Interviewing Real Musicians

20 Apr 19
Sam's Rants, Raves and Reviews

     Everyone has at least one of those movies; you love it but everyone else seems to think it’s terrible, or maybe there’s a very popular movie that you didn’t like and you don’t understand the appeal. I certainly have a few of those, and since I’ve noticed this becoming a trend, I though I’d […]

18 Apr 19
CBS San Francisco

CBS SF talks to documentary director Adam Dubin about his new film on the Bay Area thrash metal scene ‘Murder in the Front Row’ as well as his earlier work making videos for the Beastie Boys and Metallica ahead of a private screening of the doc in San Francisco.

17 Apr 19
The Diversity of Classic Rock

The Diversity of Classic Rock is 4 years old now. Here are four things I’ve learned since starting this blog back in 2015. It’s been an amazing learning experience. Here’s to many more years!

17 Apr 19

Abrasive Audio A few words with “Necrosexual” Welcome readers. Every once in a while, I encounter a presence, an individual, or act who makes an instant impact with an “aura” which intrigues me to no end. An act who cannot be ignored, and shouldn’t be. In this instance I’d like to introduce  ‘Necrosexual’. Flamboyant, hilarious, boisterous, […]

17 Apr 19

1) Neutrogena is a manufacturer of personal care products for young adults. The company would like to extend its facial cleansers product line. Design (1) a qualitative and (2) a quantitative research design for the company focused on this objective 1) Qualitative Research: For the qualitative research, interviewing people can be done. The following question […]

17 Apr 19
Megan Elledge

Introduction            The documentary, The Decline of Western Civilization, released in 1981 was directed by Penelope Spheeris and is about the subculture of punk in Los Angeles. The film was one of the first to show the punk dances now known as “slamming” and “pogo-dancing.” While the film has been critically acclaimed, when the documentary […]

16 Apr 19

Sol Pais is the suspect police were seeking for alleged Denver area threats. Columbine High School and other schools were closed.

12 Apr 19
Ruth Anne Garcia

Author Rachel Caine honored me in answering a list of questions. Enjoy her interview.

12 Apr 19
Literary Hub

About 20 years later than you would’ve expected, hip hop literature (and literature about hip hop) is finally developing something like a canon. You’d start with the likes of Nelson George and Greg Tate, shimmy through Jeff Chang’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop and Dan Charnas’s The Big Payback, stop off with Tricia Rose and Bakari […]

11 Apr 19
Best Online Shopping website

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