17 Apr 19
IcanGWP Gift with Purchase

Anyone else get QVC Beauty with Benefits gift bag 2019 from at QVC? Or just me? It’s Win/Win swag bag because we know 80% of our money is going to benefit a Cancer and Careers organization that helps others. QVC confirms a tote bag is filled with 13 items with a minimum value of […]

17 Apr 19
Style Sprinter

There is no better compliment for a beauty product than if you used it till the last drop. So when it happens, I can’t wait to share with you why exactly I loved each of my recent beauty empties.

04 Apr 19
d o r k i f i c a t i o n

  Good morning, friends. I hope you had a fantastic start to your week. I wanted to come on here and share a product I have been trying out for the past 3 weeks. Don’t be deceived by the amount I used – these are photos I shot when I first got it. I also […]

23 Mar 19
Beima's World

I usually get many free-samples by my K-beauty orders. I am very happy about it. So I can test some products and then decide is it worth to buy the whole package or not? And so I can save much money and nerves, if I didn’t like something or something doesn’t suit my skin type. […]

16 Mar 19

While watching K-drama, who else gets distracted after noticing the celebrities’ face and wonder how did they achieve their flawless make up on screen? …or maybe it’s just me and my frustrations? Since I used to play football a.k.a. my sunburnt face ft. my mini pimples… but that’s okay 😉 #skincare #maypagasa With that, achieving […]

25 Feb 19

You may have noticed that every makeup brand makes cushion foundation nowadays and they make their own speciality on the product such as unique design, special formula, engraving signature logo etc. I was wondering how do you select a cushion or what purpose to consider for this ‘ultra-handy makeup tool’? This perfect on-the-go touch up, […]

22 Feb 19

Brand: IOPE

• Sun cushion with triple funtions and soft feeling, which offers strong protection against UV ray and ultra-fine dust.

• Micro-Filter System™ technology blocks ultra- ne dust(PM2.5) and makes healthy skin.

• Moist product with cooling e ect nishes up softly without stickiness, creating natural tone-up e ect.

• V.D Booster™ strengthens skin barrier to relax the skin from exposure to UV ray for healthy care.

Product SKU: IOPE UV Shield Sun Cushion 13g

Size (length*width*height):

7.6cm x 7.6cm x 3.6cm

Availability: 11