a simple task of finding the right app for […]

22 Apr 19
Skar Image Lab

Another two massive @edith_amituanai prints (1200x1500mm) heading to christchurch. #edithamituanai @annamilesgallery #skarimagelab #imacon #120film #kodak #fujifilm #mamiya #rz67 #fineartprints #christchurch #semigloss #cottonrag

29 Mar 19
julia lymar's uni blog

What have you done? Why? What worked well? What didn’t? What have you learned? What will you do next? What have you done? Why?This is from a roll of film that went completely wrong. I think I have very bad luck with film. What did not work well? (starting off with this)Basically everything. First off, […]

28 Feb 19
Danish Chauhan

Wildlife Photography Pardeep Rana likes to do wildlife photography. Right know he is working under KCM productions as a photographer. Wildlife photography is the study of animals. The real animals that wildlife photographs capture; in their wild habitats, animals move in and out of sight while their continued existence is often threatened by human activities.  […]

15 Feb 19
Individual Practice

For this week’s photoshoot I decided to spend some time shooting with an SLR camera and black and white film. As I had already experimented with the applications of a full frame DSLR camera, I felt that I needed to experiment with other camera formats so that I wasn’t restricting my creative field to record […]

10 Feb 19
Alessandro Galatoli

There have been a few film versus digital articles here and there on the interwebs, but seems like very few have approached the subject in a scientific fashion or with the advice of both film and digital experts. However, with the help of Joe Cornish (a landscape photographer who made his living shooting on medium […]

14 Dec 18
Mac torrents

Name Photos Exif Editor 2 6 MAS Size 13.15 MB Created on 2018-12-14 21:48:33 Hash 469d249164c182500e0f51fc7d1f1d2a74dc9718 Files Photos Exif Editor 2 6 MAS (13.15 MB) Download Photos Exif Editor 2.6 Photos EXIF Editor is an intuitive app which can edit EXIF, IPTC & XMP data of thousands of photos in no time! Here […]

07 Dec 18
Printers, Scanners and Supplies

Imacon Flextight Photo CCD Scanner – Buy – Imacon Flextight Photo CCD Scanner

27 Nov 18
Skar Image Lab

Last print for tonight, this is for @emmabadeia shot on a Mamiya c220 TLR with Kodak Porta. Will be dropping this to you tomorrow! #emmabadeia #bali #indonesia #mamiyac220 #kodakportra160 #mediumformat #layanglayang #fineartprint #skarimagelab #cottonrag #imacon

03 Nov 18
Printers, Scanners and Supplies

Imacon Precision II Professional Film Scanner w/Accessories NR – Buy – Imacon Precision II Professional Film Scanner w/Accessories NR

01 Nov 18
Joshua Tweddell

This is the Imacon scanner and introduction to the other day on how to use it, it was interesting due to the fact you can make your film scans really enlarged using the scanner making it better quality to use in Photoshop and to print.