Indigo Moon

20 Apr 19
Beauty, Hair, Nail & Skin Tutorials

[ad_1] In today’s DIY nail tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to create easy nail art designs just by using toothpicks and/or dotting tools! These super easy dotticure nail art designs are perfect for beginners to nail art. This easy nail tutorial is also ideal for those who don’t have a lot of time on […]

19 Apr 19
It's Crow Time

Seven for a Secret  Mo 19 5H graphite on watercolour paper I want to draw all the magic & wildness in this beautiful old lady of a house and our favourite haunts here in inner city Sydney over the next two years for the Sayonara Sydney show in March 2021 when we hope to move […]

18 Apr 19
The Desert Path

  Cat’s Morning Bits for April 18, 2019 Good Morning Beautiful Souls, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today. Blessings, Cat _________________________ Again the blackbirds sing; the streams […]

18 Apr 19

The most logical way to introduce cryptocurrencies (crypto) would look like this: The birth of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (5W, 1H) Understanding blockchain technology Where to buy Bitcoins (BTC) Alternatives to Bitcoin (Altcoins aka ALTS) Crypto: Just a fad or here to stay? Isn’t Bitcoin like the Tulip Mania in 1636 or the Dot Com bubble? The […]

18 Apr 19

His nickname in Samoa was Tusitala, “The Teller of Tales.” He had gone to Oceania for his health. It is not known what the exact nature of his illness was, but it seemed to be hereditary. His mother died of an apparent stroke at the age of 38. When he died on on December 3, […]

18 Apr 19

Topic List Introduction Choosing Your Starter Natures Gender Finding Your Pokemon Picking/Finding Moves Candy Experience and Levels Battling Online A Conclusion   Introduction Welcome trainers, to Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee! These games are the perfect games to get you into the Pokemon world, and more importantly, the world of competitive […]

17 Apr 19

After five days in Big Bend, it was time to start making the loop back towards civilization and the rest of the country.  Our plan was to spend several days in Marfa relaxing and visiting the remaining, small towns. You have two options to get from Big Bend to Marfa – the quick one and […]

17 Apr 19
Step to a new world

This march we headed towards one of the oldest cities in the world for our Vacation. Being an enthusiast in History and a lover of Beaches , I could not think of any other place with such amalgamation .The best part of the story was , me and my partner we planned and arranged the […]

17 Apr 19
Alyssa Marie Miller

Welcome to the start of a journey! What better place to start than the beginning. I think big events that happen in our life really launch us to something big and wild. The start of my “writing career” comes from the relationship that I had with my biological mother. I wrote about this traumatic moment […]

16 Apr 19
Tarot Readings from a Bitch

We’ve all heard of NLOG (Not Like Other Girls), now get ready for: NLOP! Not Like Other People! Find out below if you’re Not Like Other People! Are you a Starseed? Are you an Indigo/Rainbow/Crystal Child? I mean, Adult? 1. Do you feel different than the people around you? This is a sure sign, because […]

