18 Feb 19

I’ve been quite busy the last couple of months, I moved to Sydney for my thesis project and I’ve been absolutely shell-shocked by the prices over here; everything in Sydney is too expensive, even oxygen to breathe. So it comes as a huge relief that I’ve still managed to use my cheap-af brain to ensure […]

17 Feb 19

Date: 17/2/2019 | Promotion: Main Event Wrestling | Event: King Of The North | Venue: Innisfree Sports & Social Club, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne | Source: Main Event Wrestling Match Results… King Of The North Tournament Quarter-Final – Rory Coyle def. Adam Christ to advance King Of The North Tournament Quarter-Final – Jonah Phoenix def. Wor Mick to […]

17 Feb 19
Elfina Joewonowati

OMG I AM SO (inserts cursing words here) FOR THIS SEMESTER but in the end I have to do it as my dad also said, it’s me myself who decided to take this course so what’s the point of crying………….. ……although I really want to but now let’s just focus on the progresses that I’ve […]

16 Feb 19

Sorry for the lack of updates, World! It’s been such a long while because I haven’t been doing much shopping. I have pretty much stick to using the same few products that can last me a long time so I don’t really have to explore. Just this month I bought face products – BB cream […]

15 Feb 19
Hollywood Life

Whatever your political affiliation, I think we can all agree on a sale, right? Presidents’ Day is Monday, February 18, and you can save big on shoes, clothes, bedding and much more.

15 Feb 19
Dear Grandma

I usually try to incorporate my shopping in my posts while I’m typing them up but I decided to just accumulate everything into one concise one right here. Some of it is a bit overboard, you’ll know when you see it… But I do make sure to use everything I buy.

15 Feb 19

The alarm went off at 0545 on the morning of Day 8. This wasn’t some sort of bizarre Kiwi punishment for taking it easy yesterday, but a necessary awakening. Time, tide and the InterIslander wait for no man, woman (or indeed small furry creature from Alpha Centauri, not that we have any as they’re not […]

15 Feb 19
Ika Likes to Chew

🌜 Cold season skincare routine 🌛 We only have two seasons Hot (Dry/Humid) and Cold (Dry) so I recently got into the habit of changing or rotating my skincare products depending on the average temperature or humidity. So for the -BER months (cold!!), I started using these products! What I look for in cold season […]

15 Feb 19

Global Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Cream report portrays the industry growth with market share, size, growth trend, market drivers and risks. The detailed analysis of Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Cream trending factors, top vendors, geographical regions and revenue analysis is presented. The report is bifurcated based on type, applications and regions. The report states important statistics on […]

14 Feb 19
Funny Thief Daily

Kata siapa Valentine itu cuma untuk dirayakan oleh pasangan? Yang jomblo gimana dong. Kata siapa Valentine itu yang cowok harus ngasih sesuatu buat cewek? Di Jepang malah kebalikannya tuh. Kata siapa Valentine harus dirayakan dengan coklat atau candle light dinner? Valentine adalah “Hari Kasih Sayang” yang biasa dirayakan pada tanggal 14 Februari, yaitu hari ini. […]

14 Feb 19

Saya suka sekali dengan SKII Facial treatment essence. Produk ini merupakan first essence pertama yang pertama saya coba, sebelum saya ganti dengan Sulwhasoo first care activating serum EX. Sebagai step pertama setelah membersih muka, gunanya untuk membantu mempersiapkan kulit dan memaksimalkan penyerapan skincare berikutnya. Dari semua produk SKII, saya Cuma cocok dengan FTE ini. Untuk […]

14 Feb 19
Travel Tips

Dear world Traveller, Seoul is a big city,most of the people enjoy going there for shopping. Indeed, there are major shopping areas where you can find Korean cosmetics brands, international brands,local shops with local style clothing. However the city has much more to offer,it has temples, palaces, park & museums. Budget & Details Hotel: From […]