23 Jan 19

In 2015, shortly after I starting dating Yuch, Yuch’s friend Garret invited us to come run with him for a couple of hours at night during a 24 hour summer solstice race around Chrissy Field in San Francisco. Basically you run around the same 1 mile loop for 24 hours, or as long as you […]

20 Jan 19
Fashion Patriot

If you practice yoga, any comfortable clothing that permits you to move fully and freely will do. But clothes specifically made for yoga are a good option. Websites like,, and, to mention only three, have extensive collections of high-quality yoga clothes for women and men.Resources:, Yoga Shorts in EverythingYoga.com, Injinji Yoga […]

19 Jan 19

This blog is about the equipment that I used in the race, you can find the main blog about the race with links to these sub sections here on the Race Report Blog Kit, equipment, shiny shiny stuff! So much choice and such a long mandatory kit list for this race.  I’ll list the exact […]

17 Jan 19
Professional Industry Market Research

In the recently published report, QY Research has provided a unique insight into the global Toe Socks market for the forecasted period of 7-years (2018-2025). The report has covered the significant aspects that are contributing the growth of the global Toe Socks market. The primary objective of this report is to highlight the various key market dynamics such […]

14 Jan 19
ForeverFit GEL

SUB FOUR!!! Progress for running, especially marathons, is rarely linear. It has taken me 5 different attempts to get to my goal of running a marathon under four hours. But before we hear about the actual race, let’s discuss the events leading up to it! Saturday: Every Saturday morning I teach a spin class. I […]

14 Jan 19

I set off just as the sun hit the top of the ridge I was headed to, an orange glow that intensified and grew. I had never started hiking this early, and this was the first time I’d ever seen the layers of mountain colour grey in the distance with the sky lighting up in the back, and everything around me blossoming and warm. I bathed in the glow of rising sun, a morning of simple beauty…

13 Jan 19

The real turning point of the race for me came around Mile 21.  I was lying face-down in the mud, with the left side of my face still in that mud when it started to rain…. I first met Devil Dog 100’s Race Director, Toni Aurilio and many of the members of Team Gaylord at […]

13 Jan 19
Brisbane Trail Ultra

The Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival (BTUF) team were fortunate to have the opportunity to catch up with one of our amazing race ambassadors, Karen Barrett. Check out Karen’s stunning achievements below; 1st Place 150km ANZAC Solo 1st Female 2015 1st Place Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam 2017 2nd Place Gilpin Short course 2017 1st Overall Dungog […]

07 Jan 19

January 6th 2019Santa Monica, CA Distance 13.14 Miles Gear:Shoes: Altra Escalante (Review)Shorts: BrooksShirt: The North FaceSocks: Injinji RunGPS Watch: Garmin Fenix 5 PlusHeadphones: Jaybird Run Race Details: Strava Overview: Garmin Connect Details:Garmin Connect

03 Jan 19
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Pizza

The past few years, my feet have been my biggest issue in ultramarathon running.  Aside from the foot injuries I’ve had, I’ve experienced all sorts of blisters on my feet.  Over the course of 100+ mile runs, those blisters become HUGE problems.  I tried everything. I tried every sock out there.  I even tried Injinji […]

31 Dec 18
Steven Mansfield, LPC

2018 Daytona 100 Race Report – a celebration of 15 years cancer free   In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. -from Invictus, by Henley Why On December 4, 2003 my wife guided me from a chair in the […]

30 Dec 18
The Relaxed Athlete

Sometimes you have to dream so big that you KNOW it’s only through God’s empowerment it will be possible. In May of 2018 I began thinking about how I wanted to celebrate the often-dreaded 40th birthday I had coming up in December. If I’m being honest, I’ve never understood the bemoaning adults have about birthdays. […]

29 Dec 18
The Adventures of FishnChips

It’s about time I gave you all those stats you’ve been soooo looking forward to. Life after the trail has been very very strange…….. We didn’t think that either of us would get post trail depression but there ya go! We will be OK, it’s just very difficult to go from six months in the […]

28 Dec 18

At the end of July I made my triathlon comeback. If you recall from last year, I had a ‘slight’ accident during my Half Iron distance triathlon in Williamsburg, VA and as a result I had to pull out of this event last year. As soon as the registration opened up for 2018 I signed […]