16 Apr 19

Underland pdf   Underland © Copyright 2018 Eugene Samolin     Chapter 1 Xenon sat at the breakfast table in the mess hall on the orchid where he’d been picking apples for the past three months, immersed in apple pie. Across the room at another table, a couple of new comers to the orchad–a staunch, muscly man with a square jaw and spectacles, and a tough, wiley old woman, looked at him conspicuously. He picked up his plate of apple pie and went and sat next to them. “New?” he asked. The man nodded. “Just arrived last night. Name’s Rog. This is Irene.” “Xenon,” he said. “I know karate. Do you guys have dust masks?” They shook their heads. Xenon grunted wisely, got up and went to the pantry where he retrieved two disposable dust masks to wear over the nose and mouth. “Here,” he said, handing them the masks. “Wear these. Stops the toxins from the insecticides getting in and making you sick. There’s a swarm of fruit-flies attacking the harvest.” Rog and Irene looked at each other disconcertedly. An old infomercial blared from the television: “…Pineapple Corporation: Delivering the fruits of science to the world!  A woman in a suit sat on a stool. “…Pineapple Corporation has been on the cutting edge of technology for generations, and now they’ve done it again, with an invention which will give us superhero bodies that can live forever. Care to tell us about it, Lucian?” “Sure, Helen.” The young, slick-haired man turned and looked at the camera. “Tired? Stressed? Strung-out?” He held up a microchip between his thumb and forefinger. “Well this little baby right here is the key to unlocking the limits of your human potential. These microchips improve on nature’s own bio-chemical design to ward away harmful toxins and viruses. They’ll work in a collaboration with your brain’s natural biorhythms to keep your hormones balanced so you’ll always be firing at optimum potential.” Xenon finished his breakfast and sighed with satisfaction. “See you guys later,” he said. “I’m going into town to get a citizen’s chip. “Don’t,” said Rog. “It’s not worth it.” Xenon was unsure if Rog was taking the piss. “What do you mean?” Irene bumped Rog under the table. “Never mind,” he said. Xenon gave Rog the queer look of a well-adjusted socialite who wishes to project social inadequacy on a person they don’t understand before turning to leave the room. “Gonna be here for afternoon shift, Xen?” called joe from behind the recpetion desk. “Yep,” said Xenon, before leaving the room and getting in his ute to drive to town. 2 Zaina stood in a thicket of snow in the clouds above the rim looking down a spiralling slide that led to the ground. “Are you sure you want to do this?” asked the woman. “It’s the only way.”     Xenon pulled the ute into town and went to the Pineapple store. The lady behind the counter greeted him. “One citizen’s chip, please,” said Xenon with satisfaction. The lady smiled and nodded. “Ready to join the new world?” “Sure am,” said Xenon. “I’ve been picking apples all summer long.” “It’s well worth it,” she said. “As a citizen, you’ll have access to the interconnected technology that gives you the freedom non-citizens don’t have.” “I know. I can’t wait to hook into the New World network and start meeting people from all over Underland. I’ve been fenced in my whole life.” The lady smiled. “I guarantee you’re going to love it. One of our nurses will be with you in a few minutes.” “Thanks.” Xenon sat down and opened a men’s health magazine:   Lucian Grey: The greatest mind of our times? With infertility rates rising to alarming levels over the last decade, Lucian Grey’s Pineapple corporation, spearheaded by the microchip technology pioneered by Grey in the eighties, carries the lions share of humanity’s hopes for the future…   “Xenon Real?” asked a man white garb. Xenon nodded and got up. “I’ll be your nurse,” said the man. “Follow me.” He was led to another room, where the nurse took pricked a drop of blood from Xenon’s finger, wiped it onto a card, and inserted it into a machine. It bleeped!  A moment later, a freshly printed chip emerged from a machine. The nurse used a custom-designed medical apparatus to clink it in between Xenon’s shoulder blades. ‘That’s the latest version,’ said the nurse. ‘A hundred and fifty year life expectancy, and a guarantee to be re-made after death at the time of your most recent memory save when the technology becomes available presuming you don’t break the user agreement in the manner of your dying.’ ‘Finally, I can live.’ ‘Right after we’ve undertaken all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure you’re safe, you can.” “Let us know if you have any teething issues,” said Barbara on his way out. 3 […]

16 Apr 19

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Chris Brown – Back To Love (SONG/CDQ) ZIPPYSHARE In case you forgot, Chris Brown is still a flipping incredible dancer. He proves it in his new video. For several days, Breezy has been teasing the arrival of a new single and video to follow up “Undecided.” After the success of his loaded album […]

16 Apr 19
Black Matter

One of the most striking aspects of the first chapter of Sassafrass, Cypress, and Indigo is the addition of Indigo’s “cartographies,” which function as brief interludes to the story in which Indigo presents home remedies for the emotional qualms of her everyday life. These sort of “natural remedies” have become a trope in African American […]

16 Apr 19
Tales from the Indigo Ghost

Memories are just the backbones of our thoughts.