27 Jun 19

By Irus Braverman. *The follwong text is taken from the book Wild Life: The Institution of Nature, by Irus Braverman. © 2015 by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University. Published by Stanford University Press. Used here with the permission of the publisher. The Schaus swallowtail (Heraclides aristodemus ponceanus) is a large brown and […]

25 Jun 19
Pri Io Ajn

Finfine, mi revenas al la temo pri la hipotezo de simulado. La moderna ideo estas iom vasta, do mi verkos kelkajn afiŝojn pri partoj de ĝi. Unue, mi priskribu la koncepton de praula simulado. Praula simulado estas tipo de simulado, kiun oni uzas por esplori la pasintecon. Oni rekreas la kondiĉojn de iu epoko en […]

24 Jun 19
The Girl With a Foreign Accent

‘I want to write. I want to try to send my writing to the local newspaper’ Said this girl to the only person she had hoped for support. ‘No one will read your article.’ He said. She was silenced. She was hoping for ideas, for help, for encouragement. But all she got was a NO. […]

24 Jun 19
The Girl With a Foreign Accent

As a child, I don’t think I am the type of those who is attached too much to certain thing or being overly sentimental about stuffs. But as I grew up and moved thousand miles away from where I was born, I have started to see things differently. That piece of batik reminds me of […]

22 Jun 19
Firsty Chrysant

Bagaimana cara membuat telur dadar asli padang? Nih saya coba kasih liat ya. Ini telur dadar saya sendiri yang buat. Jadi, asli padang 100 %, hehehe. Telur dadar ini adalah telur dadar yang biasa dibuat ibu saya buat kami anak-anak sedari kecil. Ini telur dadar yang paling enaklah menurut saya, karena yang masak adalah ibu […]

20 Jun 19

Macrobius, Saturnalia, 1. 45-46 “You can understand from the two popular lines which Epictetus wrote about himself that the gods do not completely hate those who suffer because of a range of miseries in this life, but that there are some secret causes which the curiosity of a few may be able to sense: “I, […]

19 Jun 19
Literary Hub

At the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, habitats include: –The Cat Canyon –Africa (which includes lions apparently unwelcome in the Cat Canyon) –Night Predators –The Reptile House –Dragons! (exclamation included in official habitat title) –Giraffe Ridge –The Kroger Lords of the Arctic (polar and Andean bears) –P&G Discovery Forest (the two-toed sloth, blue and gold […]

17 Jun 19
The Australian

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) is acknowledged as one of the creators of the operatic genre and its first great exponent. Yet this assessment is based on only three surviving operas: Orfeo (1607), The Coronation of Poppea (1642) and The Return of Ulysses (1640). With this production of the last-named, Sydney’s Pinchgut Opera has now staged Monteverdi’s complete operatic oeuvre.

11 Jun 19

JAKARTA – Jika sebelumnya Mangrover berkenalan dengan satwa Mangrove bernama Ikan Gelodok, Kali ini kita akan berkenalan dengan Macaca fascicularis, atau bisa dikenal dengan monyet ekor panjang. Dalam bahasa Inggris, monyet ekor panjang dinamakan Crab-eating Macaque atau Long-tailed Macaque. Sedangkan dalam bahasa latin (nama ilmiah) primata ini dinamai Macaca fascicularis yang bersinonim dengan Macaca irus. Monyet yang berkerabat dekat dengan Beruk Mentawai dan Monyet […]

10 Jun 19

MONI & ALBERT (Turis) Suatu waktu, di sebuah tempat pariwisata lokal, Moni secara tidak sengaja menjumpai seorang turis. Moni sempat berbincang-bincang dengan turis tersebut menggunakan bahasa ICM (Inggris Campur Manggarai). Lalu kata Moni kepada turis tersebut. Moni : Hallo Mr.. Albert : hy.. nice to meet you Moni : am bapay ata rona ho. Manga […]

09 Jun 19

Ke Pasar Bareng Keluarga, Jokowi Beli Pisang dan Irus — Tempo Foto (@tempofoto) June 9, 2019

09 Jun 19

Belanja ke Pasar Gede, Jokowi Beli Pisang dan Irus — Tempo Nasional (@temponasional) June 9, 2019

09 Jun 19

Belanja ke Pasar Gede, Jokowi Beli Pisang dan Irus — Tempo Nasional (@temponasional) June 9, 2019

08 Jun 19
Newstime with Sophia Melki

(DISCLAIMER: This has nothing to do with being in favor or against the current politics! These are just FACTS regarding on the week of the White House) Here’s what happened in the White House that week. Due to timing conflicts between the Newsletter and College, there were no reports on A Week in the White House […]